Modification Monday: Petal Halter

Original Pattern: Petal Halter

Knitter Extraordinaire: Marina (Rav id)

Mods: Aside from the lovely colour shift on the petals, she changed the neckline completely into a v-necked top, and added short sleeves using the same petal construction as the body. Details on the mods and instructions for knitting the sleeves are on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love the graded colours from light to dark on this top, the shades she chose are absolutely perfect in relation to each other. And then there is the neckline! The sleeves!! When I first saw the pattern, I thought it was really interestingly constructed, but I wasn’t sold on the neckline. This mod is the perfect solution.  I love that the sleeves are the same tiered construction as the body of the pullover, it’s a great detail that really makes this top look really well designed and balanced. A great mod, for sure!

FO: Nativity Camel, and a bit of a Whinge

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been feeling… boring. Not bored (after all, I knit, so I’m never bored), but actually boring. I feel like when people ask what’s new with me, I don’t have anything to report- I’m making apple butter, I’m knitting something, and I go to work Monday through Friday, and take it easy on the weekend. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I used to think that as long as someone was interested in things and the world around them, they would be interesting naturally. But lately I’ve been feeling like maybe I’m not actively engaging the world enough- I’ve settled into the delightful coziness of married life, and I find that now I have a bunch of TV shows I regularly watch, which is great for knitting, and I’m reading lots of books…. but where is the zing? Where are the heady adventures of big city living when you’re child-free, mortgage-free, and wanting to live it up until the mortgage and children come along??  I’ll admit that part of the reason I feel this way is because I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, and then shortly after that, the new year ticks over into a brand new decade… I guess I feel like taking stock. And although I am very lucky in lots of ways, and really happy with my family, friends, and husband, I feel like I’m the one who is lacking. I’m craving adventure, new experiences, getting out there and doing… something. I just wish I knew what.

Anyways.  Oh look, I knitted a camel:

 (I’m sorry for the yellowy photos, my living room is pretty dark with the exception of a couple incandescent light bulbs- hence the yellow glow!)

I agreed to knit a couple of animals for my father in law’s knitted nativity (which is in his church in Flax Burton, UK), and then didn’t give myself enough time to start on them, and figured I could bang out a couple of knitted animals in no time (oh who was I fooling?? Camels are complicated!!). So, I’ll only be sending this little guy over to the UK this season, and maybe a donkey to follow next year. I heavily improvised a pattern to create a camel about 9″ in height, which I hope works out well for the rest of the nativity (which I’ve never seen!). Fingers crossed! Here he is having some adventures around the apartment, while I tried to get a couple of good shots:

For all my fear that he would look deformed, he’s actually pretty cute.
I’m pretty pleased, all things considered. I maybe wish he were a bit
taller, but let’s not tell him that. Wouldn’t want to give the camel a

Modification Mondays: Razor Pullover

Original Pattern:Razor Cami


Knitter Extraordinaire: Anna (Rav Id, Blog

Mods: Turned this popular camisole pattern into a long sleeved tunic-style pullover. And how perfect is that little black stripe? I love the bit of contrast and interest it provides. You can duplicate her efforts by following the details on her project page, which is here.

 What Makes this Awesome: I’ll admit that while I have some knitted tank tops (and tube tops) in my wardrobe, I don’t wear them nearly as often as I wear things with sleeves. This is a brilliant way to take a great pattern and adapt it to what you’ll actually wear more often. I love the effortless, just-throw-it-on look of this sweater, and a lacy pullover is a fantastic layering piece that can be worn through a lot of seasons, depending on the fibre content and what you layer underneath.I love how pretty this looks!

FO: Ultra Popular Mittens

 Pattern: Bella’s Mittens

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, “dove heather”

Needles: 5 mm dpns

Mods: I eliminated two sets of decreases from the cuff, after reading that others found them a bit too snug.

Notes:There is something a little strange about blogging on a project that has been done many, many times before. I studied these mittens for months before knitting them, checked out other people’s FOs, the many takes on the textured palm that is more in keeping with the original mitts in the Twilight film, etc. 

Cabled mittens are without a doubt (along with colourwork and thrummed mitts), part of the holy triage of knitted mitten goodness. Subsequently, these mittens are awesome.

  But I’m going to take a moment to talk about the practicality of long mitts- they are not for someone who takes their mittens off multiple times on their commute to work. I probably take off and put on my mittens about 3 times on my way to work, and I do the same thing on the way home. I know that’s a lot of mitten manipulation, but I need to get my metro pass out, show it twice, read my book or knit on the subway, etc. And then repeat all that on the way home. The long mitten needs to be tucked into the coat sleeve, which I can’t do unless I put them on BEFORE I put my coat on. If I take the mitten off once I’m outside, I can’t quite stuff the long cuff back into my sleeve, it bunches, I get cranky, etc. So, my advice is this- either a shorter cuff to make them more ‘normal’ length, or make the cuff wider and more gauntlet style to pull over your coat sleeve. Or maybe you’re totally fine, and I’m the only mitten retard out there.

Never in my life have I thought about mittens in this much detail before. You’ve got to love the knits that teach you something, right? They would be perfect for putting on once and frolicking about, though!

Modification Monday: Apple Leaf Lace Scarf

Original Pattern: Scroll Lace Scarf

Knitter Extraordinaire: Hinke (Rav Id)

Mods: Using the Scroll Lace Scarf and the Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf  as a starting point, Hinke created this stunning shawl, which was intended as a stash-busting project. She intentionally made it a bit smaller than the pattern, and instead of the lace trim from the Scroll Lace Scarf, she used  apple leaf lace.

What Makes This Awesome: Stash busting scarves are always a win, especially when they are as elegant and timeless as this one. I love the simple stockinette paired with the gorgeous apple leaf lace. There are so many lovely lace trim patterns out there, and I love how Hinke customized her scarf to include one that she loved. This is proof positive that you can make a totally original shawl/scarf by using a pattern as a guideline, and any trim you want. Go forth and customize!!