Modification Monday: Zephyr Morning

Modification Monday: Velvet Zephyr

Original Patterns: Zephyr and Velvet Morning 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Julie (Ravelry ID

Mods: Preferring to knit top-down, Julie used Zephyr as the cardigan design, and added the Velvet Morning colourwork charts to the body only. Project page can be found here

What Makes This Awesome: This is a great lesson for anyone who has fallen for a colourwork chart- you don’t have to knit that exact pattern just to use the chart! Julie used a cardigan design that she knew and loved, and added length and the colourwork charts to the body. The result is similar to the original design, but totally customized for the kind of knitting that Julie wanted to do- top down! A great solution, and the sweater looks beautiful.

Modification Monday: Velvet Zephyr


  1. Wanda   •  

    What a beautiful modification! A basic sweater that is much more than basic – and the colorwork looks like stained glass. A talented knitter!

  2. Alleraa   •  

    Great cardigan!
    I’m finishing knitting a sweater quite in the same way right now. I’m knitting Norwegian sweater Mariusgenser. It is a boxy sweater but my daughter wanted it to be more body hugging. I prefer top-down knitting. So I knit Mariusgenser top-down with set-it sleeves using just original charts. What caught my eye in top-down colour work were single stitches. Normally a stitch looks like a V, but in top-down colour work stitches are up-side-down V’s. Is it an issue just for a knitter or does it matter really?

    • Julie Crawford   •  

      It does change the look slightly, when you are reversing the direction of the knit- but it is generally a small change. Ultimately, the charted design assumes that each stitch has a generally shortened square look to it, so it should be pretty close to the original, assuming you didn’t also change gauge, or number of colours, etc.

  3. Michelle Nussey   •  

    It is my favourite thing when knitters really take something they love and apply it in such a unique way! I am not one for following a pattern religiously, but I love the smash-up versions here! Pushing yourself out of that comfort zone and trying something like adding in a colour chart is one thing that really takes your knitting to the next level. Amazing! <3

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