Modification Monday: A Very Special Rye Hack

Original Pattern: Rye

Knitter Extraordinaire: Heather (Ravelry ID, website)

Mods: Adjusted gauges from worsted weight to fingering weight, and chose to work a stranded fair isle design on the heel flap. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: Heather participated in a Tin Can Knit’s pattern hack KAL at the end of 2016, where people were encouraged to make modification on existing Tin Can Knits patterns and have the group support and encouragement of a KAL. One amazing result are these wonderful socks,  which were knitted at a smaller gauge for a fingering weight yarn. And of course, talk about taking a heel flap to the next level! I love Heather’s clever idea to work a pretty fair isle snowflake on the heel flap. These socks were made for her mom, who taught Heather to knit. What a truly wonderful gift.


  1. Lisa   •  

    I let out a loud “Oh my gosh” at this post. Seriously.
    At first I was worried that the fair isle was too fragile for a heel flap, but then I remembered that all those strands probably add some support. Still, she pulled off something I would never even think of.
    How do you even find these people some days? haha.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Wanda   •  

    A great heel flap, and a lovely gift for the knitter who taught her to knit. 🙂 My mom is an avid knitter, she taught me as a kid (then I dropped it for a few decades, and re-learned a few years ago with youtube and my mother coaching me). My mother, who is now in a nursing home, has spent her entire knitting life making socks for just about every person she knows or meets. I asked her a few years ago if she had ever made a pair for herself, and she had not – not a single pair. In fact, she had never knitted a single item for herself. I made sure she had some knitted socks from me on my very next visit to her! And a few scarves, hats and mittens since then too.

  3. Melissa   •  

    now THAT is an awesome heel flap!

  4. Kat   •  

    Oh, I love the fair isle on the heel flap! I don’t think I’d be brave enough for that- I usually only do things that fancy for my mum, and she wears through sock heels like nobody’s business!

  5. Stefanie   •  

    That was a neat modification. It definitely changes the mood of Rye to more of a Nordic or cozy by the fire vibe.

  6. Val   •  

    I’ve never tried knitting fair isle flat but seeing these I have to try! Other than being totally gorgeous, these socks would have a thicker and more durable heel, right? Both brilliant and oh so pretty!

  7. miss agnes   •  

    I love Rye, and I’m very impressed by these mods, especially the heel flap. It is like a miniature piece of art on a heel, truly beautiful

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