Modification Mondays: gurmanfravor’s Sunny Day Hat

Original Pattern: Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves and Three Tams

Knitter Extraordinaire: gurmanfravor

Mods: Took the construction for the hat from Three Tams, and added the cheerful and bright colourwork from the fingerless gloves. (details on her Ravelry project page)

What Makes this Awesome: I’m particularly impressed with this fabulous mash up- two great patterns combined into one! And who doesn’t need a shot of cheery colours and a remind that spring will come back eventually? I love this hat. I especially love the sun on the crown of the tam! And I’m willing to bet that the stranded colourwork helps make the hat extra warm. Great job!

Modification Mondays: Shetland Not-So-Shorty

Original Pattern: Shetland Shorty

Knitter Extraordinaire: Shannon (rav id: ShannonAnn )

Mods: turned this popular bolero into a fabulous vest

What Makes This Awesome: I love the little Shetland Shorty Bolero, but seeing Shannon’s fabulous modification, I’m just in awe- she stayed in keeping with the pattern of the garter tie band by knitting the body in the round with the garter stitch (details on her ravelry project page). That’s the best part of a mod like this- it’s so simple, yet completely changes the entire look and feel of the pattern. Result? A truly fabulous knit. And can I just say how much I love her yarn and colour choice? Gorgeous!! This one has been in my queue for ages, but I just haven’t got around to knitting it yet (ahem, like so many things in my 100+ queue…).

FO: Lelah

Pattern: Lelah

3 mm for lace, 2.5 for bust (stockinette)

Yarn: Romni Wools Angora Silk

None, other than the standard measuring and calculating that go with this pattern.

Notes: I couldn’t have picked a more perfect project for this yarn. the silk/mohair blend gives the yarn strength, softness, and good drape. And the mohair gives the white yarn a faint halo effect. So pretty! I will say this, though- wet silk is gross. and it really lengthened dramatically once wet blocked- I’d say by about 3-4 extra inches. which is fine for this type of project, but potentially not so fine for others. I love the little green velvet ribbon; it is exactly what I wanted. I was fortunate enough to pick up the notions for this during the TTC knitalong, which meant that I didn’t have to wait too long before I could finish this one up. I think I really love it!

Modification Mondays: ekt1184’s Elaine Blouse

Original Pattern:
Elaine’s Blouse by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Knitter Extraordinaire: Erin (Ravelry id: ekt1184)

Mods: mini cables down the front instead of the lace pattern.

What Makes This Awesome: When I first saw this pattern, I absolutely loved it- the old fashioned detail of buttons down the back, and the flattering shape. but I didn’t like the idea of open lace down the front, over the bust. I know I could just wear a camisole, but it still just turned me off somehow. And so I never made it. But Erin’s mod is perfect- the mini cable design that she used instead of the lace gives this blouse the kind of opaque coverage I’d want from a sweater, and the design down the front is in perfect keeping with the old fashioned feel of the design- it doesn’t feel out of place, or even look like a mod- that’s how good it looks. I want to make a sweater just like this now!

Making Up After the Break Up

Lelah ended up in the languishing wip pile because the last time I was knitting it, the bust came out too big and I knew I’d have to frog that portion and re-knit. Frogging makes me so depressed. So when I first knew that it wasn’t going to work out, I couldn’t bring myself to frog just yet. So I gave myself a breather. A nice, long, year-and-then-some breather.

But then I needed my 3 mm circulars, to which Lelah was still attached. And that’s when I saw her again, still gorgeous even after all the time apart. I frogged the bust, and just like that pesky ex you can’t quite let go of, I suddenly had forgotten why we broke up in the first place, Lelah and I. I invited her out to be my TTC Knitalong knitting, and we such a great time together. It was like we had never been apart.

And now- well, I’m head over heels for her all over again: (a blocking photo- Lelah in Repose)

I just need to sew in the elastic and add the ribbon. I’m not someone who puts off the finishing of a knit, so expect some FO shots very soon!!