A Very Special Announcement

Whew! The move has been a lot of work, and has led to G and I having lots of conversations about where to put things, configure the furniture, buying new furniture, etc. So many decisions!

I thought since I had some big news to share, it would be nice to share it on a video. The new place is totally not unpacked, so trust me- I’ll get some better backgrounds soon. In the mean time:

Sorry to end it with such an obvious boob shot, I’ll learn to walk around the camera next time.

Modification Monday: Julie’s Chapeau

Original Pattern: Marigold

Knitter Extraordinaire: Eliza (Ravelry Id, Blog)

Mods: Knitted the brim flat, added short rows at the crown to help with the slouchy fit,  added a functioning button hole and button, increased stitches for a slouchy fit. For all the great details on this mod,  check out her project page here.

What Makes This Awesome: Sooo…. you may have noticed that the Julie in Julie’s Chapeau is totally me. When I visited Eliza in Chicago a couple months ago, she very generously knitted me this gorgeous hat while we were hanging out over the weekend. I actually attempted to make one just like Eliza’s (her mod is so successful, if you go to the projects page you’ll see there are a few that decided to copy the mod as well), and it is technically on the needles somewhere in a cardboard box right now, but now that I have this gorgeous hat, it’s the one I wear every day now that the weather is chilly. I absolutely love it- it’s an awesome mod, and a perfect chapeau indeed. Thank so much, Eliza!!


Modification Monday: Garden Variety Fairy

Original Pattern: Sally, the Eco Fairy

Knitter Extraordinaire: Tau (Ravelry Id)

Mods: Eliminated the wings and made the ears bigger for a more elvish fairy; created a customized knitted wardrobe which includes knitted underpants (!!), a beautiful lacy dress, galoshes, and a capelet.

What Makes This Awesome: As soon as I saw this, I went completely bananas. I think this is the most darling knitted toy I’ve ever seen- I love this little garden fairy. Have you see the underpants? Too cute! Promise me you’ll go and check out all the amazing, detailed photos on the project page– it’s totally worth it. The detail of the hair is incredible, and there is not a single detail of this mod I would change.


The Big Move!

 Why yes, I do still have a classic Nintendo….

We’re almost done packing everything up, sorry it’s been so quiet lately- packing has taken up so much time! I also had a work conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland recently, which was busy-busy (and totally squashed my earlier ambitions to go to Rhinebeck this year). But I did see a seal!


 This friendly seal apparently gets fed by the locals, hence her being so tame for this close shot….

I’ve also been working on a new design, but it’s been slow going. I think I’ll need to churn out a quick little knit just to feel like my knitting mojo is still in the pink. Mod Monday will go ahead as regularly scheduled (and it’s a knockout) but I can’t wait to get some updated photos and show you guys the new place! I hope the kitties and the hedgie adjust well to the move… moving can be so hard on furry (and prickly) friends.

Modification Monday: Cherry Basket Picovoli

Eek! Got my dates screwed up for scheduled posting, and accidentally posted this on Sunday. Some lucky people got a sneak preview!

Original Pattern: Picovoli

Knitter Extraordinaire: Heidi (Ravelry ID)

Mods:  Added the ‘cherry basket’ lace and bobble stitch pattern to the yoke of the original picovoli tee pattern, and added a bobble rib hem. Details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: When you have a great simple design, there are absolutely no limits to the varieties of add on or changes you can make- it’s like a perfect, blank canvas.  I love the cherry basket stitch pattern, it’s so amazing to see an interesting stitch like this incorporated into such a lovely, wearable tee. This looks like such an awesome summer knit!