Modification Mondays: Estonian Lace Dress

Original Pattern: Estonian Lace Scarf

Knitter Extraordinaire:
Marian (Rav id, blog)

Marian took the lace pattern from Nancy Bush’s Estonian Lace Scarf and used it for the main body of the dress, while improvising a simple ribbed bust and a cool bobble halter neck. She knit it top down and in the round, which makes a perfect fit a breeze- just try it on as you go!What Makes This Awesome: Marian got the idea for the dress loosely based on the look of this outfit: Not intended to be a replica, but more that she was wanting to knit something that recreated the flirty romantic look. I love how sculptural lace becomes when it’s blown up in bigger gauge with thicker yarn. The delicate lace of Nancy Bush’s Estonian Lace Scarf looks completely brand new on this dress. To shape the lace, she changed needle sizes to increase and decrease for shaping. Plus, let’s face it- lace+bobbles+bigger gauge+cute halter dress= Utterly awesome layering piece that is beautifully one of kind. Project page is here. Marian’s pretty good at improvising patterns and ideas- I love her Cropped Chainmail cardi as well!

FO: Reading Hoodie

This took longer than I thought it would to knit, but I love, love, LOVE the final result! It’s perfect for many things, including a frolic with a cute pony. I’m wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath this, and I’m absolutely roasting!! Don’t let the lace fool you, this is a toasty sweater indeed.

(apparently I’m just showing off my underarm seaming skills, while putting my hair back)

Pattern: Apres Surf Hoodie

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare – Merino Wool/Silk Fingering Weight
Needles: 3.25 mm circs

Mods: Adjusted pattern for knitting in the round, instead of knitting the front and back separately.

Notes: I spent a lot of time reading while knitting this, so I thought Reading Hoodie was a good name for it. I love the pattern, I love the final result. The experience of knitting it was a lot like knitting Thermal- it took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but the results were perfect. I will say that I regret knitting it in the round- I found that doing increases and decreases while keeping in the lace pattern really challenging (although I will consider that it may be due to all the reading while knitting…). When it came time to do the sleeves, I knit them flat and seamed them. Much faster; but then I’ve never felt put off by seaming.
I never wear hoodies with the hood up, but here’s the hood up back view.

I found these photos on my camera, and thought I’d share. Here’s one of my cats, Yarn, contemplating the hoodie in progress:
“Hmmm, how hard is this whole knitting thing, anyway…. I’m sure I could do it!”

“a long sleeved lace hoodie on 3.25 mm needles?! You must be nuts!”

Erm, yup. But being nuts leads to lovely white lace hoodies!!! Now excuse me, I’m going to frolic with more ponies.

Vacation Redux, and a quick FO

I’m back! The cottage was, as always, wonderful.I finally finished my Reading Hoodie (whic is what I’m calling the Apres Surf Hoodie), but it took much longer than I thought it would. Two months!! I feel that it deserves its own FO post, which will come later in the week. For now, I’ll leave you with a quick FO that I knitted up the day after I finished the hoodie and needed a quick fix/knit. Isn’t it amazing how nature makes even a plain old hat photo utterly lovely?
Pattern: Cabled Baby Hat

Needle Size: 5 mm dpns

Yarn: Plymouth Earth Mainland, 1 skein

Mods: None. The pattern includes two different options, and I chose the ten cable hat, which I really love.

Notes: The pattern was great, and the hat is so lovely that even G asked if I could knit him a grown up version. But my real rave review is that I. Love. This. Yarn. This skein came from a wonderful gift pack from The Purple Purl during the TTC Knitalong, and it is so unbelievably soft. One skein was the perfect amount for this little hat. I’m already planning to buy more, enough to knit myself a sweater. I can’t say enough good things about this yarn!!

Modification Monday: Slipped Hours Pullover

Original Pattern: Slipped Hours

Knitter Extraordinaire: Vanessa (Rav Id, Flickr Id)

Mods: Changed the gauge from fingering weight to worsted.

What Makes This Awesome: This may not appear to be a dramatically different take on the original, but anyone that has made a significant change in gauge knows how drastically it affects the pattern. Lots of recalculating, lots of gauge checking, and lots of planning. But just look at the gorgeous result!! I really love this pullover, and the colour is perfect. I think some people are put off by pullovers and cardis knit in fingering weight (and every time I do it, about half way through I wonder what on earth possessed me to think that a long sleeved hoodie on 3.25 mm needles would be a good idea…cough cough apres surf hoodie cough). Ahem. Anyway. My point is, adjusting for a larger gauge makes for a quicker knit. And in this case, so satisfying!Customizing a knit to suit yourself is always a brilliant idea, but it is a lot of work. Fortunately for us, Vanessa kept careful notes on her mods, and has shared them on Ravelry. Read the details on her modification here.UPDATE! I didn’t realize this part- she also changed it from being a bottom-up knit to a top-down knit. Hugely impressive!! And ever so practical. Check out her great online yarn store here.

Modification Monday: Intertwined Cables Skirt

Knitter Extraordinaire: Yumiko (rav id, flickr id)

Mods: She used the lush cable design on the sweater, and turned it into a sassy skirt.

Original Pattern: Man’s Intertwined Cable Pullover

What Makes This Awesome: I’ll admit right now that I love knitted skirts. I think they are so flattering. Go check out the Fo galleries of all the knitted skirts, you’ll see they look good on so many body types. I love the look of richly cabled sweaters, and this cabled skirt is so, so gorgeous. This is a great example of how any kind of pullover style could easily be a skirt- fair isle, cables, you name it. Yumiko did a fantastic job- she has lots of great projects to check out on her projects page, too! Check out the skirt here.