New Look! And a Look Back at some Christmas Markets

My blog has migrated from Blogger to WordPress, which was a massive undertaking, and also updated for a clean new look!  Thanks to Guy for all his amazing work on this. Check out the lovely orange social media buttons over there on the right, and the fun orange stripe above the menu bar up top!

Even though this is exactly the look I wanted, now that I have it I’m not entirely sure I love it- but I’m going to sit for a bit and see if it grows on me. If you have any feedback, let me know. In the meantime, I’m super jazzed to be able to actually respond to all comments- Blogger was only letting me respond to a few on any given post, which was far too annoying.

This post is a little overdue: I went to the Christmas Market, which is set up every December in the Distillery District of Toronto, a wonderfully historic area of the city where they set up a German-style Christmas market with lots of tasty food, drinks, Christmas ornaments, and all the shops are open late.

christmas market 4

christmas market 5

We went towards the end of the day, so we had a bit of daylight left, but so we could really enjoy the lights after dark. While it was still light, we spent time in the kid’s section, which has carnival rides, including a carousel that Lila was utterly enchanted with. She loved looking at it, smiling, and when we went to walk away, she wanted to go back to keep watching it. Guy and I debated whether or not she was old enough to enjoy riding on it, and in the end took the plunge- I figured she might be okay on the stationary bench, rather than a horse going up and down. Her face says it all:

chirstmas market 3

That was the happiest she looked the whole time. I tried to put her on a horse, but she freaked out. So we opted for the bench.  She’s still a bit young for rides, I guess!  She infinitely preferred to be on solid ground, putting on my chapstick. Clearly she’s seen me do it a few too many times: Lila Chapstick collageShe’s not so much applying it to her lips and generally just licking it.

I also went to the City of Craft fair with my friend Erica, which is a lot like Etsy brought to life: 

City of Craft Collage

Coty of Craft 2 CollageHow awesome is that bunny garland?! I couldn’t get over it, and took waaay too many photos .

Erica and I finished off the City of Craft fair with a shared scone plate at the Drake Hotel, which we love:

Drake CollageFrom Left to Right: Erica, crazy delicious scones with preserves, butter whipped with vanilla bean, and clotted cream; me. 

I think somewhere between those two events, I crossed off another item on my 5 Small Goals for Winter. I’ve only got two more- I still have to build a snowman, and make eggnog from scratch. Hmm. Is there such a thing as valentine’s eggnog?


  1. CeltChick   •  

    Well, yours could be the first Valentines egg nog! Totally understand the fascination with the carousel, all those lights + movement + music = one entralled kidlet! But just for looking; riding…not so much. We have snow on the ground today, in Middle Tennessee. I’m ready for it to be short-sleeves weather, or at least sweater-weather.

  2. strickmaedchen   •  

    Your new blog looks terrific! The paged opened and I was just: “Wow”!

  3. A Houtz   •  

    Your new site is absolutely lovely. Fresh, clean, breezy and so easy to get around. Applause. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and am never disappointed. It’s a highlight of my week. You continue to inspire me. Thank you!


  4. Whitney   •  

    I love your new site! It is so clean and gorgeous. It was a breath of fresh air when I first opened it! 🙂

  5. Isobel   •  

    I think the design and feel looks lovely, but my initial thought was ‘too big’! Photos and text are very large, so it’s not immediately easily readable, lots of scrolling.

    Plus, there is a lot of white space on the right.

  6. Betsy   •  

    Just had to chime in and say the new site design is perfect, love the white, the font, the larger text and all. Success!

  7. eliza   •  

    the new website is looking really spiffy and gorgeous! welcome to wordpress, i hope you enjoy the transition!

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