Modification Monday: Ombre Striped Long Cardi

Original Pattern: Ombre

Knitter Extraordinaire: Teresa (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Made the cardigan much longer (including the sleeves), eliminated ribbing at bottom, added wonderful pockets. Great details on all her modifications can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love this cardigan! It is a totally new look for the design, adding a cozy, casual dimension to it. I love how Teresa found inspiration for the pockets from a pattern she had knitted previously, and the extra-long length and sleeves make seem like the perfect solution for any weekend. It looks like the kind of sweater that makes you feel amazing. I’ve knit the original, but I’ve just put it back in my queue, to make again- and I think I’ll be using this knit as inspiration!

New Pattern: Lilacs for Lila


Way back in April, I knit this sweet little bonnet for Lila. I’m a sucker for knitted bonnets on babies, and I wanted something that would look vintage and gorgeous, but knit up super fast. It’s perfect for using up DK weight yarn you have kicking around! It’s easy to knit in a day or two, and you could make it even faster by using ribbon for the ties, instead of i cord. The pattern has sizing for babies 1 month- 4 years.

Check out the details on the Ravelry pattern page, here.

Modification Monday: Experimental topdown Amelia

Original Pattern: Amelia 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Nicola (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the bottom-up pattern to be knitted top-down, with set in sleeves. Also eliminated the peplum, waist ribbing, and added buttons all the way down. Project page with great details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: Nicole has been on Mod Mondays before (here and here), and is no stranger to customizing her knits. What I love about this is that she took the bones of the already very cute pattern and altered most of the details to suit her body top and knitting style. I too prefer how a set in sleeve looks, and buttons all the way down takes the cardigan from more casual to more chic. Nicola’s cardigan looks classic and impeccable, and I wish it was in my closet right now!