Late to the Twitter Party

Hi All! I’m more than a little late to the Twitter party, but I’ve joined in order to tweet about the knitterly goings on in my life. If you feel like checking out my tweets (wow, that sounds dirty)  my twitter button is over there on the right! Give me a few hours to get myself sorted with some decent tweets.

Crafty FO: First Needlefelted Fox


  I was lucky enough to receive a great little Woolpets needle felting kit for my birthday from my Aunt in December. I’ve been wanting to try needle felting for a while- all the little kits and animals look so adorable, plus repeatedly stabbing  a bit of roving has got to have some therapeutic qualities, right?

I think this fox turned out rather well for a first attempt, even with the slightly off kilter nose (I’ve decided to view that as a charming detail, rather than a flaw). I definitely stabbed myself accidentally a couple of times, but no big deal. Just remember- it’s not the kind of craft you can do while watching tv.

Needle Felted Fox

I love the result- and I’m dying to make more! I really recommend the wool pet kits, they came with everything you need to make about 3 foxes. I’ve only made the one so far, but I was thinking about how wonderful they would look as little Christmas ornaments, with  a ribbon loop added on top.Or maybe I’ll get more roving and make other woodland creatures. These really are addictive!

EDIT: I can’t believe I missed out on making a Fantastic Mr. Fox reference! And I even watched the film again really recently. Oh well. This little fox is pretty fantastic, but lacks the George Clooney of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Modification Monday: Myrtle Pullover

  Original Pattern: Myrtle Caridgan

Knitter Extraordinaire: Claudia (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Transformed the lovely fingering-weight cardigan pattern into a beautiful laceweight pullover. Also raised the neckline, changed the edging, and added waist shaping. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: This pullover is so beautiful. I love the intricate, delicate look it takes on in the laceweight, and it is a beautiful layering garment that totally makes me wish I had one just like it- it’s the perfect thing to throw on over a long sleeved t shirt and you instantly have a great outfit. It’s so gorgeous!

Knitting Fail

So I’d been working on the Agathe Pullover recently, and was all excited to finish it at the cottage over our 2nd wedding anniversary. When I finished the body (but not the sleeves), I tried it on, and……



Lesson learned: Face up to the reality of the schematic information. The schematic clearly shows that it’s an A-line sweater, and it clearly showed that it was going to be big on me. I thought I could just subtract 20 stitches from the cast on and all would be well. I was so, so wrong. it’s still huge around the middle, and snug across the bust.

Second lesson learned: I thought this was a boatneck, because it was tagged as a boatneck on Ravelry pattern info page. And it’s pretty believable- the photos on the project page is indeed a boatneck. However, a quick look at the schematic shows that it’s a crew neck, and further pattern reading indicates the model is wearing a sweater that is several sizes bigger than what she’d probably normally wear. Again, should’ve taken that schematic more seriously. The designer had all the accurate information out there, and I chose to imagine an alternate knitting reality.


Third lesson learned: I suck at jogless stripes. Like, really suck. I’ve read several articles, watched several tutorials, and mine look terrible. I was doing the stationary slipped stitch method. Anyone have a moron-proof jogless stripe technique?

What absolutely kills me is that I was so excited about this sweater. I love the colours, I love the yarn, and I want to love this sweater so badly. I had visions of it being the classic striped boatneck sweater, the perfect thing for me to wear regardless of trends for years to come. So I’m crushed. I haven’t frogged it yet, but I don’t know what else to do. Ripping the whole thing out and starting over is so depressing. The only other possibility I can think of is to frog to below the bust and add more room in there, and make it a slouchy, sort of oversized sweater. And, of course, make it a boatneck.


Modification Monday: Recycled Wallpaper

Original Pattern: Wallpaper Hat

Knitter Extraordinaire: Amy (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Transformed the fair isle hat pattern into a gorgeous open-front cardigan with a shawl collar.

What Makes This Awesome: She turned a hat into a cardigan. How much more awesome does it get? This isn’t the first modification of the Wallpaper hat that has been featured on this series, but I couldn’t resist another. I guess it goes to show that this hat is seriously inspiring. I love the design of this- the rounded fronts, the great fair isle design is used beautifully, and the shawl collar is a lovely touch. I’ve really been loving cardigans that are meant to be worn open, and this just takes the cake. Details on her modification can be found on the project page, here.