A List to Build a Dream On

I was doing a little knit stalking on Anthropologie this morning, and came across these two lovelies from their upcoming fall collection:
Changling Cardigan: Angular Momentum Sweater: I love how Anthropologie has the zoom and back view feature on all their items- it shows a great deal of detail, and exactly how it’s all put together!The different sized wooden buttons on the changeling cardi are such a great touch, and I’m particularly in love with that Angular Momentum Sweater, but wih the knitting backlog I’ve got going on at the moment, I can’t imagine that I’ll be reverse engineering it anytime soon. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

By the way: I had to ask G how to get jpegs from videos/images that are run through a flash player, and he wrote it out for me so clearly that I had no trouble following it (and I’m not exactly the most technologically gifted individual out there). So, for anyone else who’d like to be able to do that for videos, other Anthropologie items, etc. These are the instructions:

1. Hold down the ‘Alt’ key and press the Print Screen button at the same time
2. Open Microsoft Paint and choose Edit> Paste.
3. Then use the rectangular selection tool to select the area you want (the rectangle with the dotted line),then Edit> Cut, File> New, then Edit> Paste.
4. You should now see your new image, cropped the way you’d like it.
5. You will probably need to go to Image> Attributes to muck about with the sizing- for that site I found that a width of 300 pixels and a height of 400 pixels gave a nice size of white border.
6. Then just go File> New and Paste the image again.
7. File> Save As, change file type to .jpg.

You may not know this about me (although the above steps should help give a clue), but I’m a total list person. I was completely inspired when I saw Steph’s List of 101 Things in 1001 Days on her blog. I love the concept of this. Time passes by no matter what, so you might as well be doing something with your time that makes you feel as though you’re really living the kind of life you want to lead. Not to mention that setting attainable goals and plodding towards them in a realistic timeframe is pretty much the only way anything ever gets accomplished… and did I mention I love lists?

So, here’s my list:
Date Started- July 10, 2008
End Date: April 7, 2011

In the Kitchen
1. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch
2. Learn how to making icing flowers that I’m happy with.
3. Find and perfect a great bread recipe for a standard loaf (i.e. sliced bread), and make regularly
4. Learn to make pad thai at home, just the way I like it.
5. Learn to properly decorate a cake.
6. Bake cookies for every branch of my family.
7. Make jam.
8. Try a new recipe once a month.
9. Try making my own sushi
10. Find 5 appetizing and healthy brown-bag options for myself
11. Cook dinner for my parents at least twice.
12. Go one month without eating take away or in a restaurant
13. Find my go-to peanut butter cookie recipe.
14. Use my crock pot 10 times (0/10)
15. Bake 5 kinds of cakes that I’ve never made before (0/5)
16. Join one of those organic box a week programs.

Personal Development
17. Make eye contact and give the other person my attention when they are speaking. Particularly to cashiers when I’m in checkout lines.
18. Learn to use Photoshop.
19. Take 2 classes of some kind (pottery? Indian cooking? Pole dancing? Something, anything)
20. Commit to self portrait Sundays, and actually do them until I feel comfortable having my picture taken
21. Download some French podcasts onto my iPod, and make an effort to re-learn my seriously rusty French
22. Paint a painting that I’m happy with, or sketch something I like enough to frame.
23. Learn how to use the features on my camera
24. Practice drawing something everyday for a month.
25. Buy a pair of red high heels. Never wear them with anything red.
26. Find a new artist (new to me, I mean) whose work I love

Reading and Writing
27. Begin and maintain a regular writing schedule (hammering out a couple of pages every three weeks doesn’t count)
28. Complete 3 manuscripts.
29. Submit each manuscript to three different literary agents or publishing houses
30. Submit to a literary journal 4 times a year.
31. Re-read all of Virginia Woolf’s novels and short stories.
32. Participate in NaNoWriMo
33. Spend more time creating thoughtful and useful blog posts.
34. Read all of the Brother’s Grimm fairytales.
35. Blog every day for a month.
36. Go to one poetry reading a month.
37. Write 10 short stories.

