FO: Lelah

Pattern: Lelah

3 mm for lace, 2.5 for bust (stockinette)

Yarn: Romni Wools Angora Silk

None, other than the standard measuring and calculating that go with this pattern.

Notes: I couldn’t have picked a more perfect project for this yarn. the silk/mohair blend gives the yarn strength, softness, and good drape. And the mohair gives the white yarn a faint halo effect. So pretty! I will say this, though- wet silk is gross. and it really lengthened dramatically once wet blocked- I’d say by about 3-4 extra inches. which is fine for this type of project, but potentially not so fine for others. I love the little green velvet ribbon; it is exactly what I wanted. I was fortunate enough to pick up the notions for this during the TTC knitalong, which meant that I didn’t have to wait too long before I could finish this one up. I think I really love it!

Modification Mondays: ekt1184’s Elaine Blouse

Original Pattern:
Elaine’s Blouse by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Knitter Extraordinaire: Erin (Ravelry id: ekt1184)

Mods: mini cables down the front instead of the lace pattern.

What Makes This Awesome: When I first saw this pattern, I absolutely loved it- the old fashioned detail of buttons down the back, and the flattering shape. but I didn’t like the idea of open lace down the front, over the bust. I know I could just wear a camisole, but it still just turned me off somehow. And so I never made it. But Erin’s mod is perfect- the mini cable design that she used instead of the lace gives this blouse the kind of opaque coverage I’d want from a sweater, and the design down the front is in perfect keeping with the old fashioned feel of the design- it doesn’t feel out of place, or even look like a mod- that’s how good it looks. I want to make a sweater just like this now!

Making Up After the Break Up

Lelah ended up in the languishing wip pile because the last time I was knitting it, the bust came out too big and I knew I’d have to frog that portion and re-knit. Frogging makes me so depressed. So when I first knew that it wasn’t going to work out, I couldn’t bring myself to frog just yet. So I gave myself a breather. A nice, long, year-and-then-some breather.

But then I needed my 3 mm circulars, to which Lelah was still attached. And that’s when I saw her again, still gorgeous even after all the time apart. I frogged the bust, and just like that pesky ex you can’t quite let go of, I suddenly had forgotten why we broke up in the first place, Lelah and I. I invited her out to be my TTC Knitalong knitting, and we such a great time together. It was like we had never been apart.

And now- well, I’m head over heels for her all over again: (a blocking photo- Lelah in Repose)

I just need to sew in the elastic and add the ribbon. I’m not someone who puts off the finishing of a knit, so expect some FO shots very soon!!

Modification Mondays: rebbyruby’s summer onesie

I’ve been thinking about starting this feature for a while. There are so many great patterns and really creative knitters that make a few mods and end up with a brilliantly special, unique, or vastly improved knit. So, without further ado, here is the inaugural Modification Monday post.

Original Pattern:Summertime Tunic by Katie Himmelberg

Knitter Extraordinaire: rebbyruby (Ravelry profile)

Mods: added shorts to make the Summertime tunic a one piece playsuit/romper/onesie.

What Makes This Awesome: If this isn’t the perfect knit to wear on a hot summer day, I don’t know what is. rebbyruby knitted this gorgeous little playsuit out of 100% soy yarn, so it’s comfy and cool. this is knit from the bottom up, whic make sense for a playsuit like this- then you can try it one as you go, making sure you get the perfect fit.
I’m a bit biased because I think playsuits are fantastic and deserve to make a comeback. I love playsuits so much I dragged a friend shopping last week to more than 15 stores trying on different playsuits and I was so disappointed that none of them worked for my figure- either they were too baggy and slouchy (in all the worst areas) or they were street walker fare. I’m so happy I stumbled across this- I think it might be the solution to the perfect-fitting playsuit!!

Yarn Crawl, Toronto style- TTC Knitalong!!

When the weekend is approaching, people usually ask if you have any plans for the weekend. It’s office small talk. And I had so much fun telling people that I was going on a Yarn Crawl. No one looked that surprised that I was doing something that involved yarn, but I did have to explain the concept of a yarn crawl to a few people. I was part of the East Team A (full of fabulous people, indeed!), which made stops at:
The Naked Sheep
The Purple Purl
Lettuce Knit (where the above photo was taken)
and Romni

I knew that in the face of 5 stores worth of delicious, delicious yarn, I’d need a game plan. So, my rules and goals were:

  • no green yarn (I alread have so much green stash you’d think I’d killed Kermit the frog and all his little green friends and spun them into skeins)
  • pick up yarn for the uber popular whisper cardigan
  • get some yarn for the Tea Rose Halter
  • get a set of 6 mm circulars

And I’m pleased to report, that it all worked out: That is 887 yards of grey pima cotton, 10 skeins Paton’s DK cotton in blue, and one skein each of Tanis Fiber Arts laceweight in Chestnut and Stormy. I also got the 6mm circs I needed, A cute and kitchy needle case from recycled materials,and there was a bag of awesome swag from The Purple Purl which included a buttery soft skein of Earth Collection Mainland. And how awesome is the TTC Knitalong tote?!
Let’s have a close up of the beautiful handpainted laceweight for a second: ah, gorgeousness. One of those will be a whisper cardigan.

I should confess that I didn’t buy the Paton’s DK cotton. I was lucky enough to win it for sporting the “Fiercest Knit” on my team- I was wearing my Honeymoon Swallowtail shawl. I’m not entirely sure I deserved it, there were so many great knits in the group, but I’m very pleased to have won- espeically since I was looking for dk cotton and didn’t find what I had in mind. But when you go and win ten skeins of exactly what you need- I guess the knitting gods were sending a sign!
This is Team East A with all our yarn piled on the tables at the Rivoli:
Thanks to everyone who put the event together, and to the stores that hosted us. A good day, indeed!!