Outtakes: WATG Josie Gloves

Here are some of the outtake photos from when Guy and I tried to get shots of my new-favourite Josie Gloves. We originally thought it would be fun to do photos in a cafe, because I adore cafes- my great love of caffeinated hot beverages and sweet pastries make this pretty much my ideal environment.  And okay, I confess that I wanted to recreate the magic of my new-ish profile photo (over there on the right) that was taken in a quick snap by Guy at a cafe.

But the day we chose was apparently the day everyone in Toronto also wanted to go out for a stroll and grab a coffee, because they were all packed and it was hard to get any seats anywhere that had some natural light. We eventually found one, but it just wasn’t quite right- the colours were weird (hello yellow walls!), they only had seating left at the tall counters with the tall stools (not very toddler friendly), and it just wasn’t working out. but not for lack of trying:

Josie Glove Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

The thing with a busy toddler somewhere in the shot is that the camera is distracted by her movements and sometimes wants to focus on her instead. Which I totally understand, because I think she’s hilarious.  Oh, and here’s one where my manicure is super in focus, but the mitts are not:

Josie Glove Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

I’m pretty proud of doing my nails myself like that- a pinky nude with metallic tips.

So we went back home and did photos there:

Josie Glove Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

But in this shot I’m waaaay too into my cup of tea. “Go away, world- and leave me with my precious cup of tea!”

And here’s one with my cat Yarn licking her sweet little nose. I like the shot, but the mitts are a bit too difficult to see in it.

Josie Glove Outtakes | knittedbliss.com

Having said that, I think I need more cat photos on the blog, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed the outtakes!


  1. miss agnes   •  

    I love your sweater. I like that you share your ‘missed’ shots, it shows that picture taking is not necessarily as easy as it seems.

  2. Kristen   •  

    I love seeing your outtakes! And you have to know that your outtakes are way better than any of my best shots!

  3. Susan   •  

    The funny thing about your outtakes is that they’re all adorable (really!) and mine are hideous.
    I love these FO shots. It’s like you’re channeling interweave knits magazine from a few years ago only your pictures are actually in focus 🙂

  4. Willow   •  

    100% in favor of more Gatsby and Yarn pics! I’m also really really loving the outtakes you’ve been doing with FO posts, too. The FO posts are great and informative and obviously we’re all here to see knitting, but I like the behind the scenes stuff as well.

  5. Val   •  

    Your outtake posts are always so fun. Yarn can ham for the camera like the best of ’em, I wouldn’t have noticed the yellow wall if you hadn’t pointed it out, and your manicure is fabulous!

  6. Wanda   •  

    These are all so great! But – I am especially partial to photos with adorable cats – Yarn looks soooo content on your shoulder! what could be snugglier than soft handmade gloves along with a super-soft cat? 🙂

  7. Kat   •  

    I love seeing all your outtake pictures! I am 100% in favor of more cat pictures on the blog, too.

  8. loulou   •  

    Yes to more cat photos! =^..^= I love the one of you and yarn that did make it into the post about the gloves.

    Getting good shots when out and about in public is so hit and miss, I find … the one that you’re using as your profile pictures is a great one.

  9. Tahnee   •  

    I agree there should be more cat photos! I always love seeing the little photobombs by your beautiful girl, you guys are such a cute family.

  10. Sam   •  

    Even your outtake photos are lovely!

  11. Melissa   •  

    I love the outtakes!! Definitely more cat photos! 🙂

  12. Katie   •  

    You can’t go wrong increasing the amount of cat on a knitting blog. And nice job on the nails!

  13. Becca   •  

    LOVE the outtakes! It always seems to take about a bajillion shots to get one decent one for the blog! But the outtakes are pretty entertaining. That tiny pink kitty tongue! Sooo impressed by those nails, too!

  14. Renee Anne   •  

    I can totally understand the out takes. Little Man is cooperative but Stormageddon….well, to be fair, he is only six and a half months old but he can’t hold still for squat because he is just so busy. And the lighting here is usually no good so we have to go to the park and then I have to find a spot and….guh!

  15. Snow   •  

    Love the shot with the high contrast zigzag wallpaper. Your eye is drawn to the calming neutral mitts. And we all look that way when we have caffeine that close to our face. Great pic. Keep it!

  16. Alina   •  

    Haha! Thank you for the laugh!

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