Knitting Giant is Nearing a New FO…..

I came across this print in one of the design blogs I stalk today….
It’s called Yarn Love Affair, and it’s available for $15 here.

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Toronto, and the guy and I went to the beach to read and knit. I did that very typical thing women do when they don’t want strap tan- I slipped them off. But basically my guy took this as an invitation to take some fairly pervy boob photos of me. This is one of the more tame ones that I found sort of funny: The perspective of the couple on the rocks in the distance makes me chuckle- I’m a knitting giant!!

And why yes, that is the second Jules sock in my hands. An FO post will be coming very soon, but it won’t be the socks- I’m buttons away from finishing the Eyelet Ribbed Bandeau (Interweave Knits, Spring 2007)… I can’t wait!

WIP Roundup

Somehow, even though I was sure I was on a quest for project fidelity, I ended up working on three WIPS simultaneously. First up. we have Jules:Almost done the first sock, I just need to do the toe decreases. And the second sock, of course! I’m not worried- I don’t suffer from second sock syndrome. To be honest, I don’t quite get it- I hardly ever hear of anyone suffering from second sleeve syndrome, and it’s basically the same thing.

Then we have The Eyelet Ribbed Bandeau (ravelry link). This should have been finished ages ago, but when on the final button band, I misplaced the magazine with the pattern for a full three weeks. And after the first week of the pattern being MIA, I decided to cast on for…..Lelah. Because apparently I cannot have enough white, hand-knit tube tops.

I’m noticing that I really slacked off over the Sunday Self Portraits, and for those of you who found them interesting, I’m sorry! I will get back to them soon. In the meantime, here are some choclate raspberry cupcakes that I hope make up for it: the chocolate buttercream icing was made up on the fly at about 6:30 this morning, and turned out less than perfect in looks, but top notch in taste. Yum!

Those funny looking muffin wrappers? Those are my new silicone muffin cups, and I can’t say enough great things about them. They baking perfectly, slide off the cupcake with ease (no losing cupcake stumps to clingy paper wrappers!), and are washable and reusable. I love them!

Sweet Striped Halter

I might as well say it, I’m a sucker for fashion magazines. I don’t think a day goes by when I haven’t flipped through one. Today it just so happened to be in line at shoppers drug mart and with InStyle. I love the bulk of that magazine, nice and solid. 4 pages in I see this:

Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft

Striped Halter Sweater
Was: $39.00
Now: $24.99

I was lost at first glance. Suddenly, I was looking out onto an ocean cove where my lover is on the beach. The wind carries the scent of spice, salt and citrus. I can see my buff (and shirtless) Matteo wannabe and he’s waving to me from behind a giant grill filled with fish that, naturally, he has speared himself. “Shoppers Optimum Card? Miss, do you have a Shoppers Card?” Aaaaaaand we’re back in line. Not on a yacht, not wearing this magnificent halter but in front of a man who needs a shower in the worst way.

But the knit! It’s hard not to like this one, mmm?

It comes in two colors

Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft

Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft

And the stripes! The stripes I welcome in earnest. I’m digging the casual nautical vibe and at $24 it’s a steal! Other than the fitted waist, it’s a lot like the Berroco Lippit one you might know.

What would it take… more waist definition and stripes? Finer gauge and a thicker ribbed band? Thoughts?

Marc Jacobs & V. Beck take on the G. Square


It was very hard to ignore these ads due to the fact that

a) She looks like a total nutter

b) Forget-me-nots are my all time favorite flower




So maybe they’re not actually granny squares. But it’s fun to think that he may have been inspired by one of crochets simplest and most recognizable forms.

Some real forget-me-nots from the last brunch in the beaches.

forget me not

forget me not

You know what else is amazing? These right here.


I picked up as many as I could graciously manage and then a few more last fall visiting Kevin at Toronto’s interior design show. I pretended to be “Tiffany Rose” who had left the porn industry in hopes of making it as an interior decorator. (Kidding!) Tiffany is actually a co-worker of Kevin’s and I thank her for letting me play designer.

I can’t wait to plant them on our new rooftop patio :D

In other celeb worthy news, Kate Bosworth takes on the grey cardi.

kate bosworth chloe

I’ve been informed by other bloggers that the dress on the left is from H&M.

Then she went head-to-toe Chloe. Purse, bag, dress, shoes, glasses-everything Chloe. I’m not a fan of this knit. Usually I love ugly chunky knits but this doesn’t do it for me.

kate bosworth chloe

Lets dissect. Simple garder, or more of a prime rib/brioche combo for the texture around the arms and waist/chest? The seaming is horrendous. I’d shoot myself if I seamed that badly. Designer-schminer IMO.

Silver streak from Veronik Avery is much more sophist than this.
In particular, I like Sarastus’. I just adore that she shortened the length significantly. Check it out!

Michaels & Marley

click here to print out your coupon

* I want to thank Jules for keeping up with the great posts in my post-move absence. I realize that I haven’t posted on my Spencer or anything knit related on my side- save for celeb knits- in a looooong while. I’m going to buckle down the next two-three days and churn out some quality posts, scouts honor.

Meanwhile, I have some sad family news to share.
RIP Marley

Marley, the kitten I mothered with Karo had to be put to sleep. The vet said he had a urinary tract infection which more than likely stemmed from the WHISKAS we had been feeding him. Male cats are more prone to this condition, especially those under 2 years. I urge anyone currently feeding their cat this brand to do some more research and even check first with the vet before continuing to do so.


He was a whippersnapper sure, but no cat has ever come this close to my heart. I miss him and his kitty kisses deeply. Here is a video I took of him the day I taught him to fetch.

RIP little fella.