Outtakes: Shaw Hill Cowl

Lila recently became enamoured with this stuffed goat, which we picked up at a recent Ikea trip. She thinks it’s a lamb, and sings Mary had a little lamb when she cuddles it.  It’s her new BFF.

Somehow, during this photo shoot, she decided that I should hold the goat, so that she could get a large reed and whip that around:

Outtakes: Shaw Hill | knittedbliss.com

That last shot is me saying, “wait a minute, why am I holding this goat?!”

Oh, and here she is hitting me with the reed:

Outtakes: Shaw Hill | knittedbliss.com

Kids love nature, especially dirty nature that can also be used as a weapon. Also, she is in focus and my blurry self is making a facial expression that can best be described as derp.

Outtakes: Shaw Hill | knittedbliss.com

From left to right: toddler photobombing, me trying to catch her (see how she still has the reed in her hand?), and then successfully catching her! But still, she’s clinging to that dirty reed thing. It took some convincing to get her to put it down.

I hope you enjoyed the outtakes! Oh, and if you missed the official photos for this awesome cowl, they can be found here.


  1. Tanis   •  

    Derp! Hilarious!!! I think these should be the official shots, the goat really adds a little something special.

  2. Brandy   •  

    Looks like a fun shoot, even if you were being whacked at with a stick. And the location you shot at is gorgeous. Look at all that beautiful color.

  3. Teresa   •  

    I love your photo out take posts!

  4. kingshearte   •  

    I totally think at least one outtake should be included in the official photos for all the things, because some of them give an idea of what the item looks like during actual life. Knitted things generally look very nice when the wearer is posing nicely, but very few of us spend our time in such poses, so these intrusions of real life into the shoots help fill out the story of how the thing will look when you’re not perfectly posed and lit. Also, what’s not to love about stuffed animals and toddler photobombers?

  5. Preeti   •  

    Haha, that’s awesome and I’m so glad you have it documented! Kids are incredibly funny, aren’t they. Your cowl is gorgeous as are you 🙂

  6. Tahnee   •  

    To be fair, the goat does look a little bit like a lamb? And it makes a perfect prop for a knitting photoshoot apparently! 🙂

  7. Kayrine   •  

    These are adorable, and the derp one is hilarious and should definetely be an official shot ! I also noticed that your cowl perfectly matches the autumn leaves on the background, great location choice !

  8. Karen   •  

    The outtakes are hilarious! I chuckled through the whole post. I love your Lila play-by-play (and I love that she has a pet goat!) Toddlers are awesome. The cowl is gorgeous, by the way!

  9. Alina   •  

    This is sooo cute! Your girl is adorable.

  10. Kim   •  

    Hah, hilarious. Good to see what I have to look forward to…my (younger than Lila) toddler does like to pick up the dirtiest or least appropriate thing around, but he does not yet usually hit me with it. Maybe he’ll skip that phase? 😉

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