NEVER Enough Knitting Patterns….

I have a subscription to Interweave Knits, which I adore and pour over every time it shows up in my mailbox, but I do not have a subscription to any other knitting magazines. I buy when I see something I really like, or I order the far-flung Rowan magazine when I’m feeling rich. Recently, I have come to the conclusion I should just break down and get a subscription to Vogue Knitting. Because yesterday, I found myself ordering two back copies:Now I’m feeling a bit dumb. These were magazines that were in pretty much every magazine shop and drugstore in Toronto for the entire winter season. I thumbed through them, observed everyone’s blogged Vogue capecho problems from a cool distance, and decided not to buy them. Why? Because I already had tons of knitting magazines and patterns, and there was already no way I’d ever manage to knit every knitting pattern I had at home, so why add to the collection? Except now, I’m kicking myself. Because NOW I want a capecho, NOW I want the scarf and great cardigan from the Holiday 06 issue. NOW I want them all:

So of course I had to order them, and pay extra charges for shipping. When really, if I hadn’t talked myself out of them in the winter, they would have been cheaper. Serves me right for trying to NOT buy knitting magazines. Sigh.

I adore that lavender-coloured belted cardigan that’s in the Holiday 06 issue. I’m thinking it would be great for work, in a deep grey. It would say: I’m professional and look fantastic, and why yes, I am a kick-ass knitter. So nyah nyah nyah.

The capecho: yes, it’s a tricky knit. And there are construction issues and sizing issues and all sorts of well-documented horrors related to this fascinating piece of modular knitting. But I’ve somehow convinced myself that a) it will look good on me and b) I’ll be able to knit it better, since I’ve already seen so many blogged-about and scary-looking capechos. And even if I fail miserably, I’ll post all of it here, so you can have a chuckle at my pain and torment. By which I mean my knitting.


  1. j.sun   •  

    do you think that woven scarf is knit on the horizontal? that’s how I’d do it avoiding all those short rows.

  2. Team Knit !   •  

    No clue. When the magazine comes, I’ll bring it to work, and we’ll have a good look-see.

  3. shopgirl   •  

    So glad I found your blog! Love all the patterns you’ve singled out.

    you should totally subscribe to Vogue knitting. Sometimes the patterns grow on me, like I also totally want to make that braided scarf 1.5 years late. P.S. It is knit as 6 long skinny tubes that are woven and then fixed in place by a garter band at each end.

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