Modification Monday: Sparkles and Rainbows

Original Pattern: Savannah Chaps

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sarah (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the original zebra pattern to a unicorn! More photos can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: Who knew a zebra could look so magical? I’ve knit the original pattern before, and I love it (plus, it’s actually 3 patterns in one, which is pretty awesome) but I never thought about making a unicorn! Sarah cleverly used a sparkly yarn to add ‘hooves’ by knitting the first 4-5 rows of the pattern with her silvery yarn (each limb is made separately), and adding not only a great silver horn to match, but a wonderful shock of rainbow for the mane and tail.  For the body, she skipped the stripes and kept it all in white. The result is fantastic – I absolutely want to knit a unicorn now.  I have some sparkly gold yarn that might be a great fit!


  1. Barbara   •  

    I’ve seen a few modifications of this pattern, and this one is amazing! I love the sparkly silver hoofs. I never got around to designing a unicorn pattern, so I’m glad people are able to use this one to make some magical toys!

  2. DWJ   •  

    Oh this is just the sweetest. My sister has a thing for unicorns, I may have to add this one to my list.

  3. Wanda   •  

    Adorable!! When my 2 stepkids were little, they LOVED amigurumi knitted toys. I bought 3-4 pattern books, and each birthday and Christmas, they’d go through the books and pick out something they would like me to make for them. They loved the completed toys so much, and I think all crafters can agree: there is nothing that compares to the joy of having your handmade item light up the face of its recipient!

  4. Lisa   •  

    Who knew!?! Sometimes the pattern you need is actually one for something completely different than what you actually need. Haha
    I love the touches of silver and the rainbow hair, such a cute cute idea!

  5. Stefanie   •  

    What a cute unicorn, Julie. I like that sparkly grey yarn for its horn and its rainbow mane.

  6. Kat   •  

    I love it! I’m always on the lookout for great unicorn patterns, and I’m so impressed she was able to imagine and create such a fun mod!

  7. miss agnes   •  

    So cute, and totally trendy ! There seems to be a big buzz about unicorn foods these days, no wonder they end up as knits too. I bet if you show this to Lila, she will definitely want one.

  8. Melissa   •  

    Now then, that little unicorn brought a real smile to my face 🙂 Thanks, Julie!

  9. Laura   •  

    Congratulations on the award nomination, Julie. Good luck!

  10. Christine   •  

    How perfect! Love the rainbow colours and the sparkly horn.

  11. Jessica Lane   •  

    Wow, this modification is amazing! This little unicorn is very sweet – love all the details!

  12. Tien   •  

    Magical and adorable! Love how simple but effective the mods are. I actually have sparkly white & silver yarns in my stash just waiting for this project.

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