Modification Monday: Monkey Hat

Original Pattern: Monkey

Knitter Extraordinaire: Alexandra (ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Cleverly turned this popular sock pattern into a hat! Also increased gauge from fingering to aran. Project pages with full details on how to do the same can be found here and here.

What Makes This Awesome: Socks into a hat- I’m definitely impressed!  I love the texture this takes on when blown up in the larger gauge, and it looks great as a winter hat. I’ve never even considered turning a sock pattern into a hat, but now I’ll be looking at socks in a whole new light. Amazing!

Swatching for a New design

I think I still have at least one more new design in me before this baby shows up, so I’ve been swatching:


Both are similar (and using the same stitch patterns), although the teal swatch I cast on fewer stitches, and then I wasn’t sure what I thought about the colour variations- if they distracted too much from the design. So I cast on in Gold, for a more tonal take on things.Then I thought that what would really jazz this photo up would be to get an ostrich in there. You know, for kicks.

I’m leaning towards the gold- I think that (except on the white background) the stitches will be crisper, clearer. What do you guys think?

Wee Wednesday: Anouk as a Dress

Friends, I’m in loooove with this little dress:

Anouk finished 2

Pattern: Anouk as a Dress

Yarn: Knitpicks Comfy Worsted in Light Blue and Peapod

Needles: 3.75 mm (US 5)

Mods: For the side ‘seams’, I kept the seed stitch edging at 4 stitches wide, not the 8 stitches wide called for in the pattern. I felt it looked more balanced.

How could I resist making little booties to match?

anouk booties

I don’t normally knit with cotton yarn, but this was really nice- soft and squishy, and not too squeaky (which is the common complaint of cotton yarn). I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up after several washes.

I know I don’t talk about my pregnancy much, mainly it’s because I’m a total amateur and I have no idea what to say… so for those interested,  I’m doing great- sleeping well, feeling good, I still exercise 5 times a week although recently it’s been down shifted to 20 minute sessions (for reference, I used to be able to work out comfortably  for an hour before I got pregnant, then about 45 minutes in my first trimester, then 30 minutes…). My back used to get sore until I got the most perfect pregnancy pillow ever  (seriously, I don’t think I’ll be giving it up even once the baby is out!) I was very late to the pregnancy craving game, but in my 32nd week, I finally started to crave something- pineapple!

I’m 34 weeks pregnant now. The nesting instinct hasn’t kicked in yet, though (except in a knitterly way- I enjoy knitting for the baby!)- I’ve done absolutely nothing to get the baby’s room ready at all. I keep telling myself that the first few months she’ll sleep in a bassinet in our room anyways, so it doesn’t matter… but really, I should get a move on.

Hedgies Like Yarn, Apparently

Here is a cute little video (barely over 30 seconds) that G took of Bruce Quillis wandering around the coffee table last night. I have a decorative wooden bowl of yarn balls that I use as a coffee table centrepiece, and apparently Quillis was quite taken with it!

The stripey thing is Bruce’s special flannel blanket. G tells me that Bruce was licking the yarn and very interested in trying to get in there- I had already gone to bed (see the time on the cable box?! waaaay past my bedtime), I was sorry to have missed the live show!

Modification Monday: Purple Mystery Top

Original Pattern: 198 yards of Heaven

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sachiko (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Created a top-down raglan top based on the original shawl design, and added a great cowl. Project page is here.

What Makes This Awesome: A shawl into a top, people! Holy cow! This is a beautiful way to incorporate a lace pattern you admire into a totally different garment, for those that aren’t that keen on triangular shawls.  I find this so inspiring- the top looks really modern and wearable, and still has the great lace design of the shawl. What a fantastic idea!