Mitten Update

I tweaked the chart for the mitten I’m working on, and I think I’ve hit on a more balanced colourwork scheme:


 unblocked colourwork knit on dpns… always looks blegh.

I only have a few more days to finish the mittens for the KAL- I think a more realistic aim is to finish one mitt! I noticed I want to make a slight change in the thumb gusset chart, so I want to fix that before I knit the second one.  I’m really liking the colour combinations, I’ve been wanting to inject more brights into my winter accessories, since I often go for a black or grey coat and let’s face it- everything pretty much goes with black and grey. And these colours would make a basic winter coat something so much more interesting, don’t you think?


Modification Monday: The Wool Peddler

Original Pattern: Wool Peddler’s Shawl

Knitter Extraordinaire: Maria (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Using a simlpe raglan sweater as a starting point, Maria incorporated her the lace from the original shawl pattern. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m a big fan of taking a lace shawl and transforming it into a sweater or top, because it’s such a great way for a knitter to take their favourite elements and incorporate it into something totally new. Here, Maria took the simple design of the shawl and turned it into a classicly beautiful pullover. I love it, it looks like the knd of sweater I’d pull on all the time.

Wee Wednesday: The New Normal

Lila is 7 weeks old, and she’s already outgrown her tiniest onesies, which makes my heart twinge a little. I can already tell that it’s true what they say- it goes so quickly.

Lila at one week

I find that everytime I spend time with family and friends, they look me straight in the eye, and ask, very very seriously, “How are you doing? How are you adjusting?” The truth is, I’m doing great. I feel like I’ve got away with murder- an easy pregnancy, a relatively easy birth (Lila was breech; I had a scheduled c-section after we spent weeks trying everything to turn her), and a healthy, trouble-free baby. I’m genuinely happy, and doing really well, which is fortunate. I know that’s not true for every new mom.

The days feel really small now- hours slip by so quickly, and I eat most of meals over Lila while she is nursing (yes, my baby has crumbs on her). But I conciously choose to focus on the best parts of my day, like dancing around the kitchen with Lila to music to calm her fussy periods,  the way she feels snuggled up in my arms, her hilarious and ever-changing facial expressions, her sweet baby coos, her supercute parade of onesies. Don’t get me wrong- Lila stubbornly resists sleep like it’s her mission in life, and does not get anywhere neear the 14-18 hours total in a 24 hour time frame, not by a long shot. She also thinks baths and diaper changes are torture, and must be met with heavy screaming. But I don’t dwell on any of the challenges. Sure, fatigue is part of it, but I can remember loads of times in years past where I stayed up late on a worknight to see a concert, catch a midnight movie, etc. I knew I’d be tired the next day, but the experience was worth it. I feel the same way about Lila- yup, I’m tired, but man, is it ever worth it.

Lila at 7 weeks. Do not let these sleeping photos fool you- it’s just the only time I have two hands to take her photo is when she’s sleeping!

Modification Monday: Peabody Cardi

Original Pattern: Peabody and Milena

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jolanta (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Combined design elements of both patterns to create a totally new look. Her project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome:  I love a pattern mash up! Jolanta’s sweater is a beautiful example of a mash up done just right. I particularly like how balanced between the two orignal patterns this cardigan is- the sleeves, length, and stitch are from Peabody, and the cardigan, neckline, and tailored shaping are from Milena. The result is gorgeous- I wish I had knit this myself!

Mitten Troubles

I’ve been working on a pair of mitts featuring these colours for the Tanis Fiber Arts KAL, but haven’t quite hit on the pattern that I’d really like just yet. (Horribly unblocked photos approaching!)

The corrugated ribbing isn’t thrilling me, it’s not as stretchy as I would like. I then decided to invert the colour scheme, and tweak the design slightly:

I still really like the colours, but the pattern isn’t right yet. Since these photos were taken, I’ve frogged both completely, and am restarting with the plain white ribibng for the cuff, and a new idea for the colourwork. We’ll see what happens! It’s funny, sometimes a new design idea is awesome straight out of the gate, and other times it takes so many starts and re-starts.