20 kg (44 pounds) of Flour

Our local grocery store had an amazing sale on all-purpose flour recently, and G graciously went to the store to get flour for me (since I complain if I have to carry anything heavy for more than 3 minutes).

But we had a slight miscommunication on the quantity of flour to get. And my wonderful husband came home with 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of flour.

My darlings, this is a lot of flour for a household of two people.Those two bags are stacked in front of the washing machine. Note how you can no longer see the washing machine.

Which makes me wonder… did he do it on purpose?

You know, I think he did.

clockwise from top left: wheat bran bread, peanut butter cookies, earl grey shortbread cookies, vegan chocolate layer cake, the vegan chocolate layer cake before it was sliced, cinnamon swirl wheat bran bread.

I’ve been on a huge bread baking kick since this flour showed up. I have baked bread before, but only recently found the perfect loaf that meets all my needs- the wheat bran recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. They have a website with some recipes, (although sadly not this one) and honestly I can’t recommend the book enough. It lays out their system for making fresh bread easily with very little hands-on work. It’s brilliant. I haven’t had any failures, and the bread is AMAZING- full of flavour, great texture. I’m never going back to store bought bread again!!

I also recently experimented with a Creme de Cassis sugar cookie. I started off with the Martha Stewart recipe, but made the cookies thicker, for better texture. The recipe is the same, but my dough technique is below, if anyone wants to try it out:

I loved these cookies, and so did everyone else who ate them. You can’t taste the crème de cassis really, but it gives these cookies a little something, a je ne sai quoi.

After all of the above (and there have been several more plain bread loaves that never got photographed), I’m still not even 2/3 through one of the bags…. which makes G so, so happy. He knows there’s plenty more fresh baked goodness to come.

Modification Monday: Harriet

Original Pattern: Harriet

Knitter Extraordinaire: Elspeth (Rav id, Blog)

Mods: Oh So Many! Elspeth turned the Harriet cardigan into a pullover knit in the round. She added waist shaping, changed the neckline to a flattering scoop neck, eliminated the first 5 inches of the original pattern, and adjusted the gauge. For even more details on her mods (and there are plenty more!) see her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: It’s hard to believe that this mod and the original are even related!Elspeth took the elements of the original that she liked the best- the diamond pattern and the garter edging- and used it as the foundation for a highly personalized take on the pattern, that suits her to a T. The resulting pullover is modern, very wearable, and oh so gorgeous. Just look at the amazing sleeve detail:

Just stunning. Man, now I want one…..

Yarny Projects

I get the rss feed for Craftzine, and this week there has been a rash of yarn projects!

Check out the Yarn Cubbies here:

And a very cool idea for yarn wall art can be found here:

And they also posted a link to this fabulous etsy shop:

 She also sells project bags bearing the same logo- I’m sold, I’ve got to get one!!

All Yarn-related craft projects they have listed can be found here. Enjoy!!

Modification Mondays: Purl Bee Treeline Striped Cardigan

Original Pattern: Treeline Striped Cardigan

Knitter Extraordinaire: Anna (Rav Id, Blog)

Mods: Anna had been using grey sock yarn held double, but started to run out as she got  near the armholes. So she started blending in a  darker charcoal yarn for the stripe instead. She also used the charcoal yarn for the sleeves. She changed the button band, by eliminating the edging and  adding more short rows, to make the collar stand up a bit more, and be closer to the neck.

What Makes This Awesome: The subtle changes from the medium grey to the charcoal line in the stripes turned out amazingly well. Hard to believe it was a yarn crisis that prompted the change, it looks so deliberate! Also, the edging and collar just work. It gives the sweater a real classic, boyfriend-sweater styling that looks so flattering. I love this mod!

oh, and p.s.- How pretty are those buttons?!

FO: Twenty Ten Cardi

Pattern: Twenty Ten Cardigan

Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena in Peat

 Needles: 5 mm/ US 8 circulars

Mods: increased 4 stitches extra for the bust, added extra button holes, shortened sleeves by 2 rows (due to a deep, ongoing fear that I would run out of yarn with only a few rows left to do).

Notes: You know how sometimes the knit you’re working on turns out to be your kryptonite? This was my kryptonite- it took me waaaaay long to knit than I ever thought it would. After all, bulky yarn, short sleeves- it should have been a breeze! But I had some trouble with this, most noteably because I accidentally didn’t buy enough yarn and had to order 1 more skein, and then wait for said yarn to arrive. There is also the fact that there is a lot going on- the increases and decreases to create the diagonal front, as well as the button holes. I had to rip back a few times to sort out problems that arose from me losing count of buttonhole rows.

But the final result- ah, the wonderful final result. This sweater is perfect over a long sleeved tee, just the thing to keep me warm. I love it, this was totally worth my little struggle. And G loves this sweater- every time I wear it, he raves about it. And I love wearing it- it feels comfortable, a sweater to play in.

I haven’t become a redhead and the sweater is not a rust colour- it’s a lovely earthy brown. G took these photos at at that magic hour just before sunset, when the light is so golden and incredible. It was also wonderfully warm- a great day to be coatless and in this fantastic sweater. And I love the buttons- they remind me of 2 ply yarn.