Modification Monday: Vale Cardigan

Modification Monday: Vale Cardigan |

Original Pattern: Vale

Knitter Extraordinaire: Beata (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods:  Made a steeked cardigan version of the cape, with twisted rub cuffs and button plackets, and stockinette sleeves. Her project page can be found here and more details on her blog post, here.

What Makes This Awesome:  You may recognize Beata as the brains behind the insanely gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres yarns, based out of Ireland; so it’s no surprise that she’s not only clever with colour, but also with modifying knits.  This cardigan is beyond stunning- I love how she took the beautiful cables of the original cape design and saw in it a perfect cardigan.  With such complex cables, the stockinette sleeves are a nice balance, and the twisted rib for the cuffs and button band echo the rich texture of the cables.  I wish I had this cardigan in my closet (and I doubt I’m alone on that).  Slam dunk, Beata!

Modification Monday: Vale Cardigan |


  1. Monique   •  

    This was a fabulous mod! Thanks for sharing!

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