Modification Monday: Simple Navy Top

Original Pattern: Girly Top

Knitter Extraordinaire: rililie (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Changed the gauge, altered the waist shaping, changed the neck edging, added long sleeves with lace details. Project page can be found here

What Makes This Awesome: The sleeves, the sleeves! I don’t think it ever occured to me before seeing this that a simple sweater should be modified to have great sleeve detail like this. Keeping the lace situated on the lower part of the sleeve is definitely more chic than full lace sleeves, and the neckline is perfect- every detail of this sweater is perfectly balanced. I’d love to have this sweater in my wardrobe!.

A Visit to the Mothership

Lila and I went for a short visit to Montreal to visit Tanis and Chris. It was a great visit, and went by much too quickly- TFA Headquarters is a lot of fun! For starters, there are fresh cappucinos on site:

The fall colours were lovely in Montreal, and the weather was stunning. Tanis and Chris were testing out this whole baby business with Lila (who is pulling a weird face in this photo):

  And of course, the great food:

 But let’s face it- going to the mothership meant ogling So. Much. Yarn.

  Look at all that single ply cashmere silk drying on racks. Just rows upon rows of yarn. This sort of thing makes me weak in the knees, the way being around mountains of spices make chefs excited to get cooking, the way gigantic waves make a surfer want to paddle out to them. If it wouldn’t leave such a tangled mess, I’d love to jump into a cushy pile of yarn like this!

Modification Monday: Boreal Wannabe

Original Pattern: Boreal

Knitter Extraordinaire: Momo (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed sweater length, fit, neckline, added a pocket and altered the chart for length. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome:  This mod is a trifecta of modified awesomeness- fit, neckline, and added detail (that pocket!). The sleeker fit is especially chic with the tunic length, and the garter stitch cowl neck is wonderfully cozy for the cold weather. Changing the chart so that it ended higher up the body is also quite flattering. Momo often modifies her knits and there are many on her project page to choose from, but I particularly liked this tunic, which seemed modified in a way that made it feel more classic and timeless. And how cute is her little one peeking out from under her arm in the top photo?!

Wee Wednesday: The Cold Weather Cometh

hiking 3

Going up north to Sudbury for Thanksgiving was a chilly wake up call- it was way colder there than in Toronto! There has been a few bouts of early frost, so sadly a lot of leaves were already off the trees, which is completely the opposite of Thanksgiving last year, when it was a riot of stunning colour and so warm you could hike in a t shirt. Here is Lila all bundled up for the drive out:

knit parade

She is wearing: A bonnet and mitts I made for her, a baby sophisticate made by Erica, and tucked under a rainbow blanket made by me. She is also wearing a Ghostbusters onesie. Because she ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Every year when we do the hike, Guy and I have had our photo taken in the same place. This year, we had a family photo:
family shot

And of course, got some photos of Lila’s new bonnet, which I absolutely adore. It was a very quick knit (I knit it in an evening), and I made some matching mitts as well. I absolutely love this on her- the colour, the style, it’s perfection.
bonnet hike collage

The baby carrier is this one if you are curious.

We did gritty, obvious cell phone snaps in the weeks before the hike. If I leave it untied, she has a tendency to pull it so the whole thing covers her face, and then she flails her arms about. It’s hilarious. bonnet collage

Modification Monday: Homestead Rucksack

Original Pattern: Homestead

Knitter Extraordinaire: Cassidy (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Transformed the original sweater design into a backback, using the charts as a starting point. Two panel construction with garter strip to connect and picked up ribbing with holes for the drawstring. Project page with more details can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: This is an incredibly imaginative modification, as it really is only using the charts for inspiration on the panels, and otherwise inventing the rest of the construction. The garter strip that connects the front and back is perfectly done in the two colours, and the ribbing and straps look perfectly at home with this design. Cassidy is actually working on the pattern for the backpack, which I really look forward to! I’d love to be going back to school with such an amazing bag like this.