Calling the Red Berets

I’m feeling a little more confident about swapping now, so I’ve joined the Wes Anderson swap on Ravelry. Basically, I’m knitting a couple of Wes Anderson-inspired things for my swap pal. First up is a red beret, similar to the one worn by Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore:
Except I’m aiming for my beret to be a bit more flattering than the one in the movie. I’m using the Tweed Beret pattern from the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.

Since fall is pretty much here and I’ve had to face the fact that it’s only going get colder, I went to my garden and harvested a ton of mint. I washed it, and then tied up bundles with red yarn and hung them all over my apartment to dry:
Close-up of two of the bundles: I’ll have an entire winter’s supply of mint tea. And as a follow up, that wedding I went to last weekend had flowering Chinese tea as the little take-away goody that they give at weddings: I didn’t have a clear teapot, so I used my coffee bodum. Isn’t that gorgeous? Makes up for the fact that the tea had next to no flavour at all. I’ve learned to throw a green tea teabag in there for a few minutes before adding the flowering tea, to round out the experience.

Montego bay is a Casualty Killer

Montego Bay Scarf

Fleece Artist Sea Wool, from Lettuce Knits in the Straw/Ivory colorway. The photocard that it’s sitting on is from Casualty, a skate brand dreamed up by Joey G-a super cute dude from NYC. He does all his own screen printing and the original members of TEAMKNIT! are fortunate enough to have been sent some previously. I smell a bandana bandito photoshoot.

Montego Bay Scarf

Mind the color balance, I’m on stolen time at the moment. I have to run out and get a present for Victoria, a girlfriend of 20 some odd years. What does one get, for someone who means the world to you, has known you since diapers and has everything she could possibly need-and then some? Accessories?* I never seem to have enough scarves, hats, earings….hmm… Perhaps I have some time to whip her up some mice for her new cats. They are so totally adorable so I have to show you.

Victoria's kitten

This is Six, a pure bred siamese female at about 3lbs

Victoria's kitten -

I snapped a picture of her lying next to me, excited that she matched my top. Six was nonplussed.

Victoria's kitten -

Wait till I get some shots of her newest addition, A HAIRLESS SPHINX!

*kicking myself for not starting a potterybarn afghan for her. Jules- it’s ON!

So Spoiled!!

That is the lovely (and huge!) haul of goodies I received from my Knit 1 Tea 2 Swap Pal, Penny. I can’t emphasize the hugeness of this box I picked up from the post office today- and i had made the mistake of going to the library beforehand to pick up some Nigella Lawson cookbooks, so I was killing myself walking home with my big box of goodies and a bunch of heavy cookbooks. But oh, the joy of opening up the box from Penny! Here’s the full list, just to make you all jealous:
- 2 tea bag plates (holders?)
- 1 skein of Briggs and Little yarn, and 3 packets of lime kool-aid for dying
- 3 (!!!) skeins of Ovation Kid Mohair (in green, my favourite colour!)
- a box of honey sticks, a jar of raspberry jam, and a tin of cream
- a box of jasmine tea, and a box of mango peach white tea
- Anna’s ginger biscuits (I LOVE ginger!)
- hand cream and body lotion, and a vanilla candle
- two books: ‘A Passion for Tea’, and a tea shop mystery, ‘Chamomile Mourning’
- A very fascinating magazine called ‘Tea Time’ from the folks that produce the magazine Southern Lady, so I assume they really know what they are talking about- there are over 100 recipes and hostess tips! I’ll be like Jackie O or something after this.
-4 adorable hand knit cupcakes: One is vanilla with coconut icing, strawberry with strawberry icing, vanilla with chocolate icing, and a black forest cupcake with ‘leaking cherry filling’. And there are sprinkles! (bugle beads). They are so amazing!And in one of those bizarre moments of serendipity, she included a box of Vachon Ah Caramel! cookies. I was in a conversation with a coworker about these today, saying how much I loved them, and how my mom used to put them in my lunch every day when I was a kid. That good memory prompted me to email my mom to tell her how much I loved them, and she responded about how much she loved them as a kid. I haven’t seen a box of these in ages-and then today I open up my box….that’s the universe clearly telling me to eat Ah Caramel! cookies. And who am I to argue with the universe?!

