Outtakes: Hyperballad

Here are the outtakes from the second Hyperballad photo shoot- as you can probably tell from the original post, the bigger cowl and the smaller cowl were shot on separate occasions.

I’m actually standing on a small stool in these photos, and sometimes Guy would say ‘a little to the left’ a few too many times and I’d lose my balance:

Hyperballad Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Also, I’m a little blurry. Blurry AND at an angle AND we’re running out of chevrons on the right hand side. Not good.

Hyperballad Outtakes | knittedbliss.com


From left to right: I have no idea what I’m doing in that shot, none whatsoever. The middle is a frequent facial expression that I make when i’m not sure what to do next; and the third shot I’m smiling so hard my eyes have turned into tiny caterpillars.

Guy was making faces at me to get me to laugh, and so I made a face back:

Hyperballad Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Can’t believe I fell for it- clearly it was his plan all along to get me to pull a silly face so he could take a photo of it.

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  1. Jane   •  

    I have a ‘girly’ question. I have been looking for exactly the colour lipstick you are wearing in the Hyperballad pics. Could you tell me what it is? 🙂

    • Julie Crawford   •  

      Hi Jane! I actually am a big fan of blending different shades together to make a new shade. The lipstick I’m wearing in the photos is a combination of revlon balm stain (those chubby lip pencils) in ‘Rendezvous’, and L’oreal Paris COlor Riche Lipstick in ‘Blushing Berry’ (590). combining the two takes the bright coral of rendezvous and the cool toned depth of blushing berry into a nice brick sort of colour.

  2. kingshearte   •  

    Kudos to Guy — that last shot is very nicely executed.

  3. Renee Anne   •  

    I’ll admit, I put an outtake at the end of my first pattern (which hasn’t been released quite yet)…Stormageddon was not cooperating with the photo shoot, as any semi-mobile baby would. And the photo is blurry but he’s just got this look that says, “dear lord, woman, what are you doing, get that camera out of my face!” and he has his fat little finger up and pointing at me.

  4. miss agnes   •  

    Love your funny face of the last picture! And can’t get over how beautiful his yarn colour is, it suits you so well.

    • miss agnes   •  

      I meant this yarn. This is what happens when you try to type comments on an ipad.

  5. Jesse (SplitStitch)   •  

    These are my favorite types of photos! And I love the behind-the-scenes look, haha. They are strikingly similar to all the outtakes when my husband takes a few snaps of my FOs!

    I truly love this cowl and that beautiful coral/red yarn!

  6. Loulou   •  

    Haha, the last one wins a prize!

  7. Leigh   •  

    gorgeously goofy – love these!

  8. Jenny   •  

    What a lovely cowl! These outtakes posts are so fun!

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