Modification Monday: Latvian Cowl

Original Pattern: Baby Blanket Latvian Garden

Knitter Extraordinaire: Raquel (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Transformed the stranded baby blanket into a beautiful cowl. Great details to follow her modifications can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m a huge fan of taking a great colourwork chart and using it for other items, and starting with something a bit smaller can make colourwork easier to tackle. This great  cowl looks beautiful and is no doubt super toasty warm, thanks to the stranded colour work. Look how cozy  Raquel looks in the photo above! Bonus- It looks very fetching on the canine set, too:

I couldn’t’ resist posting these adorable photos of her doggies  modelling. Dogs and knits, it’s just an awesome combo.

Pearl and The Beard Giveaway!

Lately I’ve been really digging Pearl and the Beard, a Brooklyn NY based trio that specializes in a soulful american sort of sounds that just seems perfect for summer. Plus Jocelyn is an expert knitter that designed the sweater that they are wearing in the promo shot above. She even did a video about making it:


Here is a link to their myspace page, where you can listen to their songs (I’m particularly fond of Lost in Singapore, Sweetness, and Reverend), and although I’m sort of lamenting that they don’t have more videos, here’s one that they did in the park:

To enter to win a CD, please leave me a comment and your email address. The contest will be open all weekend, and a winner will be chosen on Monday, July 4th at random. Good luck!!

** UPDATE:: Apparently the media company contacted a bunch of knitting blogs (including mine) but didn’t make an effort to schedule them, so I apologize if this looks shady in any way because a bunch of others are having the same giveaway. I do genuinely like the music, and am not getting paid to promote them- just a copy of the CD as well. 

FO: Blue Grapefruit


Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss in ‘Dusk’

Needles: 3.5 mm (US 4)

Mods: none.


Notes: I had a skein of KnitPicks Gloss in Dusk left over from 2007, when I was knitting Thermal. I noticed that the colour has been discontinued, which is too bad. I thought it would be the prefect skein to experiment with a bit more yardage, and see how the cowl looked- I used the whole skein (220 yards), and was super pleased with the results. It is like wearing a really stylish necklace. I loved the outfit I was wearing this day (we were at Niagara Falls), and the cowl really made it feel more polished for me. That, and I’m super in love with my vintage wicker purse (Ebay totally came through for me that day). I think I’m going to need a bunch of these cowls in different colours.

Blue Grapefruit Cowl 
This was my favourite photo of the day, I think:
“There is a velociraptor eating my handbag!”

Modification Monday: Global Warming

Original Pattern: Global Warming

Knitter Extraordinaire: Stephy (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Modified the pullover to be knitted top-down, changed the neckline to a scoop neck, and added a lace detail from this pattern.

What Makes This Awesome: I can’t even count how many patterns I’ve looked at and thought, ‘it would be perfect for me if it only had a different neckline/different sleeves/some more detail/less detail/etc.  This awesome pullover shows that you can really play with the framework of a good pattern- Global Warming provided the perfect backdrop for Stephy to change the neckline and experiment with a lace detail she liked from a different pattern. Customizing means no one else is going to have the same sweater as you, and this is a beautiful example of that. Plus, I love hot weather knits!! Check out her project page, here.

FO: Wasabi Cream & Sugar


Pattern: Cream and Sugar Cowl

Yarn: Shibui Knits Sock, in ‘Wasabi’

Needles: 3.5 mm  (US 4)


Give me all your yarnz!!

Notes: I didn’t make any modifications, and really enjoyed knitting this for the second time. It’s one of those great gift knitting patterns- quick, one skein, and easy to churn out quickly. My friend Andrea saw the previous cowl and wanted one, so I happily obliged. I have some of the yarn leftover, I’m going to make her some fingerless mitts as well. Not that she needs either of those items right now- it’s hot. Like, your skin feels like sticky toffee hot. But no matter how hot is it right now, fall always comes around again.


 Why yes, I did put on a wool cowl and a winter coat to model this for you in the dead heat of June.

I’m working away at this cardigan for my mom, as an overdue Mother’s Day gift. I actually ran out of yarn (totally my own fault- I keep all my white/cream yarns together in one box, and thought I had more of this yarn than I really did) but fortunately a fellow Raveler came to my rescue and sent me the single skein I needed to get this completed.

I’m also working on another version of my Grapefruit Cowl, this time making it bigger, for more of a fall weather cowl. Maybe because I’ve knit this stitch so much, but I find the pattern really easy to memorize, so I just pick it up and chip away at it whenever I get a chance. It’s almost done- just need to drop the stitches!