Upcycled Cardi Challenge, Part II: Sleeves

I took the advice that was in the comments on the last post, and started with the sleeves. I love how they have turned out, it really makes me excited to tackle the main body!

Anthro sleeves 2

The embroidery takes a while, but I love the result. I’m so excited to finish this cardigan, and I’m especially pleased that I’ll be able to wear it both while I’m demonstrably pregnant and afterwards, when I (hopefully) get my figure back.

Anthro sleeves 3

In answer to some of the questions that arose from the last post:

1. I think I’m going to stick with straight fronts, since I don’t feel that the original cardigan is long enough to have flattering angled fronts  (even though I’m planning on attaching the knitted trim lower down, so the cardigan will be at least a few inches longer than it currently is).

2. I’m not going to keep the buttons on the front, I’m not concerned about being able to do it up at all- I think the embroidery with cover up the button holes on the other side, as well.

3. How I cast on- long tail cast on. It’s my preferred cast on. But I’m a lefty, so I basically cast on backwards.

4.Yup, I have a cat named Yarn. She is a total lap cat, and needs lots of
snuggles. I have two cats, the other is Gatsby, who is very chatty and
never fails to greet me at the door whenever I come home. Sometimes he
just looks at me and purrs. They are spectacular felines. I also have an adorable hedgehog.

anthro sleeves

So, the next challenges: I’m not sure if I’ve done the embroidery long enough on the sleeves, but I decided to leave it as-is until I finish the body trim and embroidery, and see how far up I want it. I’m also considering adding some additional embroidery along the front edges (to cover up where I’ll be cutting off the buttons, and the old button holes). What do you think? is there such a thing as embroidery overkill?

Wee Wednesdsay: Tanis Knits

It’s amazing how people are so generous when you are going to be welcoming a wee one into the world. And when you know knitters, it’s a given that some knitted baby goodies will turn up! Tanis knitted two beautiful items for little baby bliss to wear:

star sweater

This blue sweater is a Sunnyside Cardigan, knit up in Peacock. And check out the perfect little star buttons!!

 star sweater 2

The other is the absolutely stunning baby dress, Clara. I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while, and so glad that Tanis made one in this pretty shade of green. I’m not big on dressing little girls in head-to-toe pink, so I’m thrilled to have these beautiful colours in her future wardrobe:


Complete with a lovely vintage button at the back:

flora dress

So beautiful. I can’t wait until she’s out in the world and I can see her in these awesome knits!

Happy Anniverary, Love

Today G and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, I can’t believe how quickly it’s already gone by! And it’s only another 8 weeks (give or take) until we expand our twosome to welcome our baby girl.


Happy Anniversary, my love. You are without a doubt the best husband I ever could have imagined for myself, and I wouldn’t change you for the world. You’re going to be such an amazing dad to our little pot roast, and I can’t wait to see how we grow as a couple when we welcome her into the world.

Modification Monday: Heliotropic Pullover

Original Pattern: Heliotropic Pullover

Knitter Extraordinaire: Isabel (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the gauge to be a worsted weight instead of a DK weight, changed the fit from oversized to be more fitted, added long sleeves and the swirls on the hem. Great details on the math for the yoke and modifications can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: It’s funny how when you see a summery knit, it’s so hard to imagine it as anything else, but Isabel has done just that: Transformed the summery, loose tee that into a gorgeous fall/winter sweater, complete with long sleeves, a heavier yarn weight, and just the right details. This sweater looks so cozy and warm, and spot-on perfect- I want one just like it now, too!