Modification Monday: Naawchs

Original Pattern: Schwaan

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jenni (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Eliminated the lace at the hem and sleeve cuffs, added waist shaping, and used only single strand when the pattern called for double stranded. Changed the lace detail to be on the back instead of the front. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love that Jenni took the beautiful lace design from the front and moved it to the back- it’s somehow so unexpected. By keeping the rest of the details simple (eliminating the lace sections on the sleeves and hem, but keeping the garter trim) it highlights the beautiful back panel even more. The original pattern called for the yarn to be held double, which really eats up a lot of yardage, but holding the yarn singly lends this sweater more drape. It’s gorgeous!

FO: Nashira XL

I. Love. This. Scarf.

Pattern: Nashira

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Worsted in ‘Deep Sea’

Needles: 5 mm (US 8)

Mods: Heck yes. Basically, the original pattern calls for laceweight, and I wanted to see how it would look knitted up in worsted weight. I used 5 mm needles (instead of the original 3.25 mm) and cast on fewer stitches (for details, my Ravelry project page has more info). Then I just knit the pattern exactly.

Notes: It knit up super quickly, and I love the look of it in the worsted
weight- is it crazy to say I think I even prefer it in the
worsted? It wasn’t a crazy yarn-eating scarf, either, just a little over 500
yards. And even though it’s lacy, it’s still super warm in the worsted
merino.This is intended for a Christmas gift (I don’t think she reads the blog…..), but I clearly need one to
keep for myself – I love this, and will be a bit sad to gift it! 

Did I mention I love this scarf|? Because I really love this scarf. Truly, madly, deeply.


Modification Monday: Susishaali

Original Pattern: Huntress Shawl

Knitter Extraordinaire: Susanne (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Changed the original shawl pattern into a shrug, by adding sleeves with a lace design from the shawl. Project page with great details on how to do the sleeves can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome:  I’m a big fan of turning triangular shawls into other garments, and this is a really clever one! I love that she kept the original shape, and the addition of sleeves makes it very modern and wearable. Susanne wrote great notes on creating sleeves, for those that are now inspired by this gorgeous shrug to add sleeves to a triangular shawl.  And look how great it looks with both a stunning evening dress and a casual long sleeved shirt! That’s versatility.

Wee Wednesday: New Booties and the Christmas Market

I started a Facebook page for Knitted Bliss
last week. It’s pretty brand-spanking new, but there will be sneak
peeks and extras in between blog posts. Maybe there’s even a sneak peek
up there right now….
Swedish Market

Swedish Market 


Distillery district lights

We’ve been attending some Christmas-y events around Toronto lately, namely the Swedish Christmas Market and the Distillery District Christmas Market. I have a thing for Christmas markets, it seems. I love the decorations and little stalls selling mulled wine, ornaments, and gifts. There is music and a chill in the air, and it’s totally okay to drink your body weight in hot chocolate. What’s not to love, really!

I also cranked out a new pair of Lila’s booties over the weekend, this time in a lovely Jewel tone to match her bonnet. Ravelry project page is here.


I can’t believe Lila is almost eight months old, time is going by so quickly! I’m so crazy in love with her, she’s so smiley and happy, and every day I feel an immense sense of gratitude. How did I get so lucky? There we were, walking around the markets and taking photos, I was watching Guy and Lila and I thought,  that’s my family. The man I love, and our precious baby. And they are all kinds of awesome.

Modification Monday: Lothlorien

Original Patterns: Echo Flower Shawl and Annis

Knitter Extraordinaire: elven (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Changed the gauges from lace/fingering to worsted, and used the crescent shape of the Annis shawl and the last two charts for the Echo Flowers Shawl border. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I was totally blown away when I saw this one. I adore how lace looks when its worked in heavier weights like this worsted, it looks so luscious.  The edging for the Echo Flower Shawl is iconic amoungst us knitters for a reason- it’s flat-out gorgeous, in any weight of yarn. Combining it with the easy wearability and simple stockinette of the Annis shape was very clever,  I wish I had thought of it. I’m in love!