Amigurumi Knits- Eggplant in Progress

I’ll admit it- one of the major reasons I’ve wanted to learn to crochet is make amigurumi toys. Who can resist such cuteness? But my crochet skills are just not up to par yet, and I find that being such a beginner can be really frustrating-each time I haul out the hook, I have to spend time focusing on learning the basics (I just learned how to crochet in the round), and not much whipping up of crochet amigurumi creatures. Fortunately, us knitters now have a solution:
Amigurumi Knits!
I first heard of this book over on Orata’s blog, and was immediately smitten- I’ve been eyeing Hansi’s designs for a while, and here is the book version of collected cuteness. The book is divided into 4 sections, each containing related patterns: the first section has garden veggies (tomato, eggplant, carrot, peas in a pod, garlic, cucumber); garden critters (earthworm, praying mantis, ants, garden snail, spider); sea creatures (crab, octopus, jellyfish, anglerfish, sea star, sun star); and then three wonderful mythological creatures (kraken, jakalope, and nessie the Loch Ness monster).

I’m a sucker for knitted toys- kids love them, adults love them. Cuddly softies are always a win. So, I cast on for the eggplant this weekend: (I apologize for it’s dishelved state- I know the top looks like Bart Simpson’s head, but I will wet block those leaves down when it’s finished!)
Although the instructions are simply for a gorgeous stuffed eggplant, I’m going to add a face and some limbs, give him a little personality. But I can’t bear to call him Eggplant, I need a better name. Monsieur Aubergine? Eggy Purple? Anyone have any ideas?

P.S.- Midas is coming along, it’s nearing the finish line! I’ll have a pictorial update next week, I promise.

Leyburn Love

Eliza and I had a little mini sock swap with ourselves- we each a) secretly picked a sock pattern from the other’s Ravelry queue, b) knit one sock, and c) sent the one sock, pattern, and the rest of the yarn to make the matching sock. No more second sock syndrome!!
Eliza chose the lovely Leyburn sock by Pepperknit:

(Look at that- a perfect fit!)

Which is utterly fantastic. I love the gorgeous Koigu that she used-a lovely springy yellow. I’m so excited to knit the other sock with this scrumptious yarn! I got a kick out being sent Koigu from the States- Koigu is produced about 4 hours away from me, so it’s pretty local, as far as Canadian yarns go!
She also tucked in a cute little squid (who now doubt had very comfy ride to Canada with all that Koigu), and a CD mix of awesome tracks! Below is a sampling of a couple of the great tracks she included:
The Blow- True Affection

Of Montreal- Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games

Awesome package. Thanks so much, Eliza!!

P.S- I’ve been on a butterscotch kick lately- probably from making Eliza’s Butterscotch Monkey sock. I recently made a vanilla and chocolate bundt cake, complete with butterscotch sauce (from scratch) and pecans. So. Damn. Good!!! I’m going to make this again, for sure.

A Chanel Masterpiece: Train De Nuit

Chanel No. 5 : Audrey Tatou
Audrey Tautou is breathtaking as the new face of Chanel. In the ad, she travels on the famed Orient Express to Istanbul. Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed the latest in the line of legendary advertising commercials. Audrey’s love interest is smoking hot too, +5 . The full video was released today on the Chanel website. CHANELN5.COM You must watch it! Look at that cinematography.

Chanel No. 5 : Audrey Tatou
Chanel No. 5 : Audrey Tautou
Chanel No. 5 : Audrey Tatou
Chanel No. 5 : Audrey Tatou
Song: Billie Holiday – “I’m A Fool To Want You”

A Few Asian Fashion Knits

Having grown up with the intense love of all thing Asian, not a day would go by when I’d ask a classmate where she bought a certain article of clothing. I’d cry a little inside when I was told that this sweater or those socks were bought in Japan, or HK even. Soon, I just learned to admire from a far and find dupes here where I could.

Enter the internet.

Stumbling upon was like walking into a my old classmates closets, it’s the style that’s nothing like here that I’m still in love with. Angiehearts is like walking into a Forever21 for the first time. Sure, the clothes may be the highest quality (what is?), but at prices like this it’s prefect for that night out when you just need something new. ANYTHING NEW.

While amassing a gigantic shopping cart/wish list, these two totally knitable designs caught my eye.

beaded top
beaded top

Beaded Wide Sleeve Sweater: Tube body, two large rectangles folded down for sleeves, cute beads and you are set. I have a turquoise top like this that’s a clapotis dupe:

wide sleeve clapotis top

The second knit I loved is something I’d wear on vacation, or to the beach as a cover-up. Knitted Irregular Hem Sweater

knit asymetrical top
and on it looks like…
knit asymetrical top
How cute would that look over a bathing suit? Perhaps even done in a slightly looser gauge and larger needles for better air flow would be best. I’d make the collar bigger so that it falls off one shoulder readily. Yup, sounds beachy keen to me :)

Straw into Gold- WIP

I’m not sure what happened. I went into my LYS to look for sock yarn, I swear. And somehow, I came out with several skeins of Berroco’s Lumina, in Gold Coast:I have to apologize for the photos- I have been waiting for a really sunny day, so that you could truly see just how damn sparkly this yarn is, but it’s been rainy and cloudy and only seems to be sunny when I’m at work and trapped at my desk. So- semi-overcast shots. It’s a lot more sparkly in person. I bet you’re wondering what that mysterious shining gold thing is. And I’m going to be mean and not tell you anything, except that it is a surprise, and a design of my own. I will say this- it is very fun knitting with this yarn. It reminds me of the story of Rumpelstiltskin, how he spun straw into gold for the miller’s daughter. It’s how I imagine spun gold would really look! And feel. It’s a little scratchy, I won’t lie.