Spring has SHRUG

This diamond scarf is taking longer than I expected. That being said I am only knitting it here and there and I no longer even need to keep my eyes open. What a treat this is on my commute! *edit Crap cakes. In my rush to head back downtown on Sunday evening, I left my knitting bag at my Dad’s house. No work on my scarf or skating sweater until I go back to visit. It’s probably better off because the weather in Toronto is freakish.. I don’t even think we’ll have a proper spring anymore. I think it’s going to go from blah to summer in one month. By the end of April I will have my foot in my mouth or in flip flops.

Which would be perfect, because I have a massive amount of spring things to knit. Since I last posted on Lab, I’ve fallen in love a thousand times over with new patterns.

From Rebecca Design Team:

#39 Bolero w/lace patternCheck out Kimberlolly’s is divine.

and here are the previews from Rebecca #39

love the cowl, not sure about the waist structure..need to see a closer image.
I like the halter, but I don’t know if I’d wear it.

These look so soft.. want to cuddle.

I’d like to see the deep v standing up..looks like it’s got potential.

Nothing thrills me here, I can’t wear sweater dresses.

Love the lace cover-up and long cabled tee.
I wonder if the jacket is swing shaped aka gigantic.

Love the details on the mustard bolero

If I were ever to knit a dress it would probably be this second one in.
Nice beige cardi, looks super thin and easily layered.

delicious finds from ravelry:

Lingy’s Alpine Shrug
I can’t get over how much I like this. But I know, just *KNOW it won’t look like that on me. I want those skinny mirrors in my house. I hardly ever see a head to to image of myself once I leave.. yep I’d like that warped sense of self image plsnthnx. Part of me wants to frog the skating sweater and make this. Yarndiet08 is proving harder than expected. I wonder how many ply of a thicker worsted it would take to get gauge? I wouldn’t compare this to a twinkle though. No. This has a completely different feel. Mods? I saw an amazing Club Monago Poncho/Cardi/Shrug thing that blew my lid off yesterday so I’d make the front torso piece larger and lengthen it somehow to add more of a caplet type feel.

Dream in Color Shrug by Gidgetfibbit
Love this so much. Cascade is a great sub.

Chrissylah’s Drops 95-21 Cardigan knitted in Lace Pattern

Want this. I’d button it all the way down or not at all. I don’t like things that create an arrowhead shape to my body.

That’s it for me today. I think Jules is going to post on her Demeter later too. I’m excited for that one!@ Check out these two heavy rotators in the meantime:

Pump me up:
A-TRAK: Time To Get Yummy

chill me down:
Groove Armada : At the River
This is a song for Sambo- my mate from down undAH who is back in OZ I miss you! xoxo)

new pattern : have you seen labyrinth?

I think everyone on Ravelry has a bit of a routine in terms of using the site. For me, it’s messages, friend activity, friends blogs and then a browse/scour through all the new patterns added since last visit. Today I came across a couple that really piqued me interest. The first being Labryinth from Wendy via Stitch Diva Studios

^ was knit by k&twendyShe has got mMaaAAad shaping skillZ.

as seen previously inSizzle

and saharah which I particularly liked the ones by
mollylouhoo susan and spiral.


Labyrinth’s got oodles of shaping in the bust a wide neckline and enough waist shaping to show off some curves. And, it’s like Wendy has got me down. My first thought when seeing the pattern was that I’d chop off the sleeves- well she d0ne did it already! Peep the short puff sleeve version.


this and the knit 1 blousant are looking mighty fine rightaboutnow….

Celebrity Knits & Good morning :)

Heather Mills crazy cardi.

If that’s not the ugliest thing you see today- I’m sorry for you.

*edit: I think the ugly sweater curse is back because… this isn’t that bad. In another color? hmm.. thoughts?

Here is Vanessa Hudgens cap. I like the red, it adds a bit of punch to an otherwise boring knit. What kind of guage do you think she’s got going on…3-4 sts to the inch? I bet the red was knit on afterwards, probably with some elastic to boot!

