Wee Wednesday: Booties and a Trip to the Cottage

We recently spent a long weekend up at the cottage, for the first time since Lila was born. I think it’s safe to say she had a good time, as did we:

cottage 2013 collage

As it’s normally an 8 hour drive, we flew this time, which, while obviously more expensive, was only an hour each way and was good practice for our trip to England at the end of this month (did I mention we’re going to England? Because we’re going England. And hey, while we’re there, might as well pop over to Paris for a couple days….). The only thing I’ve noticed while reviewing these photos is that we were obviously too busy juggling the baby while on the plane to take any in-flight photos- next time, for sure.

booty shot
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style and Michell & CIA Luxury Collection Alpaca Peru
Needles: Can’t even remember. Why didn’t I fill that in on Ravelry?

Notes: I actually knitted these booties when I was still pregnant, but they were turning out huge an I figured I’d have lots of time to finish them… then promptly forgot where I put them. I recently found them again, I realized that they would fit Lila now. Just needed to be seamed, and crochet chain some shoelaces. The problem? Shoelaces and an 8 month old. I basically just put knitted baby toys on her feet. She loves them, but it’s really hard to keep them on her feet. And those busy baby feet meant that it was really hard to take a photo that didn’t result in blurry booties. The pattern- it was easy to follow, and the booties are super cute. I wish I had made these in a brighter colour, though. The beige is tough to match with her wardrobe, which features lots of bright colours (like the Sunnyside baby sweater she’s wearing). I love these, though. If I could keep her from pulling them off, they would be perfection.
booties pair

booty 5

This photo cracks me up.

Modification Monday: Be A Pizzly

Original Pattern: Camilla Pullover

Knitter Extraordinaire:
Stéphanie (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Turned the pullover into a sweater dress, upsized the yarn weight to bulky, added pockets, an shaping. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love how the yarn choice really made a huge difference in the look of this sweater dress- the bulky, fuzzy yarn makes this look so wintery and cozy, and yet still really chic. I love the added pockets, there is something extra fun and comfy about wearing a dress or skirt that has pockets, and Stéphanie kept the garter look so that they blend in great and don’t add visual bulk. It’s gorgeous!

A Trip to the Frog Pond

This photos is of how far I got with the Beloved Baby Bonnet, a pattern I’ve really wanted to knit for months. Isn’t it funny how sometimes something you’re really excited about just doesn’t work out? It’s like coveting an expensive dress in a store window, and you walk by and fantisize about how great you’d look in it, how happy and confident you’d feel. Only weeks later, when you finally decide to go try it on, it looks terrble on you and the spell is broken. That’s pretty much what happened here. I loved the bonnet so much, I thought it could do no wrong, so I ignored that it is knitted with laceweight yarn on 2mm (US 0) needles. Or that there are large chunks of moss stitch, which is a slow stitch to knit. Or that because my wee one is 8 months and I’d like it to fit the rest of the winter, I was knitting the largest size. Did I mention the laceweight, on 2mm needles? My tapestry needle is bigger than that.

I frogged it. I wasn’t even that crazy about the yarn I chose (Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, in raspberry). The fuzziness wasn’t doing anyone any favours.

If I knit this again (and I’m feeling a little crazy when it comes to this bonnet, I just might) I would go up to 3mm needles and fingering weight yarn. I’m not sure I’d keep the moss stitch, it’s a slow stitch to knit and my knitting time is at a premium, so I might do reverse stockinette, which would still have lots of texture (but I’m open to suggestions!). I need a bit of a break from it, but I’m hoping to tackle it again.

Modification Monday: Xeni

Original Pattern: Xeni

Knitter Extraordinaire: Trish (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: In order to make a smaller shawl, Trish completed the first two charts only, then knit 4 rows of garter stitch before binding off. The resulting shawl is more cresent shaped than triangular.  Project page can be found here.

What Make This Awesome: When I contacted Trish about featuring her beautiful shawl, she told me it had a lot of special memories for her, as it was purchased on her first vacation away from her family. She went with a good friend to Nova Scotia and had a wonderful time, and commemorated their trip with skeins of yarn. As Trish said in her email, “Everything about the yarn, the city, the project, the trip, will always hold a special place in my heart.” Talk about a special knit! This was modified to be a bit smaller than the original pattern, as she didn’t have quite enough yarn and wanted it to be a single skein project. I always try to pick up holiday yarn when on vacation, because whatever I knit it into, it does remind me of that trip. Trish’s shawl is a great reminder that you can totally customize your knit so that the FO is as unique as your vacation.

New Goodies! Denise 2Go Photos & Review


For my birthday (December 23rd), Guy got me this awesome Denise 2Go needle set, and I love it. It comes with 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6mm needles (that’s US 5-10), a crochet hook, 3 different length cords, 2 button ends (for turning them into straights, albeit floppy ones) and an extender (for joining cords). The best part? when it’s folded up, it fits in your hand. This is an awesome little kit, full of the sizes that I use the most, and it doesn’t get more handy and portable than this. The only thing that keeps it from being the most perfect knitting tool ever is that this is the only colour/print it came in and it is the most girly thing I’ve seen in a while (WHY would something that comes in only one colour come in gigantic pink roses and polka dots?! ), but the functionality and portability compensate.

This is the first time I’ve used Denise interchangeables, and I like the click-in mechanism, it’s easy and yet stays locked. I’d use this even just for my normal knitting, but we have some trips coming up, so this kit is definitely going to be seeing a lot of travel soon!

UPDATE** I haven’t used the othe Denise interchangeables,  but it says they can be used with other Denise interchangeables, so I imagine they are probably similar. The cables are not super flexible, but they feel sturdy, and the joins are smooth. I like the tips, they are sharp enough for me (anyone comfortable using bamboo needles will be fine with these). Addi Clicks are still a superior interchangeable system, but for the really great price and portability, these are tough to beat.