Modification Monday: The Talented Mrs Fox

Modification Monday: Adult Fox Sweater |

Original Pattern:  Fox in the Snow Mittens 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Nele (Ravelry ID)

Mods:  Using the stranded fox design from the mittens, Nele incorporated it into a lightweight cardigan. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: This stunning sweater is exactly why I do Modification Monday posts: Nele saw this previous Mod Monday of the awesome modified fox baby sweater, and decided that she needed to have a grown up version. A modification of a Modification Monday? Heck yeah!!! And Nele nailed this grown up version perfectly- I love the bright highlighter yellow at the cuff,  the light grey stripes between the fox heads are subtle but interesting, and the proportions of the overall cardigan (one she made up!) are just right. This is the kind of sweater that whenever you wear it in public, someone asks you where you got it. And then Nele gets to say, ‘Oh, this? I made it.’ And the person who asked is utterly crushed because they don’t knit and now they know just how terrible that really is. So… in summary: knitting is awesome, and this sweater is super awesome.

Modification Monday: Adult Fox Sweater |


  1. Onkuri   •  

    Utterly awesome! This cardi is a perfect balance of playful and stylish!

  2. missagnes   •  

    And the foxes have a different colour on each row. This is really spectacular work.

  3. Julia   •  

    I love the foxes! Makes me think of my nephew. I’ve been a reader of your blog for awhile but this is my first time commenting – I love your Modification Monday posts!

  4. Sabrina   •  

    This is such a cute pattern and the foxes are just tooo cute!

  5. Wanda   •  

    Oh my gosh – I have such a crush on this sweater!! Love it, it is just one of my favorites mods ever – I love it even more for being a mod of a mod. She nailed the proportions, it is fabulous!! If I could manage to make this, I think I might wear it every single day. 🙂

  6. Phyllis   •  


  7. Loulou   •  

    I love it! I would be one of those non-knitters looking at this wonderful cardigan with great envy.

  8. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    This is pretty awesome! Love the story of her seeing it on modifications Monday and modifying it herself

  9. Marzipan   •  

    Gorgeous look! Love your “Modification Monday” posts!! Great

  10. Nele   •  

    Thank you so much Julie for posting this, I feel honored! @missagnes I hope you are not disappointed, but let me tell you the secret of the multicoloured foxes: Selfstriping sock yarn!

  11. Corinne   •  

    Very cool sweater that will get you lot of compliments I am sure. Julie’s text had me laughing out loud in the end 😉

  12. Wanda   •  

    Personally, if I made this, I wouldnt even wait for people to ask me where I got it – I’d walk up to strangers saying, “Look at what I did!!” Yes, I’m pretty sure this sweater would turn me into a complete braggart. 🙂

  13. Beth   •  

    Gorgeous little foxes!

  14. Rachel   •  

    That is soooooo cute, so jealous! I wish I didn’t hate colourwork so much

  15. Lolly   •  

    I am DYING! I saw the mittens on ravelry and coveted them deeply, but the cardigan is just completely over the top. I would wear this every day until it was completely tattered. So awesome!

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