Knitting and Craft
38. Learn to crochet
39. Sew an article of clothing.
40. Reduce yarn stash to two drawers and trunk only (currently a fiasco that threatens to overrun my bedroom)
41. Go to a wool/fibre festival
42. Create 2 original knitting patterns
43. Knit a stockpile of baby stuff, so when people have little ones, they are ready to give as gifts
44. Learn the magic loop technique
45. Knit my friend Paul a Fisherman’s Gansey.
46. Participate in three swaps (0/3)
47. Finish fixing the Legacy Sweater for mom.
48. Organize knitting patterns and books
49. Become a regular at a Stitch n Bitch.
50. Try a new craft that I’ve never done before.
51. Crochet five things that are not dishcloths (0/5)

52. Begin and maintain a regular fitness programme (doing pilates once every three weeks does not count)
53. Do yoga every day for two weeks.
54. Take up jogging and see if I like it.
55. Spend an entire day hiking (basically, in the bush for at least 8 hours).
56. Work on my golf swing
57. Do pilates every day for a month.
58. Learn to rollerblade.

59. Visit 2 countries that I haven’t been to before
60. Visit NYC.
61. Take a last-minute holiday.

62. Create a budget and stick to it
63. Pay off my credit card, and stop carrying a balance on it
64. Organize my tax paperwork, properly, so doing my return isn’t a paper hunt every spring. This includes keeping track of prescription receipts.
65. Put $5 aside once a week to save up for something special (TBD- trip?)
66. Track and add up how much I spend on eating in restaurants a month and then be properly horrified at the $$.
67. Create a better game plan for my RRSP.
68. Research the housing market, and begin the planning stages of buying a condo
69. Review current banking fees, and compare with other banks to see if better rates/services are available.
70. For every uncompleted task on this list, donate $10 to a charity (charity TBD, but no doubt something animal related)

Life in General

71. Build a snowman
72. Kiss my boyfriend passionately every day
73. At least once a week, call a friend I don’t see regularly, just to catch up
74. Dry clean my wedding dress/veil (I got divorced in 2006, that’s how long I’ve been putting that off)
75. Decide what to do with wedding dress/ veil (sell it? Give it away? It seems weird to hang on to it)
76. Take 3 bubble baths with a book and a glass of wine/mug of tea
77. Print photos, arrange in photo albums (because if my hardrive crashed, the only photos I would have would be the ones on Facebook and flickr!)
78. Host a clothing swap
79. Declutter- throw something out (trash or recycling bin) every day for a month.
80. Try out five independent cafes in Toronto that I haven’t been to before
81. Go to the zoo.
82. Make a light box for taking photos.
83. Start using the green bin more regularly.
84. Send Christmas Cards.
85. Get some sort of music set up for the bedroom( probably an iHome)
86. Take my little brother for the day at least every 6 weeks.
87. Get some lavender to protect sweaters from moths.
88. Go to bed at 10:30 p.m.(with the light’s out!) every night for a week.
89. Wear a true red lipstick 3 times (I never wear lipstick, much less red) (0/3)
90. Grow basil. Again.
91. Reconnect with an old friend that I regret losing touch with.
92. Do something wonderful/fun/really meaningful for my 30th birthday
93. Do something really special for G.
94. Try ten new cocktails that I’ve never had before. (0/10)
95. Go to Shakespeare in the Park (Why have I never done this before?!)
96. Private* (0/5)
97. Get a cat
98. Phase-out all the non-biodegradable cleaning products in my home.
99. Host some kind of party.
100. Build something with my little brother.
101. Email a friend, every day. Just to keep in touch.

I can’t even imagine my life in April 2011, but if I’ve crossed off even 75 things from this list, I’m sure I’ll be pretty happy. And just because this post is a little text heavy, here’s a closing shot of the Canada Day Fireworks we had on July 1st:

Knitting Giant is Nearing a New FO…..

I came across this print in one of the design blogs I stalk today….
It’s called Yarn Love Affair, and it’s available for $15 here.

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Toronto, and the guy and I went to the beach to read and knit. I did that very typical thing women do when they don’t want strap tan- I slipped them off. But basically my guy took this as an invitation to take some fairly pervy boob photos of me. This is one of the more tame ones that I found sort of funny: The perspective of the couple on the rocks in the distance makes me chuckle- I’m a knitting giant!!

