Modification Mondays (and my Own FO!): Cotton Candy Boatneck

 I wonder if it’s self-serving to have your own mod on Modification Mondays…. screw it. I’m doing it anyway.

Original Pattern: Whisper Stripe Pullover

Knitter Extraordinaire: Me.

Mods:This pattern didn’t start at a size small enough to fit me (32″). So I modified the stitch count and went down slightly in needle size. I knitted it in the round instead of flat. As for the yarn, I only used 2 yarns instead of 3 called for in the pattern. I also thought the yarns used in the original were kind of expensive, so I got the well-priced (and deliciously awesome) Elann Peruvian baby Silk and Elann Super Kydd. I highly recommend both yarns.

I also eliminated the ruffles at the hem and sleeves, shortened the sleeves into 3/4 length, added waist shaping, and changed the neckline from a scoop into a boatneck.  As for the stripes, I used the pictures from the pattern as a guideline, and put them where I felt like it. I can’t stand row counting, I find it tedious. More details on the mods, including the stitch counts, can be found on the project page.

What Makes This Awesome:   I have to tell you- this sweater feels like heaven. I love wearing it so much!! It’s lightweight, surprisingly warm, and just feels like I’m cuddled up in a cotton candy cloud. I loved the delicate pink that was used in the original pattern, so I shopped for yarn that was similar. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I really enjoyed knitting it- it was so light, it felt like it flew over the needles. There is only one thing I wish I had done differently-  jogless stripes in the round. I forgot jogless stripes existed until I finished the sweater.

Usually it’s my kitty Yarn that loves to get all up into the knitting action, but today is was our other kitty Gatsby who wanted to be in on things. He’s not usually a ham, but I think he just wanted to cuddle up with this awesome pink sweater. He’s such a fluffy beast, isn’t he? Most of what you see there is fur, he’s really a small bodied cat. Wow, that was such a ‘defensive parent’ thing to say, wasn’t it? “It’s glandular! He’s just short for his age!” etc. Sigh. I love my cats.


  1. Anna   •  

    I love this delicate jumper, it is adorable. I think the colour works very well and it looks really good on you.

  2. Erin   •  

    So pretty! Definitely fits its name.

  3. Tanis   •  

    Julie, love it! I’m going to go study your project page so I can make one just like it. Now that I know that we’re the same size I can confidently use all your mods;) Thanks!

  4. Siga   •  

    I love this! It’s such a yummy colour and the fit is perfect. Really well done and so worth of featuring in the modification monday’s post

  5. Monique   •  

    I like your fitted version better. I also love the rest of the mods. Love how you paired it with the lacey cami also. Looks great!

  6. elliebelle   •  

    I LOVE this sweater! It is stunning. I wish I were experienced enough to do modifications…I just get scared to deviate from the pattern. Maybe that’s why I have yet to finish a sweater. I’m all about the small projects. haha
    And, your cat is so cute. I love the defensive parent thing – I’m definitely like that with my cats too. haha.

  7. Adriana   •  

    WOW! It looks fantastic! It’s be kind of afraid to allow kitty claws near it, though 🙂

  8. hibou   •  

    I think you’ve reached a new stage of awesome with your knitting, Julie!

  9. Allyson   •  

    It’s so pretty! I love that you called it a cotton candy cloud! That is exactly what it looks like!

    And I love how you styled it. It looks great over that lace-bottomed tank. I haven’t knit a top like this before because I worry I won’t be able to style it cute enough. This looks great!

  10. Lene   •  

    All three beautiful; You, the sweater and the Kitty!

  11. kelli ann   •  

    It’s really lovely! I usually shy away from such delicate yarns, but this makes me want to give them a try.

  12. Brenda   •  

    OMG Your sweater looks so much better than the one modelled. And I have some of the Elann Kydd in my stash. Is the yarn held double throughout?

  13. Hilary   •  

    Julie, that is SO PRETTY!! To tell you the truth, I like yours better than the original. And why shouldn’t you include your own modded projects in a Modification Monday post??

