Wee Wednesday: Anouk Dress, Take Two

Waaaaay back when Lila was 3.5 months, she rocked her Anouk dress for the first time. Now at one year old, Lila can still wear her Anouk dress, but more as a tunic than a full-on dress:

I really like that about knitted dresses for babies. They often outgrow the length much faster than the circumference, but add some leggings and – presto!- it’s a cute tunic. Can’t beat that. This dress is particularly good for that, since the wide, apron-like shaping of the top gives a lit of wiggle room on fit.

And oh, look- she’s rocking her sparkly chuck taylors! These were the birthday shoes we didn’t quite manage to get photos of at the time. We put them on her a lot, and she gets compliments on her fab shoes wherever she goes.

So. Much. Drool. Also- Chair pushing is the most fun ever.
Over at the Jordana Paige blog, there was a recent post with interviews on craft bloggers who are moms, and how they make time for it all. I was one of the moms featured! Check it out here.

Modification Monday: Rainbow Urchin

Original Pattern: Urchin

Knitter Extraordinaire: Olga (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Added eyelets and used a striping yarn for a lovely rainbow effect. Project page with great details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: The original pattern is full of texture, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up and add something else, like eyelets, and stripes! Striping yarns  can add a lot of visual interest to a richly textured pattern like this, and the eyelets (which I especially love) underscore the lovely, dramatic shaping. The eyelets seem so at home in this modification, it’s like they were a part of the original pattern. Perfection!

Pin Ups: My Favourite Pins of the Week

I love Pinterest. It is truly inspiring to open up Pinterest with a fresh cup of tea in my hands and take in the vista of beautiful tiled images in front of me. Gorgeous clothes and jewellery,  fun DIY ideas, tips and tricks for every single things you could possibly be into. I love pinning, it’s the best visual bookmarking tool yet.

Sometimes it can be a bit much, though- if you don’t have time to scan hundreds of little images and follow through on the links. So I’m going to start do a weekly round up of my favourite pins with you guys every week, a variety of things that I’m currently loving.

And if you want to find me on Pinterest, click the little blue ‘P’ on the top right, beside the tabs.

This week I’m loving:

Wee Wednesday: The First Birthday Party

We held Lila’s first birthday party with family up north in Sudbury this past weekend. It was a learning experience, most notably by the fact that we took so few photos, it was a total photography fail.

I don’t know what happened. It’s like we forgot cameras existed, or that we’d want to take certain shots. So the hard-to-source, non-disney character kitty-themed birthday party napkins, plates, and decorations? undocumented. Lila’s awesome pink sparkly chuck taylors? Not a photo to be found.  A single family photo of the three of us? Nope. A photo of the wonderful brunch spread, complete with hash browns, sausages,  bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, maple syrup, fruit and mimosas? Not a shot.

 Which is interesting to think about- it seems it’s a hallmark of the times that if you did something awesome and didn’t photograph it to death, it feels like a loss. In reality, there are probably only five photos of my first birthday (and judging from those grainy, late 70s photos, I was not having a good time), and yet it is still clear I was wearing a frothy meringue of a pink dress, a party hat, and a look of pure misery.

But here are the shots we did get, either on our camera, or a family member’s camera, or a cell phone snap (subtext: quality will vary!):

I have two uncles with birthdays around the same time as Lila’s, and in my family we tend to batch our birthday celebrations. Although according to Lila’s face, she’s not happy about sharing the limelight. I made Lila a delicious banana cake (recipe here), to look like her favourite toy, a little plush hand puppet kitty (which you can see in the bottom left photo, actually). Lila is normally a great eater, but she just picked at her brunch spread. That is, until the cake came out:

That top left photo is probably my favourite of all her cake eating shots. She ate two pieces!  Although there are so many good shots that we didn’t get, here are a couple of Lila playing with some of the decorations. You can see a little of the kitty-theme in them: