Modification Monday: Somewhat Different Textured Tunic

Original Pattern: Textured Tunic

Knitter Extraordinaire: Kiyomi (Rav id)

Mods:  Changed the textured bust detail to a vertical diamond pattern that begins at the neckline, added waist shaping, and then continued the diamond pattern on the sleeves. The sleeve are knit straighter, instead of bell shaped, and Kiyomi added a lovely button detail to the cuff. Let’s just get a closer look at the utterly perfect sleeve mod, shall we?

What Makes this Awesome: Well, I’m in love with the sleeves, hands down. But I have to admit I’ve been thinking about knitting the original pattern for about 2 years, and I kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ‘tube top’ look that the bust section has. If only I had been as inventive as Kiyomi, I could have had this sweater ages ago! I love the diamond detail, it’s so lovely and unexpected. Project page is here.

FO: Leyburn Sock

 (I meant to do a  lovely outdoor photo shoot, complete with leaves that matched the yellow socks, but the daylight just doesn’t wait for me to get out of the office, it seems! So, I give you my blue bathroom.)

Whew, this was a tough one for me!! I frogged this sock at least 4 different times, frustrated that I couldn’t get the stitch to look quite right. In the end, I decided to forge on regardless, and hope that blocking would work miracles.

You may recall that this sock is part of a very fun sock swap with Eliza, who knit the first sock, and then sent it to me with the yarn for the 2nd sock. You can’t have second sock syndrome if you don’t have to knit two identical socks!!  A brilliant idea. Until I started to fight with my sock. 

Pattern: Leyburn Socks 

Needles: 2.75 mm dpns 

Yarn: Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino  

Mods: none

Once the sock was blocked, I realized what was driving me nuts while knitting it- I wasn’t getting row gauge. Usually, I don’t care about row gauge, I’m more concerned with how wide the item turns out to be, and I add length to pretty much everything I knit, using other favourite items as sizing templates (and I swatch!) But I never gave a fig about row gauge. But you know how the knitting gods are- they never forget a slight. And they lie in wait to wreak their vengeance! The sock I knitted is on the left in the photo below:

Although if a lovely sock (albeit a very challenging knit for me) is vengeance, then I admire the knitting gods in all their wisdom. Damn cute, socks, no? Even if they are slightly different.

Modification Monday: Cozy Hoodie

Original Pattern: 109-1 Jumper with Hood

Knitter Extraordinaire: Alli (Rav id, blog)

Mods: Used the structure of the Drops hoodie pattern for the bulk of the sweater, but change the original collar and hood trim from ribbing to cables- specifically the cables from this pattern.

What Makes this Awesome: Sometimes you see a really great pattern, but you know that there are certain details that just aren’t quite right. Say, you love the shape and style of one, but prefer the details of another totally different pattern. This little slice of hoodie perfection is the perfect mash up of the structure of the Drops pattern, with the awesome cabling detail of a completely different (and un hooded) cardi. And you just can’t fight facts- hoodies are awesome. Project page is here.

And for any fellow Canucks out there, happy thanksgiving!! I’ve personally been verfed by my family, and am about to begin the journey back to Toronto in preparation for normal life after a long weekend at home. There has been plenty of knitting, stay tuned!

Modification Monday: Anais Dress

 (Doesn’t that just look like the dress inspires happiness?!)

Original Pattern: Anais and Ribbed Mini Dress

Knitter Extraordinaire:Monica (Rav id, blog)
Mods: Took the top of Anais, eliminated the sleeves, and meshed it with the waist and skirt portion of the Ribbed mini dress.

What Makes This Awesome: Let’s face it- Anais is a pretty awesome design all by itself. It looks very wearable, and when I checked out the ravelry FOs, they were all really great. but as a dress- wowza!! that’s impact. the dress is stunning, and it looks amazing on her. This is a great mash up of two very different patterns, harmoniously blended into a truly gorgeous dress. Her project page is here.

Modification Mondays: Albert

 How cute is this little guy?? Everyone, meet Albert:

Original Pattern: Elijah

Knitter Extraordinaire:
Whitney (Rav Id, blog)

Turned Elijah to adorable Elephant into Alberta, the super adorable monkey!! Project page for Albert is here, and included full details on exactly how she turned an elephant into a monkey.  Alberta even has a little i-cord tail, although the tail is not visible in the shot.

What Makes This Awesome: Are you kidding?! Monkeys make everything awesome! The very fact she turned an elephant into a monkey is pretty awesome, but her clear notes on exactly how to do it are invaluable for anyone who wants a little monkey of their own. It was so great of Whitney to share!

This monkey mod was so successful, she even made a little pink monkey named Bella. Here’s a shot of Bella at a tea party with some other friends you may recognize:

Is that not the cutest tea party you’ve ever seen?! Swoon.