    Gatsby is adorable and looks like such a snuggle-bug! I am completely the same way with my cat (Stewart). My in-laws have his brother and are always comparing their weights…”Stewart is so skinny! Look at our big boy Harry…” Even though I think this sort of competition is extremely strange, I can’t help but get defensive of our little guy!

  14. weezalana   •  

    That is GORGEOUS! The fit, the color, everything is spot on. And it looks so light and airy! Beautiful!

  15. Aesderina   •  

    i love it, your own modi Monday! woot woot!
    Your kitty is so cute.. and looks very soft.
    The yarn looks very soft.. and your mods look great, it fits beautifully

  16. Etoile   •  

    waouh, your pullover is way better than the original!!! I love it!

  17. i like cake   •  

    Beautiful sweater and adorable kitty cat!

    I have to ask though, where did you get the cami that you’ve paired it with? I love the border at the bottom 🙂

  18. Clumsy Knitter   •  

    That is just darling. I like your version much better than the original. And yay for you for getting in on the Mod Mondays action! 😉

  19. Susan   •  

    I love the fit that you chose instead of the original sizing. You look amazing and I love your fluffy Gatsby. My Scofield is not all fur – just mass. But I love my big boy just as he is. lol.

  20. Erin   •  

    Wow. It is really stunning. I have thought about making this top before and I think I like yours better than the original. Awesome job.

  21. Pam   •  

    Very pretty – the waist shaping is an especially good improvement.i

  22. Salihan   •  

    WOW! That looks FABULOUS! It’s truly stunning and I can imagine it being warm without all the bulk. It fits you so perfectly! Your mods (& knitting) are awesome.

  23. Gabrielle   •  

    You’ve turned a jumper that I would not have looked twice at in the magazine, into something that fits well and is really lovely: bloomin’ good work!

    (Lovely photography too by the way – really nicely shot!)


  24. Kim   •  

    Very nice! I think the boatneck and more body-hugging fit were good design choices. I would have completely ignored the original pattern, as it isn’t much my style, but your version is really adorable 🙂

  25. Maryse   •  

    And I who thought that nothing could beat last week’s Modification Monday! It is so beautiful! You are indeed an extraordinaire knitter 😉

  26. yoel   •  

    What a great series of mods on this sweater! I hadn’t even thought it could look this awesome and lovely.

    Gatsby is a sweet big furball, aww.

  27. Jill   •  

    it looks so lovely and cozy! I have been thinking about making something similar to this. I might have to take a closer look at this pattern.

  28. e   •  

    that sweater is incredible!!
    and the kitten is adorable too.

  29. MyFairDaisy   •  

    Beautiful sweater – I just added it to my faves in Ravelry 🙂 It looks great on you!

  30. Michele   •  

    Your sweater is so pretty! It looks way better than the original – great mods! You did a great job.

  31. Leah   •  

    WOW! This looks AMAZING! I looked at the picture for the actual pattern and I would not have looked twice at it from that! They should definitely replace the picture on it with this one…

    I can already feel myself avoiding my homework and wanting to start this NOW! 🙂

  32. CanarySanctuary   •  

    So beautiful. I love your mods. It makes me want to go out and buy up all the Kidsilk that I’ve been dreaming of lately!

  33. Rima   •  

    WOW. That should express what I want to say.

  34. Alyssa   •  

    I was wondering if you had the pattern to this one? The pattern you used in the smaller size? Thanks!

  35. Julie   •  

    Hi Alyssa,
    the pattern is in the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Knits, and my mods are based on that. I didn’t write up a separate pattern for it, but I’d be happy to walk you through what I did. Send me an email if you’d like!

  36. soknitpicky   •  

    Can’t tell you how much I love this. It is just lovely and ethereal. And you’ve done such a fab job as always in layering & styling it. Love!

  37. Rachel   •  

    love love love. this is the one that made me notice this pattern and decide to knit it. i flipped past it in the magazine… i was unimpressed.

  38. Val   •  

    Your is so much nicer than the original, looks fabulous.

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