Modification Monday

  • Modification Monday: Morvarch

    A long weekend means even though it’s technically Tuesday, it feels like a Monday! ūüėČ Original Patterns: Morvarch and Korrigan Knitter Extraordinaire: Johanna (Ravelry ID, blog) Mods: Changed the gauge to a heavier weight, ¬†changed the rectangular shawl to a square baby blanket, added cables at the corners from the Korrigan pattern.¬†Project page can be

  • Modification Monday: Gramps Hack

    Original Pattern: Gramps and Baa-ble Hat Knitter Extraordinaire: Rosie (Ravelry ID) Mods: Using the Gramps sweater pattern as the base, Rosie knitted the sweater in the round with a steek using the colourwork chart from Baa-ble. She also eliminated the shawl cowl and added waist shaping. Details can be found on her project page, here.

  • Modification Monday: The Choice Cardigan

    Original Pattern: The Choice Knitter Extraordinaire: Timea (Ravelry ID) Mods: Significantly shortened the length of the cardigan. Details and more photos are on her project page, here. What Makes This Awesome: Never underestimate the power of a simple modification for big impact. Timea shortened the length of this pretty top-down cabled cardigan, and it makes

  • Modification Monday: Ocean

    Original Pattern: #10 Round Yoke Tunic Knitter Extraordinaire: Alina (Ravelry ID, blog) Mods: Loads! Lengthened the body from A-line tunic to a dress, changed gauge to fingering weight, machine knit the stockinette, hand knit the lace, adjusted the neckline to be a boat neck, eliminated the sleeves. Details can be found on her project page and

  • Modification Monday: Mitts for Dad

    Original Patterns: Inglis Mitts and Knotty Gloves Knitter Extraordinaire: Kat (Ravelry ID, blog) Mods: Starting with the general pattern from the Inglis Mitts, Kat changed out the elaborate cable and switched it for the Celtic-inspired cabled knot work from the Knotty Gloves. She also added a purl row to ensure an easy and consistent fold to

  • Modification Monday: Elemental Rainbows

    Original Pattern: Element Knitter Extraordinaire: Cassy (Ravelry ID, blog) Mods: Added rainbow stripes at the sleeves, added length, and a three needle bind off at the shoulders. Details can be found on her blog post here, and her Ravelry project page can be found here. What Makes This Awesome: Cassy often make modifications on knits to suit

  • Modification Monday: Orange Cloud Sweater

    Original Pattern: Cloud Bolero  Knitter Extraordinaire:  Keri (Ravelry ID) Mods:  Lengthened the bolero and added sleeves to transform into a full cardigan. Details can be found on her project page, here. What Makes This Awesome: Long term knitters, do you remember the original pattern? It was a little over 10 years ago when the Cloud Bolero debuted