Modification Monday: Green Liesl Pullover

Original Pattern: Liesl

Knitter Extraordinaire: Elizabeth (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Revamped the cardigan into an opaque pullover, while still keeping the lace detail at the yoke, hem, and cuffs. Project page with fantastic details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: A challenge in wearing lace sweaters is that something needs to be worn underneath. This is a clever adaptation, which still has the lace detail at the yoke, hem and sleeves, but also a wonderful textured stitch through the body that really enhances to lace. Stockinette is often the quick and easy solution, but I love how Elizabeth chose to use an excerpt of the feather and fan lace, and omitted the yos. The result is truly beautiful.

Colours for a New Design (maybe)

Colourwork KAL

Tanis Fiber Arts is having a Colourwork Knit/Crochet Along, May 14 – June 17th, and I’m really looking forward to participating! The goal is to knit pretty much anything, using as many colours of TFA yarn as you’d like. I’m having fun picking through my stash and leftover skeins from other projects … I like the idea of a challenge, so I’m going to try to create a new design. We’ll see what happens!

 I’m planning on doing something with the four colours above- I love how they look together. The yarns I have in my stash aren’t necessarily the same weight, and the one on the far left is a single ply, but I’m interested to see how it plays out in the knitting.  I’m not too sure yet exactly what it will become- currently I’m leaning towards some mitts (maybe fingerless?), with a (yet undecided) main colour, and the four above as the focal point. I’m having fun exploring some different ideas, and I’ll begin swatching today- cast on will take place officially on Monday, May 14th!

Modification Monday: Drawstring Chemise and Then Some

Original Pattern: Drawstring Chemise

Knitter Extraordinaire: Kelly (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Turned the original spaghetti strap camisole into a stunning long sleeved sweater with a completely different neckline. Project page with full details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: It’s not easy to turn a tank top into a long sleeved sweater, but this looks flawless. I love the neck detail- the lace and the drawstring are so cleverly done, and the sleeves mimic the hem on the sweater so perfectly. Such a well thought out and beautifully executed sweater- the result is utterly gorgeous.

Time to Redo the Blog!

The winner of the Holla Knits Pattern Giveaway is Sabrina! Congrats, Sabrina!

I’ve been thinking that it is high time for a blog overhaul. I haven’t even so much as changed the header since November 2010, so it’s really time to freshen up. Are there any particular things you’d like to see in the new blog redesign?

Things I’m considering:

  • turning off the captcha for comments
  • having tabs for different sections: Patterns, Mod Mondays, Tutorials, etc.
  • focusing on more creative photo layouts
  • Ads for like minded blogs/sites/etc.
  • new colour scheme (suggestions? grey is feeling really tired and done to death)

 I’m open to suggestions! Thoughts?

Wee Wednesday: Lila’s Legwarmers

Sarah (Ravelry ID, blog) not only knitted my little girl a pair of adorable baby legwarmers, she actually made a new pattern and named them after her! These are Lila’s Legwarmers, a new free pattern by Sarah. I’m totally bowled over! And I can’t wait for Lila to get a wee bit bigger, so that she can wear these. And with the release of the pattern, I want to knit a whole rainbow of Lila’s Legwarmers, to go with everything!

Here’s a photo of Lila at 5 days old::