Modification Monday

  • Modification Monday: Circular Beatnik

    Original Pattern: Beatnik Knitter Extraordinaire: Lorraine (Ravelry ID) Mods: Lorraine rejigged the original pattern to be worked entirely in the round, and added a v neck shawl collar instead of the original boat neck.  Project page with links to the circular revision download and more details can be found here. What Makes This Awesome:  I

  • Modification Monday: Kiddo Charade Socks

    Original Patterns: Kiddo Kicks and Charade Knitter Extraordinaire: Cassy (Ravelry ID, and blog) Mods: Using Kiddo Kicks as the base pattern, Cassy worked the stitch design from Charade into the original sock pattern. Project page can be found here. What Makes This Awesome: These socks are beautiful, aren’t they? And if you know enough about

  • Modification Monday: Graduation Dress

    Original Pattern: Next Year in Lerwick  Knitter Extraordinaire: Momo (Ravelry ID) Mods: Momo created a dress by continuing the repeats of the original colourwork sweater  to add length until suitable for a dress, and making brilliant choices about the colours and contrasting colours  to emphasize shaping and cohesion. Project page can be found here. What Makes

  • Modification Monday: Springline BSC

    Original Patterns: BlueSand Cardigan and Spring Lines Knitter Extraordinaire: Ariane (Ravelry ID) Mods: Using the Bluesand Cardigan as the basis for the sweater, Ariane incorporated the striping of Spring Lines into a brand new look, complete with gradient. Project page can be found here. What Makes This Awesome:  I love it when people mix together patterns, picking

  • Modification Monday: Exeter Modified

    This modification Monday shows how great substituting the focal stitch design can really be! Original Pattern: Exeter Knitter Extraordinaire: Sari (Ravelry ID, blog) Mods: Changed the cable lace to feature a more chevron design, mixed and matched sizes for the body and the sleeves, and knit the body in one piece instead of separate pieces.  Project

  • Modification Monday: Snow on Wheat Mittens

      Original Pattern: Maid Agnes’ mittens/Pigan Agnes vantar Knitter Extraordinaire: Gardenlily (Ravelry ID) Mods: Used motifs from the original mitten pattern and added additional details inspired from afghan rugs, changed hte pattern to fingerless mitts and altered the ribbing. Project page can be found here. What Makes this Awesome: It’s important to click over to the original

  • Modification Monday: Smithfield

    for May 18th Original Pattern: Smithfield Pullover Knitter Extraordinaire: Monica (Ravelry ID) Mods: Turned the pullover pattern into a cardigan, with a great buttonband and keeping the funnel neck. Details can be found on her project page, here. What Makes This Awesome: I love how Monica kept the details that made the original pattern appealing- the texture, the