Outtakes: Fergus Mitts

When it comes to doing finished knit photos for the blog, i find there is a direct correlation between how well the photos turn out and how silly we’ve been during the shooting. The sillier, the better. I think the goofing off relaxes both Guy and I, so it’s that much easier to to get photos that feel happy and relaxed. And besides, who isn’t happy when you have flowers for antlers?

Outtakes: Fergus Mitts | knittedbliss.com

Lila very much enjoys being a part of the photos now, she wants to play with the props that I’ve brought out, such as these beautiful Puffin in Bloom Classics. She took a real liking to the yellow Heidi one, although she is still a bit young for a book without pictures, I think it won’t be long before we can start reading chapter books at night before bed.

Outtakes: Fergus Mitts | knittedbliss.com

Outtakes: Fergus Mitts | knittedbliss.com

The funny thing about getting Lila more involved with the photos is that while it makes it harder to take then quickly (she is often moving, or causing me or Guy to move, so there’s a lot of blurred shots!) , it makes taking photos more of a fun family event. Lila was so excited that she got to play with the special books, and she was interested to figure out how the tripod worked, and really wanted to get involved. It was a sweet experience.

Outtakes: Fergus Mitts | knittedbliss.com

I also forgot to include a shot of the Bijou Basin Himalayan Trail skein in ‘Fergus’. I nestled it in the pot of pansies I have by the front door, and it looked right at home among the blooms. Now that I’ve knit the mitts I have a little bit leftover (about 30 yards) I’m thinking of making  a headband to go with the mitts, something to take a bit of chill away from my sensitive ears as we move into fall. I can’t get enough of this yarn, or the colour!

Outtakes: Fergus Mitts | knittedbliss.com

If you want to see the ‘official’ finished knit photos, you can check them out here, and my Ravelry project page is here.

I hope you enjoyed the outtakes!


  1. Tanis   •  

    Oh that last shot of Lila looking up at you adoringly in her kitty t-shirt! So cute. Also… baby bump!

  2. Alina   •  

    You are adorable 🙂 Such sweet cozy family pictures!

  3. Kat   •  

    How adorable! It’s so great that Lila’s having fun joining you two in photoshoots-and the resulting outtakes are the best!

  4. Zeta   •  

    Wonderful photoshoot! Cute mum with cute baby bump and cute little girl? Can’t bit that! 🙂
    You know, it won’t be long until Lila starts modeling for your knits! They grow up so fast!

  5. Alicia   •  

    You and your family are too cute!!!

  6. latifa   •  

    Now you just need to add matching mitts for Lila!

  7. Renee Anne   •  

    Sorry, I was busy looking at the happy little baby bump 🙂

  8. Bronchitikat   •  

    I know everyone says it but, make the most of these times with the three of you. All too soon Lila will be old enough for pre-school, if not actual school itself. And when Bump turns into Baby time will fly so fast you’ll need crampons for fingers to be able to hang on in safety!

    Writes she who had a four-yerar-old and a new baby. There was playgroup two or three times a week to get to on time. Then, a year later, there was suddenly school to get to, on time, 5/7! Still, at least that gave me time for just me and baby moments – which is always harder with a second child.

  9. Barbara   •  

    We started reading chapter books to our kids when they were about 3 years old. Because of their 2+ years age difference, often the younger one will fall asleep instead of listening. But a few of their favourites are Winne the Pooh (of course), Paddington, Ivy and Bean, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Comet in Moominland, Pippi Longstocking, The BFG, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s so much fun to introduce them to longer stories, and characters they’ll remember all their life!

  10. Wanda   •  

    Really and truly adorable – that Lila is included in many of the photos is sending the cuteness out of this world!! Pretty knitted things, books and flowers and little ones – now just include a kitty or two and we wont even be able to stand it. 🙂 But we’ll try our best!!

  11. Becca   •  

    Always love to see your outtakes – these are some very sweet pics of you and your little lady! Also, got my eyes on that Heidi book – it was my favourite growing up and that copy is stunning! 🙂 x

  12. Tahnee   •  

    The pictures of Lila and you are so sweet!

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