Outtakes: Golden Rose

This is pretty much what getting blog photos looks like, when we are doing it with the kids:

Golden Rose Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

We were on the Toronto islands for the day, one of my favourite places to visit (I prefer Ward Island, but Center Island is where all the kiddie attractions are). In the photo above, I was lying on the ground trying to recreate some of the magical composition that we had for this photo from my Pemba mitts and headband. Except Lila assumed that I needed help, lying on the ground. Such a thoughtful child, and very concerned that I be comfortable. So she wanted to assist by holding my head.

Golden Rose Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Unfortunately, even with all the ‘help’, we couldn’t quite manage to get the sort of photo for the cowl that we were aiming for. Another time! Lila also assisted with sourcing props (which you can see in action on the ‘official’ finishing knit photos, here):

Golden Rose Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Golden Rose Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Lila loves that flower headband, even though it’s a bit big for her. James is 6 months old now, and thankfully can’t walk or crawl. I don’t know what I’m going to do when there’s two of them running about. But right now he is really, really into my food. If he sees me eating anything, he wants some of the action. For example:

Golden Rose Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Do you see how his pudgy little baby hands are hanging onto the bun for dear life? Mere seconds after this shot, he had successfully ripped off most of the bottom bun, stuffed handfuls of it into his sweet little face, gummed a bit, and then spat it all out in a slimy, disgusting bread pellet.  He still has no teeth, but we have begun working on solids, and we are doing baby led weaning, which I did with Lila and worked really well for us.  I’m glad I had the foresight to take off the cowl before eating, because otherwise James would have put his burger-covered hands all over it!

Those were the outtakes! It was a lovely day, but I think next time we will try to do photos when we have childcare. Much faster, and much easier!


  1. miss agnes   •  

    These are all so cute, especially when Lila is giving you the flower. When they both run, well, you will be running after them. But I’m sure Lila will love playing the big sister and mum helper. This is a phase where you can do nothing but constantly watch over them – there is no shortcut. But all the energy you will be spending to teach and educate them will be rewarded when they become responsible children later on. Bon courage !

  2. Duni   •  

    I really love these outtake photos!
    Lila looks so cute in the garland and her glasses and that burger picture with James is fantastic. He looks so determined. 🙂

  3. Tanis   •  

    So worth all the hassle to capture those awesome family moments! I love Lila’s headband. I want one.

  4. Marsha   •  

    What a lovely day with your beautiful family. I love your out takes! The cowl is nice too!

  5. Zeta   •  

    Super cute kids! 😀

  6. Alicia   •  

    Oh such sweet pictures. And I love seeing baby James in action, it gives me a nice mental picture of “oh in 6 months my baby might be grabbing burgers!” 🙂

  7. Christine   •  

    I love the outtakes more than the actual shots and Lila is super cute in glasses! I’m buying this yarn in ocean fortress and the pattern tonight as a pick me up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Kat   •  

    How adorable! I love Lila’s flower headband so much 🙂 James looks like he’s definitely going to get up to some mischief once he’s mobile-enjoy these last weeks of control!

  9. Renee Anne   •  

    I needed this today. Really, really needed this. I needed the reminder that often on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…we only see the happy and good things. We so rarely see the outtakes, and the downright ugly things that happen. So, thank you for bringing a sense of reality to your blog (even though I’ve met you and you’re lovely – it’s nice to know you’re normal).

  10. loulou   •  

    What an adorable post! I love the shot of Lila giving you the dandelion. So cute. And the one of James and your burger is priceless! Great that Guy caught it. It’s one you’ll probably laugh over forever.

  11. Susan   •  

    Oh Julie, even your outtakes are gorgeous.

    I wish I could say taking FO photos gets easier when kids get older, but they are still impatient. Still working on that here…

  12. Laura   •  

    Your outtakes are so sweet it almost doesn’t seem right to label them outtakes!

  13. Val   •  

    Gorgeous and adorable candids, thanks for sharing!

  14. Alina   •  

    Love the outtakes! So sunny, warm and full of life and love 🙂

  15. Tahnee   •  

    I always love your outtake pictures, especially if there are toddler and baby shenanigans involved 😀

  16. Pat   •  

    Too much cuteness and I love it! I would grab that burger also.

  17. kingshearte   •  

    That picture of James going after the burger is amazeballs.

  18. Stefanie   •  

    OMGosh! I so want to go to Canada. I really need to get a passport. Lila and James are adorable. I love how your daughter just wants to help. And I love how James appreciates food. My nephew who is 18 months is at the age where he must look at the food first that goes into his mouth. He looked at a piece of watermelon in his hand at dinner, put it in his mouth, spit it out to look at it again, put it back into his little mouth, and then proceeded to spit it out onto the floor. He is such a funny little character.

  19. Andi   •  

    Seriously my heart just swooned from these brilliant Outtakes!
    It is so fitting that someone like you has such sweet and treasured moments such as these.
    Lila…what a good heart she has. I can only imagine what a beautiful woman she will become.
    Jason…a boy that loves burgers and is willing to hold on for dear life…my kind of boy.

  20. Tien   •  

    It looks like James is going to be an adventurous eater! My son was the same at that age, even wanting to try sushi and curry. Lila looks so sweet with her flower headband & glasses.

  21. Sierra   •  

    Out takes are fun! It’s nice to see some of the work that goes into those perfect Rav photos. Your kids are beautiful, the gummy baby food is pretty disgusting. Hopefully he’ll get some teeth soon so he’ll enjoy it.

  22. Kessa   •  

    Aww! Lila is so adorable and funny! And LOL at James grabbing mommy’s food! I love your outtakes posts. Keep them coming! 😀

  23. Monica   •  

    Photos with kids are always interesting. Seems like you guys had a great time. The little man is adorable and Lila has grown so much!

  24. Stephanie   •  

    Hilarious outakes! The kids are adorable, and that photo of James with the burger… too much! We did baby led weaning too and it worked out great for us.

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