Dualing FOS: Incognito and Snow White Duck

On the same day as I finished my caplet, I actually finished up 2 other projects, which I’ve been negligent in blogging about. First up- the completely reversible Incognito.

 Pattern: Incognito 

Needles: 5mm

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Dove Grey and Black


Mods: Basically, I knit two of them. I eliminated the hem, and instead made it totally reversible- one side grey with a black ‘stache, the other side black with a grey ‘stache.  In order to provide a seamless look on both sides, I kitchener stitched the final hem together.  This gives the cowl/neckwarmer a lot of extra warmth on really frosty
days, plus a little moustache versatility.
Next up, we have the Duck Duck Goose hat designed by Eliza Toser, who is working on drafting a pattern. This was a combination of test knit and fulfilling a request  for my friend (and model) Monica who wanted a white hat. It was also knitted on 5mm needles, in Berroco Vintage yarn.
The hat knits up quickly and beautifully, and would really look it’s best in a variegated yarn. The daisy stitch would highlight a lovely handpainted yarn perfectly, and the slightly rolled brim and slouch are really flattering for the wearer. I love this hat! Will definitely make another.

Modification Monday: Tuxedo Top

 All photos in this post are copywright Knotty-knitter

Original Pattern: Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sharon (Rav id)

Mods: Omitted the lace shoulder straps, created a more shaped silhouette using waist and bust shaping, added length to the body, and lowered the lace packet to give a more flattering neckline.


What Makes This Awesome:  This is one of those patterns that I didn’t really look at very long when it was first published, simply because I didn’t find the silhouette very flattering. But here, Sharon took the A-line  top and gave it a more fitted and flattering look by lowering the neckline and adding waist shaping. Eliminating the lace at the straps gives the top a bit more elegance and cleaner lines. Now I look at this top and I love how wearable it is- like you could throw it on with anything and it would look perfect. And how lovely are those little black buttons on the crisp white lace? So pretty! Project page is here.

Ravelympics are a GO!!!!!

Just cast on during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!! Before the closing ceremonies, I’m going to knit Twinkle’s Twiggy Tunic.
Just waiting for it to all get started….
Ah, here we go!!

Oh, it’s ON!!!
 For all those participating in the Ravelympics, good luck!!  And for my fellow team mates, go Team Buttercream!!!

FO: Knit 1 Caplet

Pattern: Magnum Caplet

Yarn: Cascade Magnum in colourway 9408

Needles: US 15 / 10.0 mm circulars

Mods: I don’t do a lot of super bulky knitting, and I looked in 3 different stores didn’t feel like buying
US 19 (15 mm) needles, so I decided to make do with what I had. I used
my 10 mm circulars, and cast on for a size larger, which worked out

Notes: So warm and soft! This is such a lovely, cozy thing to throw on over petty much any long sleeved tee and it instantly provides warmth. I even scrunched it up as a cowl when I had my coat on, and it was great. I love the simple design, and at that gauge, it knit up incredibly quickly.

When it comes to caplets, being able to manoeuvre it over your shoulders is important, which means a stretchy bind off is crucial. I absolutely love Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, and there is a wonderful video tutorial with Cat Bordhi right here.

A couple of weeks ago, Erica had a great giveaway sponsored by All Modern. And I was the lucky critter that won!!  I selected a gorgeous charcoal and white organic cotton blanket:

Doesn’t it look great on the futon? It’s surprisingly soft, and the cats just love it (G loves it too). They have good taste.

 Yarn is the tabby, Gatsby is the gigantic ball of ginger fluff. G is my abbreviation of my husband’s name (Guy), and is the awesome photographer for all these pictures, as usual.

Modification Monday: Spring Birch Leaf Socks

 Original Pattern: Birch Leaf Socks

Knitter Extraordinaire: inglesidebelle (Rab id, Blog)

Mods: Changed sizing, and the lace columns on the back of the leg to the yarn over lace from Sensational Socks (see below); and change the leaves on the toe portion to finish with three leaves, including one pointing towards the toes, which she adapted from the Leafy Mitts pattern.

What Makes This Awesome: The yarn over lace at the back is a great little touch, but I’m even more impressed with the toe modification. I have to admit, as much as I adore Nancy Bush and think she is genius, I wasn’t crazy about how the two leaves in the original pattern kind of made the foot look funny. The elegant solution of the third leaf totally solves that- and doesn’t it just look as though this is the way it was meant to be? A beautifully organic modification, and one heck of a gorgeous sock!