New Pattern: Hyperballad Cowl

It’s finally here! Today is the launch day for the Hyperballad Cowl, and I first mentioned here, with a quick photo of the smaller version. I wanted to design a neww cowl with lots of texture, and some fun cables. Everyone else thinks cables are super fun, right? Let’s take a look at some of the details of the smaller one, shall we?

Pattern: Hyperballad Cowl |

Pattern: Hyperballad Cowl |

Hyperballad comes in two sizes- one smaller version (above) that takes 1 skein of DK weight yarn that is a great small cowl that tucks into your coat, and the bigger version takes 2 skeins of DK and creates a drape-y, cozier version that has a bit more drama to it. Let’s take a look at the bigger version:

Pattern: Hyperballad Cowl |

Pattern: Hyperballad Cowl |

 The pattern is $6 (CAN), and instructions for both sizes are included in the same pattern, so it’s a bargain- and perfect for destashing a skein or two of DK yarn that has been languishing in your stash. Knit the small cowl in one colour, and the the bigger one in another- two totally different looks. Of course, I’ve knit mine in the same colour, so clearly I didn’t take my own advice. But it’s worth seeing the other finished versions that were test knitted- everyone did such a fantastic job!

Hyperballad Collage |

And a shout out to Laura Chau, for the awesome tech editing!


  1. Lari   •  

    Lovely. Liked it so much I just went and bought the pattern. Thanks.

  2. Kelly J. R.   •  

    Congrats on your new pattern! I love that the large one can be pulled down around your shoulders.

  3. Heidi   •  

    Love it! Such a great size for an adaptable piece like this. <3

  4. Tanis   •  

    Love both the small and the large version. You are the queen of caplets so I’m not surprised that the shoulder cover option is so beautiful.

  5. Alicia   •  

    Beautiful design and gorgeous photos! That color really suits you!

  6. Monica   •  

    This is lovely! I actually have a few lonely DK weight skeins, that would be perfect….

  7. Kelly   •  

    I second Tanis and its exactly what I was thinking when I saw the pictures. You rock a capelet 😉
    Beautiful design.

  8. Eliza   •  

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the contrast of the textured body and the cables! Sublime!

  9. Christine   •  

    The pattern looks so beautiful on you Julie. The photos are amazing as always.

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  11. miss agnes   •  

    I had the pleasure to test knit the large version, and this my go-to cowl these days, really perfect for spring. Thanks again Julie !

  12. val   •  

    Stunning cowls, both! I have some lightly specled DK Koigu that could be fun for this… I think it would make a great matching-gift project, too ; I could make one size for myself and the other for a friend.

  13. erin kate   •  

    so beautiful! great work! & you’re an absolute supermodel !

  14. Michelle   •  

    You did a great job, love it! It was neat to see your work in progress, and then to see Betsy’s test knit, it was so interesting. Really enjoyed seeing this process and I of course would love to test knit for any of your patterns, they are beautiful.

  15. Loulou   •  

    What a nice looking pattern. I love both lengths, especially how it can be worn like a little cape. And your hair looks amazing in these picture! xo

  16. Camilla   •  

    Holy Smokes- what a gorgeous cowl. Love the pattern and color- looks beautiful on you!

  17. Karen C   •  

    That is very lovely. Definitely will be knitting one of those for myself.

  18. iikku   •  

    Lovely pattern! I have to ask about the shirt/blouse you are wearing in your “profile picture” ?

    • Admin   •     Author

      Sadly, I didn’t knit it- it’s from roots !

  19. Jane   •  

    It looks so squishy and warm! And I love the colour! Beautiful as always Julie!

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  21. Wanda   •  

    Gorgeous in every way! I love the cable pattern, which looks complicated enough to definitely hold interest, but then broken up with a more basic stitch so that it is not overwhelming – I love knitting projects that give you that! And the color you used is stunning!!

  22. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    Love this new pattern – the small and big versions! And what a great colour on you!

  23. Bekah   •  

    That’s so pretty! And what a fabulous coloured yarn!!

  24. jenny - prettycolumn   •  

    this cowl is so so beautiful 🙂 I’ve entered one of the free give aways you’ve graciously arranged for the pattern, but if I’m not successful I will be buying it and making the smaller version I think 🙂 love it, well done 😀 jenny xx

  25. Efie   •  

    It is lovely and I will definitely give the bigger version a try after I finish my little blanket project. I have stashed some sport weight merino yarn, any chance it would work on this one, instead of DK?

    • Julie Crawford   •  

      Hi Efie, I think it would be a much drapey-ier cowl if it was knit in sport weight, but you could swatch and find out! It all depends on how tight or loose you naturally knit.

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