It honestly felt like Christmas. Penny, I can’t thank you enough.

Lost in Translation?

I was skulking around on Susanna’s blog when she kindly posted the links to this:
It’s called Freddie’s Bolero. I love it, and would love it even more if it wasn’t a bolero at all, but a full-fledged, hip-length cardigan. I see it as a future wardrobe staple, should I actually knit it. I spent about half an hour yesterday trying to sort out how challenging it would be to decipher the pattern, which is tragically written in a language in which I have no fluency: Finnish. I left a quasi- whining comment on Susanna’s blog, and she kindly emailed me back some links for translating Finnish patterns into English. Except…..

I’m becoming buried in WIPs, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the WIP storm letting up! Oh well, I’m happy this way. I don’t churn out finished obejcts every couple of weeks, but they get finished eventually. Like my poor Central Park Hoodie, which has been sadly neglected for over two months now….. I know I’ll finish him sometime after the Baby Norgi, and fingers crossed that it’s done in time for the snowy weather.

Update: Tina left a comment saying that this sweater looks remarkably similar to Sesame from MagKnits. I wen to check it out, and it does seem very similar. I could spare myself the translation, and just make it in that lovely cream colour instead.

I have no idea why I love creamy white sweaters so much- I slop coffee and spaghetti sauce all over myself with alarming frequency.

A day of thanks.. for sleep, great friendships and lots to post about

I started a new job recently and since then I truly haven’t had two seconds to rub together. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that my hard work has made such a beautiful store. Knowing that I’m contributing to a company who has a mindset that I not only approve of, but aspire to be like. I’ve been inspired to be a better person and to cut down on trash talking. Sure it’s funny, but in a mean spirited way- not cool. Toronto’s jadedness had firmly grasped me with it’s fingers.

But speaking of fingers, I learned a new way to knit when mine get tired of the usual English style way. It’s still English, but I’m taking cues from Continental’s index finger movements and double wrap around the pinky to obtain gauge. I;m still hammering out the kinks as I tend to knit a bit tighter like this… but the result is even. I could be talking out of my ass, but I think it’s good to switch it up, possibly even prolonging carpal tunnel from creeping up. *oh the fear!*

Fear. Holy crap. I just realized Halloween is three weeks away. Jules and I should go at two big knitting needles and then get some mesh for the body between us. Nah, we’re missing out on the main element that is Halloween- the sexy costume. What are you going as? Have any ideas for Team Knit?

Knitting, oi! That’s what I really wanted to post about. It’s been so long fragments of things I’ve been building up to say are just pouring out! Forgive me! In the knitting department, Julie, my love, has been amazing with keeping you entertained. I can’t thank her enough for picking up the slack in my absence. After two years day in and day out together I can’t help but miss her terribly and wonder what mundane details I’m not hearing at all hours of the day. One thing I know however, is that we still have the uncanny mind-link sisters have. Proven, when unplanned we both decided to go to Romni’s on a whim and bumped into each other at the exact same time!! We had a little yarn date roaming up and down the aisles pausing to point out winners and losers.

so the cat ate a monet...

We called this one “So the cat ate a Monet (and then puked on my yarn)”

silky sea goodness

this the “Silky Sea Goodness”



so want this

“Impasto” (after it reminding me of a van gogh from the moma)

I have one last thing to share today, my pictures from Nuit Blanche. I had little time to see the exhibits, but I made sure to stop by the Knit Cafe who was hosting a “Pom Pom exchange”

pompomming away at Knit Cafe

Mine turned out horrible. The string was far to thin for the size of the round I was using..So in a huff, we then we went by a house, that was completely wrapped up, like a present. Standing outside was a lamp post wrapped in yarn, so of course I took a pic or two..

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

I think I’ve written enough for today, but I hope to get some time on Thursday to update you all with my second montego progress, and the Parishil hat.

till then, keep stitchin bitches.