Modification Monday: Problem Solving and the Case of the Cashmere Veronique

Original Pattern: Veronique

Knitter Extraordinaire: Aimee (Rav Id)

Mods: Made the back portion less voluminous by casting on fewer stitches. Added ruching to the sleeves, using crochet to keep the gathered folds in place. The edging was done as a single crochet cast off, and then has a delicate crochet trim.

What Makes This Awesome: How pretty are those sleeves?! I love that detail. And you saw the word ‘cashmere’ up there, right? I can just imagine how buttery soft this little shrug must be. Or I should say, must have been. You see, Aimee was not entirely happy with it. The sleeves worked out great, but the neckline was problematic- it just kept falling off her shoulders, and you know how frustrating it is to keep fussing with your clothes. So, she didn’t wear it. And rather than waste delicious, delicious cashmere… she frogged it.  Her new plan is to knit up the Whisper Cardi in the same yarn, and incorporate the same sleeve detail that she tried on this project. I really commend Aimee on this. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a knit that just didn’t quite meet your needs, and you keep delaying that trip to the frog pond, even though you know it’s the best thing.I can’t wait to see it knitted up as the Whisper Cardi with the sleeve detail!

Project page, including sleeve mod details, is here.

I’ve always thought that the best part about Ralvery and the community of knitters is to share what works and what doesn’t, so that others can learn from the process and be inspired, or at least just see the danger zones. So, I scoured the Ravelry project pages to see what others had done with Veronique, and it turns out that most people had this problem with the lack of shoulder structure, and seem to just treat it like a shawl with sleeves. 

 I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I can only think of two straightforward possibilities to fix that problem: either deliberately make the shoulder section in smaller size than called for in the pattern, or just let it fall off one shoulder for an “oh no, my sexy bare shoulder keeps escaping from this delicate shrug, whatever can I do!” sort of thing. I’d channel my imaginary self inner French Girl and be all mysterious and alluring, with my bare shoulder. Naturally there would be candlelight. Except I don’t think my husband would take me seriously at all if he thought for a moment I was flirting with him, especially with a bare shoulder. So… I guess I’d make it smaller.

Put on your problem solving hats, everyone- if you were going to knit
this, and you knew that the shoulders were going to slip off and
generally give you problems, what would you do differently? 

FO: November Fitted Pullover

Pattern: February Fitted Pullover

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label (Aran Weight). I absolutely love this yarn!! soft and squishy, with great stitch detail.

Needles: 4.5 mm circulars 

Mods: knitted an extra two inches between the waist decreases and increases, and lengthened the 3/4 sleeves to full sleeves. 

Notes: I. Love. This. Sweater. It’s the perfect marriage between a really wonderful yarn and a really wearable, flattering pattern. I knit about 90% of this sweater while drugged up and recovering from having my impacted wisdom teeth removed. Everyone warned me that knitting while under the influence was a bad idea. They shared stories of waking up in a pile of yarn or having to frog everything. I was amazed that the sweater turned out. Error-free, I thought. That is, until about 5 minutes ago when I was looking at the FO shots and thought to myself, “what’s that funny line just under the bust section?” So I looked at the sweater. And sure enough, there is a mistake (it’s a 2 row pattern, but it looks like I did row 1 twice, and then carried on as usual). So….. it seems I have not produced an error-free knit while under the influence.

Although you’ve got to admit- it’s a pretty well-placed error. It looks like an empire waist detail! At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I’m Back!! With a New Website, and a new Name!

G has very kindly been working away at  creating the new blog for me while I’ve been recovering, and today is the new launch! Welcome to Knitted Bliss. It’s pretty much the same as Teamknit was in the past, only facing up to the fact that it’s been a solo show for a while. I’m so excited!! Please update your links accordingly (although the old site directs you directly to this site, so it’s all good).

Recovering from impacted wisdom tooth extraction: I had no idea my face could swell up to the gigantic proportions that it did. If it weren’t so painful, it would have been really funny. Because in all honesty, I looked like this:

Only without the smile.  It was so swollen that it hurt to open my mouth wide enough to get a spoon inside. So I drank my food, surviving off of my killer smoothies, and this pumpkin soup recipe, which has been amazing. I doubled the garlic in the recipe, and it was delicious sipped it out of a mug.

You know what was really surprising? Although I have hardly any recollection of knitting at all, somehow, when the drugs were done, I had this:

My apologies for the strange light, I was holding a lamp in one hand and the camera in the other, trying to get a clear shot. I’m still seaming the other sleeve, and then I’ll give it a good blocking. FO post to follow very soon!

Modification Mondays: Featherweight Meets Minimalist

Original Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan

Knitter Extraordinaire: Klara (rav id, blog)

Mods: Klara cast on fewer stitches for the top section to reduce the volume of fabric around the neck, and make the neckband more narrow. Since this cardi is called Featherweight Meets Minimalist, I’m sure you can guess what happened next- she used an all over double moss stitch to mimic the minimalist cardi texture. The collar is worked in 1×1 ribbing, and cuffs in 2×2 ribbing. 

What Makes This Awesome: For those of you that ready the blog regularly, you know I’m a sucker for a great pattern mash up- it’s like doubling your pattern knitting satisfaction!  I love the double moss stitch texture, the simple style, and I’m a sucker for grey. This is the kind of cardigan that I wish was already in my wardrobe- so wearable, you can throw it on with anything.  Admit it- if you knitted this, you’d wear it all the time! Project page is here.

Modification Mondays: Cabled Bolero

 Original Pattern: Cabled Bolero

Knitter Extraordinaire: Una (Rav id)

Mods: Used fewer pentagrams and arranged them in a different configuration, as well used the collar edging  completely around the bolero, for a more finished look. More details on her mods, specifically a very handy diagram on how she put it all together, is on her project page.

What Makes This Awesome:  This is a popular but really challenging pattern, and many people have tried to modify it into a more wearable garment. I’ve even got this one sleeping away in my Ravelry projects page, too. But Una’s take is easily the most sophisticated and wearable mod of the bolero I’ve seen- it’s the kind of sweater that you wear out and absolutely everyone asks you wear you got it.And how perfect is the knitted button?! I love this sweater, it’s utterly perfect. If I ever get around to finishing my bolero, I’ll be using Una’s mods, for sure. And looking at hers makes me want to dig mine out of the WIP pile, posthaste!