Modification Monday: The Modified Beatnik

Original Pattern: Beatnik

Knitter Extraorinaire: Jenny (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods:  Turned the pullover into a cardigan, lengthened the sleeves, changed the cable design on the front peices, Project page can be found here, and great details on the mods can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love it when knitters turn cardigans into pullovers and pullovers into cardigans. This sweater looks stunning as a cardigan, and the differently cabled fronts are perfectly at home in this design. The longer sleeves are ideal for a cabled cardigan like this, and the whole effect is stunning. I love how Jenny detailed the mods so thoroughly on her blog- she even gives a step-by-step on the fronts (which she totally created herself). Such a beautiful cardigan!

WIP: Red Tanenbaum Mitts

 It was shortly after I finished my Fiddlehead mittens a couple winters ago that I thought to myself, ‘I should knit one pair of mitts for myself every winter.’ I don’t know why, exactly- something about a new pair of mittens seems like a nice and cozy way to celebrate a new season. And you know how it is, after a certain point in your knitting (long after it crosses over from ‘hobby’ and into full-blown obsession) you just can’t fathom buying a pair of mittens anymore. I mean, anyone who has worn well crafted, handmade mittens know this to be true- They are warmer, prettier, and softer than anything commerically available.

I’m currently working on a pair of Tannenbaum mitts, after finding some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in my stash in a lovely shade of red. I need red mittens in my life!

Thing is, an unblocked red mitten looks sort of sad. Especially this one, all thumbless. I like to do my thumbs at the end, after completing both mitts. But once they are both done (I’m just about to cast on for the second mitt), they’ll have a good blocking, a couple thumbs, and a nice photoshoot. In the mean time…. here are some awkward, unfinished mitten photos guessied up with a fun union jack cushion and picmonkey borders:

FO: Seacrest


Pattern: Suncrest

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Red Label in ‘Atlantic’

Notes: I really wanted to knit something that was easy enough to chisel away at during quick moments while alone with the baby (and she was busy playing), and the garter stitch body was exactly that- perfect mindless knitting. The lace edging took me much longer, since I needed my full attention for it. What I particularly like about this shawl is that it’s not triangular, but has the fun lace of a triangular shawl- I don’t really reach for my triangular shawls when I need a little knitted something to wear. The shawl is deceptively small-looking when finished, and grows quite a bit once wet blocked. Yay for wet blocking! Turns lumpy knitting into a thing of beauty.

There were ducks right behind where we were taking photos, and obviously they get fed a lot, because as soon as they saw us, they started coming over:

 I wish I had brought something for them, I love friendly ducks! But back to the shawl:


The yarn is pretty cozy for a fingering/sport weight, too- it feels warm and snuggly around the neck. Just the thing for this time of year. I also have a lot of love for this colourway- it really does look just like water.

Modification Monday: Taschenpulli

Original Pattern: Brea Bag

Knitter Extraordiniare: Sannah (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Knitted four of the original pattern and assembled into a sweater, adding ribbing for the sleeves, hem, and neck. Details on her project page, which can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I have never imagined turning a bag into a sweater, but holy smokes, does it ever work. I am absolutely in love with Sannah’s beautiful sweater-the cabled design of the original pattern looks like snowflakes when laid out flat (as opposed to being sewn together to make the bag).  A bit of seaming and a lot of ribbing makes this sweater my ideal winter sweater- cozy, easy to wear, and totally gorgeous.

November KAL- Planning for Upsized Lace

I’m participating the November KALs for Tanis Fiber Arts, which is one holiday knitting KAL and one accessory knitting KAL. I’m knitting two things (one is a Christmas gift, shhh!) but the other is an experiment!

It has been raining and really overcast for 5 solid days. Good photos? What are those?
That skein on the far left is the Cobalt Colourway (Red Label) and the three skeins are the Deep Sea colourway (Green Label)

The Green Label is for Nashira, which I’m planning on upsizing. The pattern is originally for fingering weight yarn and a size 3 (3.25 mm) needle, but I’m going to knit it with aran weight yarn and a 5 mm (US 8) needle  for a big, wintery version. I can see how it will look in my head, and I hope that the awesomeness translates into reality on the needles!