Modification Monday: Wanderling

Original Pattern: Wanderling

Knitter Extraordinaire: Lino (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the pullover to a full cardigan, added striping at the cuffs and hem, and eliminated the pocket. Details can be found on Lino’s project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: The original pattern is beautiful,  but Lino really improved on it with her gorgeous cardigan modification. There is a lot going on in this sweater -lots of traveling cables around the side seams, raglan shoulders, and down the back- so any changes would need to be harmonious. I especially like the contrasting cuffs! Here is the perfect example of how to pull of contrasting cuffs while making it seem like a harmonious element of a knit- use the main colour in the stripes. Take a close look, and you’ll see that the decision to have the main colour interspersed with the two contrasting colours really makes it work as a detail of the whole sweater, rather than a tacked-on detail at the end.

With the contrasting cuffs and hem, as well as the additional visual detail of the button band, it was a smart move to eliminate the pocket. When you have a lot of other visual details on a sweater, it helps to balance it out by removing other details that might compete for attention when looking at the sweater. And this cardigan looks so beautiful and wearable – perfect for spring.


  1. miss agnes   •  

    Lovely cardigan, especially the details as you mention: the side cables and the contrasting striped hems make this a truly special knit.

  2. Wanda   •  

    So pretty!! And patterns from Isabel Kramer seem like perfect ones to modify – I love how her knits are sporty and somewhat basic (read, relatively quick knits) and really lend themselves to modifications: add or take away striping, color blocking, pullover to cardigan and vice versa. This original pattern is great, and so is this modification of it!

  3. Kat   •  

    Oh, that really works great as a cardigan! And I love the contrast stripes, they really work well 🙂

  4. Stefanie   •  

    What a clever knitter she is. I like the fit of her cardigan. I do dislike cardigan patterns that button up tightly. It’s like a straight jacket to me. Her added details and those fun stripes really make her FO.

  5. Luisa   •  

    It’s absolutely beautiful, hope to be able to knit like this some day 🙂

    Luisa xoxo

  6. Alina   •  

    That is gorgeous! The colorful striped hem is a great design detail!

  7. Lisa   •  

    Before I clicked onto the pattern I wouldn’t have even thought this was a modification, as she did so well that it could be a stand alone. What a fabulous job she has done at that – taking something and changing it just enough to fit her style.

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