Outtakes: We Are Knitters Pacific Sweater

Here are the outtakes from my most recent finished knit, the Pacific Sweater! This came as a kit from We Are Knitters (you can read the whole finished knit post here, and the knit in progress  post here). The sweater is super comfy, but the day we were trying to take photos,  our toddler was not interested in sitting in her stroller.  Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but cool street art tends to be…. on the street. Where toddlers shouldn’t be running amok.

Outtakes: We Are Knitters PAcific Sweater | knittedbliss.com

Oh yeah, I’m acting so cool in front of street art on a major street in Toronto! I apparently have no shame.  When not pulling silly stunts,  there are quite a few photos of me trying to keep an eye on Lila, who was not interested in the task at hand:

Outtakes: We Are Knitters PAcific Sweater | knittedbliss.com

She kept pulling down the top of her stroller so she could get a head start on being a sullen teenager, and when that didn’t work, she tried to wiggle out of her stroller. I think in the shot above I was telling her to stay in her chair. So we tried bribing her with a croissant:

Outtakes: We Are Knitters PAcific Sweater | knittedbliss.com

One of the few photos where you can tell that my headband, shoes, and tank top underneath are all echoing the black stripe theme. But you see how the top is staying on my shoulders perfectly when I’m crouched down? That i-cord is working it’s magic!

I will also sit nicely if someone gives me a croissant, so I’m glad that baked-goods bribery works for toddlers, too. Because I had the ever-so-important task of looking like this in photos:

Outtakes: We Are Knitters PAcific Sweater | knittedbliss.com

“hello? Is it me you’re looking for?”

Um, yeah. This would be a good time to remind you that there are lots of decent shots over on the finished knit post. Or you can check out the kits here, because that model is definitely working her Blue Steel magic. Or I can offer you a photo of Lila 3 seconds before she successfully wiggled out the bottom of her stroller:

Outtakes: We Are Knitters PAcific Sweater | knittedbliss.com

She also unsnapped the padding from the bar and started whipping it around.  Clearly the croissant counted for nothing!

* This is the final (part 3) of a short series of sponsored posts for We Are Knitters, a super stylish knitting kit company that are good sports to be affiliated with these silly photos and my unruly toddler. I chose the pattern kit and the colour, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


  1. Becca   •  

    Ha! Love your outtakes posts! A croissant has a lot of power. Baked-goods bribery all the way. 🙂 x

  2. Lynne   •  

    adorable 🙂

  3. sandra   •  

    you are such a sweet person!

  4. Loulou   •  

    Haha, this is so funny. “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” for the win!

  5. Melissa   •  

    terrifically fun of you to share your outtakes 🙂 I’ve often wondered about the places folks take their photos; my guess has always been that if you zoom out just a little, you would see quite a different story! And, of course, your daughter seems like a wonderful sidekick for all things fiber . . .

  6. Keren   •  

    LOL! I loved these outtakes. Wish someone would bribe me with a croissant…! Just one though because I’m on a diet, thank you!

  7. Renee Anne   •  

    Little boogers. I’d say, “strap her in” but by her age, most kids can undo the buckles. This is probably why there are never good FO photos of anything I make. Two small children don’t make it easy to take photos.

  8. Kat   •  

    Ha! These pictures are fun 🙂 My friend’s baby just reached toddlerhood, and everything’s now “Up! Down! In! Out! Run! Up again!” Glad to hear the croissant bought you some time at least-pastry bribes are the best!

  9. miss agnes   •  

    They just need to run everywhere at this age. Sitting in the stroller while mummy poses? Not fun! Yeah, the food bribes work too well with kids, but only last for a moment. The I cord is definitely a great idea for this shape.

  10. Susan   •  

    This totally made me chuckle and also reminds me why we gave up the stroller as soon as we could! Love the outtakes post 🙂

  11. Alina   •  

    I missed the outtakes! Love seeing sweater “in action”!

  12. Bronchitikat   •  

    Love the outtakes. And that red street art . . .

    We always strapped our children into their buggy/stroller. They never escaped, though as they grew they would put their feet down behind the foot step as they were going along. Then they’d scream because their feet had gotten pulled backwards! Eventually they learned to keep their feet up, I think. It was a long time ago!

  13. Lorraine   •  

    So I was thinking this when you first posted this sweater but I love the bra you’re wearing! I’m assuming it’s a strappy bandeau? Where did you get it? The lines totally complement the sweater.

  14. Snow   •  

    Oh yeah-you can just tell she’s working on perfecting that look in the croissant shot for her teen years-to be followed by the squint-stomp-slam-swear. Maybe not. Maybe in the near future there will be mood transplants-if not for teenagers, for the parents!

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