And why yes, that is the second Jules sock in my hands. An FO post will be coming very soon, but it won’t be the socks- I’m buttons away from finishing the Eyelet Ribbed Bandeau (Interweave Knits, Spring 2007)… I can’t wait!

WIP Roundup

Somehow, even though I was sure I was on a quest for project fidelity, I ended up working on three WIPS simultaneously. First up. we have Jules:Almost done the first sock, I just need to do the toe decreases. And the second sock, of course! I’m not worried- I don’t suffer from second sock syndrome. To be honest, I don’t quite get it- I hardly ever hear of anyone suffering from second sleeve syndrome, and it’s basically the same thing.

Then we have The Eyelet Ribbed Bandeau (ravelry link). This should have been finished ages ago, but when on the final button band, I misplaced the magazine with the pattern for a full three weeks. And after the first week of the pattern being MIA, I decided to cast on for…..Lelah. Because apparently I cannot have enough white, hand-knit tube tops.

I’m noticing that I really slacked off over the Sunday Self Portraits, and for those of you who found them interesting, I’m sorry! I will get back to them soon. In the meantime, here are some choclate raspberry cupcakes that I hope make up for it: the chocolate buttercream icing was made up on the fly at about 6:30 this morning, and turned out less than perfect in looks, but top notch in taste. Yum!

Those funny looking muffin wrappers? Those are my new silicone muffin cups, and I can’t say enough great things about them. They baking perfectly, slide off the cupcake with ease (no losing cupcake stumps to clingy paper wrappers!), and are washable and reusable. I love them!

Sweet Striped Halter

I might as well say it, I’m a sucker for fashion magazines. I don’t think a day goes by when I haven’t flipped through one. Today it just so happened to be in line at shoppers drug mart and with InStyle. I love the bulk of that magazine, nice and solid. 4 pages in I see this:

Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft

Striped Halter Sweater
Was: $39.00
Now: $24.99

I was lost at first glance. Suddenly, I was looking out onto an ocean cove where my lover is on the beach. The wind carries the scent of spice, salt and citrus. I can see my buff (and shirtless) Matteo wannabe and he’s waving to me from behind a giant grill filled with fish that, naturally, he has speared himself. “Shoppers Optimum Card? Miss, do you have a Shoppers Card?” Aaaaaaand we’re back in line. Not on a yacht, not wearing this magnificent halter but in front of a man who needs a shower in the worst way.

But the knit! It’s hard not to like this one, mmm?

It comes in two colors

Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft

Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft

And the stripes! The stripes I welcome in earnest. I’m digging the casual nautical vibe and at $24 it’s a steal! Other than the fitted waist, it’s a lot like the Berroco Lippit one you might know.

What would it take… more waist definition and stripes? Finer gauge and a thicker ribbed band? Thoughts?

Marc Jacobs & V. Beck take on the G. Square


It was very hard to ignore these ads due to the fact that

a) She looks like a total nutter

b) Forget-me-nots are my all time favorite flower




So maybe they’re not actually granny squares. But it’s fun to think that he may have been inspired by one of crochets simplest and most recognizable forms.

Some real forget-me-nots from the last brunch in the beaches.

forget me not

forget me not

You know what else is amazing? These right here.


I picked up as many as I could graciously manage and then a few more last fall visiting Kevin at Toronto’s interior design show. I pretended to be “Tiffany Rose” who had left the porn industry in hopes of making it as an interior decorator. (Kidding!) Tiffany is actually a co-worker of Kevin’s and I thank her for letting me play designer.

I can’t wait to plant them on our new rooftop patio :D

In other celeb worthy news, Kate Bosworth takes on the grey cardi.

kate bosworth chloe

I’ve been informed by other bloggers that the dress on the left is from H&M.

Then she went head-to-toe Chloe. Purse, bag, dress, shoes, glasses-everything Chloe. I’m not a fan of this knit. Usually I love ugly chunky knits but this doesn’t do it for me.

kate bosworth chloe

Lets dissect. Simple garder, or more of a prime rib/brioche combo for the texture around the arms and waist/chest? The seaming is horrendous. I’d shoot myself if I seamed that badly. Designer-schminer IMO.

Silver streak from Veronik Avery is much more sophist than this.
In particular, I like Sarastus’. I just adore that she shortened the length significantly. Check it out!