Billie Ray Burton (Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter’s son) has a rockin striped skull beanie.

It’s official – Spring has sprung

The knitting community is taking notice of this and is constantly posting/reposting these gloriously enticing patterns that make me cringe inside. It’s not nearly warm enough to be thinking about halters or tanks. Actually that’s a lie, I’ve just bought this, this and this from work.



Okay, so now that I’ve ruined my credibility in saying that it’s too early to be thinking spring.. here are those enticing patterns I was talking about. These first few are ones that deserve a second look.

Short Sleeve Blousant from Knit.1 Summer 07

This gorgeous one by Glory8

Silk Slip from Lingerie Style
Elliot Anne Spencer by Canary Sanctuary

This fantastic one is from Minabear She’s also got this great cowl sweater I’ve been lusting after.

Cabled Long Cardi from Vogue Spring/Summer 08

Chop a few inches off the waistline and the hemline, add a few more buttons perhaps..

Here is a link to the full Vogue Spring/Summer Preview -LINK-
I’m not particularly bowled over by anything, but the second one in on the “urban outfitters” is allllllriiight. Those are the front runners for me. What are you looking to make this spring/summer?

I leave you with some toonage for toe tappin:

vampire weekend – a punk, oxford comma, cape cod, kwassa kwasaa, walcott
wilco – hate it here (fav, but everything they do is awesome)
american boy – estelle & kanye
digitalism – pogo, zdarlight, pulse, kingdom remix, idealism a-trak remix,
Hot Chip -Sensual Seduction slow mix
The Rolling Stones – You can’t always get what you want Soulwax mix
Crystal Castles- not sure what the track name is but they have good beats

FO: An Orchid Branching Out (flowers and toys included)

I got a little snap happy in the studio, enjoy the photos.

Pattern: Branching Out by Susan Pierce Lawrence as seen in

Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport in Orchid
Needles: 4mm Addi Natura Circular Needles

I tweaked this one to see what it would look like in peach.

Modifications: I think I’ll add a longer chunkish fringe

Notes: This was probably the most consuming project that I’ve ever made. It wasn’t the pattern- thought it took me ages to memorize. It was the fact that as I was knitting I was forced to be fully aware of how I felt, what was going on around me and in my life. It’s extremely interesting to track how much I can knit in a single session on the commute to work. I found that I knit faster when I was upset, late or there were annoying people around me and less when I was in a good mood or had someone with me. Knitting this piece has also made me notice that I’ve been feeling sick or melancholy for the entirety of it. That’s just retarded. Well actually the weather here has been retarded and I blame a lot of my mood on that. I need more sunshine! I haven’t seen the sun in days and days. Remember that pretty snowfall Julie talked about? Now it’s half melted, mixed with city grime and over salted. Shit ain’t pretty, lemme tell ya!


Toby has a new studio and I took these shots there with some proper lighting and his D200. It was pretty rad but I had trouble uploading the photos to flickr. It was strange, the colors would change to a blander muted version. I punched up the saturation in most of them so that the stitch definition is more visible but it’s still not right. These two are the best and closest to the actual color.



The glow in the dark dunny wanted in on the action


and then I kind of..um.. got creative?




We weren’t asked to- but I cut out images to match the thoughts or whatever I had written on the other side. Makes for a nice highway divider if I do say so myself. At the time of the shoot I couldn’t find any of the 20 thousand glue sticks I own so I placed them on top of some of the extra blank tags

Then some shots of the berrocco x-press I’m using for the diamond scarf.


Alas, scarf itself was at home but it’s almost done now. Then everyone jumped in for a final group shot.


Men always have the best toys!

I should probably end this entry here but I have to show you my matching flowers.


The miniature orchids Toby gave me for Valentines day have bloomed.


I love how delicate and vibrant they are.

march orchids

I don’t know what this green mossy type plant is but it’s pretty nonetheless.


I’d say they have knocked star-gazer lillies out of second place, but are still just a hair behind blue forget-me-nots.