Modification Monday: Thru the Rose Window


Original Pattern: Tracery

Knitter Extraordinaire: Monica (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Turned the sleeveless vest pattern into a long sleeved, cropped, zipper-front cardigan. Details on her Ravelry project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome:  This was already a knockout pattern, but I love how she took the great design and improvised sleeves, and not only went for a cardigan, but sewed in a zipper! The result is stunning, as the sleeves look completely part of the original pattern, and the zipper closure emphasizes the clean black lines of the design that wouldn’t look quite as polished if she had gone for a thicker button band and buttons. I’m blown away by this amazing cardigan!

tracery 2

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  1. Michelle Nussey   •  

    It’s stunning! The pattern looks like stained glass. The variegated yarn really contrasts well against the black. I never would have guessed the sleeves were not part of the pattern!

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