Design in Progress

I’m working on a new design, which isn’t quite top secret, so I thought I’d blog about it a bit! It’s another summery tank, and I’m hoping to have it completed and ready for launch early July. This is the teaser photo I’ll leave you with:

Purple Tank 2

 I can’t say enough great things about this Silver Label Tanis Fiber Arts 100% mulberry silk yarn. Okay, it’s not super cheap, but it feels like absolute heaven. I’d probably be finished this already if I didn’t take so many breaks to stop and squish the knitted fabric, and rub it against my cheek. And even G was touching it and exclaiming, ‘what’s this made of? It’s amazing!’ It’s just incredible.

Modification Monday: Corrie Fair Isle Mitts

Original Pattern: Corrie Fair Isle Vest

Knitter Extraordinaire: Caroline (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Took the colourwork chart from the vest pattern and made fair isle fingerless mitts instead. Details, including a great chart for the thumb gusset, can be found on her project page here.

What Makes This Awesome: Caroline is back on Mod Mondays with another gorgeous take on turning a big colourwork project into a smaller one. I’m so impressed are how well she scaled down the pattern, and the thumb gusset in the pattern is fantastic. Smaller colourwork projects are a great way to try out fair isle without the commitment of a huge project. And I love stranded mitts! They are beautiful.

New Pattern: Pink Grapefruit Cowl and Mitts

My latest pattern is now live!

The Pink Grapefruit Cowl and Mitts were created for the Tanis Fiber Arts year in Colour Club, which sends out an exclusive pattern and a custom-dyed colourway to each of the club’s members every second month.  This means that for those of you not a member, this is a horribly teasing post about a pattern that is not available just yet! This pattern will remain exclusive to the TFA Year in Colour Club until next year. But don’t despair! You can still purchase a membership to the club at any time, and you’ll be sent all the yarns and previous patterns up to the current month.
Pink Grapefruit Cowl and Mitts

And if you are willing to wait, I will be selling the pattern (both the mitts and the cowl/scarf are included in the pattern) next year. 

Modification Monday: Bellevue Cardigan

Original Pattern: Bellevue Cardigan (fingering weight)

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jane (blog, Ravelry ID)

Mods: Adjusted the length of the sleeves to make them much longer, while keeping the lace pattern. Details on how she did this are on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m amazed at how changing one thing can change the look of a garment so much. I don’t like short sleeved cardigans(the exception being capped sleeves) , but lengthening sleeves that have a lace detail in them can be a lot more challenging than just knitting a bit more length in the middle. Jane did a fantastic job lengthening with the lace, and the cardigan looks more chic and modern for it. Beautiful result!