FO: Eco Trinity


Pattern: Trinity Stitch Hat

Yarn: left over Ecological Wool from when I made this awesome sweater.

Notes: This is my favourite knitted hat. I found the  stitch easy and enjoyable, and I love the result. The hat is comfy, warm and fits me perfectly. Plus, I’m obsessed with Eco Wool.


I finished this ages ago, but then there were so many other things to post about, it kind of got left in the dust. But I wear it often, and it’s just so lovely. I think it has the perfect amount of slouch.


And in case you missed it, the green cowl I’m wearing is this one.

Modification Monday: Lucy in the Sky with Triangles

Original Pattern: Lucy in the Sky

Knitter Extraordinaire: Katy (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the textured stitch pattern to a colourwork design using navy and white triangles reminiscent of sailing flags (also used adorable red anchor buttons to carry on the nautical feel!). Details can be found on her project page, here

What Makes This Awesome: It’s not often I see a modification that changes a textured knit into a colourwork knit, and this cardigan is so perfect- I love the thoughtful little details of the thin white stripe trimming the cuffs and hem, keeping the sleeves solid navy, and  the fantastic red buttons for contrast. Using the colour palette of navy and white keeps the cardigan totally classic, and the result is fun and really stylish.

What I’m Into Now: New Music

Feeling like you need a catchy little tune? I love this song, and the video is too cute:
Asa- “Be My Man”

And this is really making the rounds lately, but I can’t resist- It’s a great little love anthem:
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- “Home”

I Also I have a serious girl crush on Oh Land. I love everything she does!! Listen to this, you’ll love it:
Oh Land : “Sun of a Gun”
  The new Radiohead album dropped on Friday, and this video of Thom Yorke’s dance moves is pretty awesome:
Radiohead- “Lotus FLower”

I’m addicted to this conconction I created. I know it sounds gross, but honestly- everyone I’ve had try this loves it. The orange juice does a good job of covering the veggie taste, but it does turn green. The spinach blends in more thoroughly than the kale, so if you aren’t into kale (I’m truly, madly in love with kale, I put it in everything) then just use the spinach. As an added bonus, consuming vitmain c and iron together helps your body absorb both better, so this is really a powerful juice!

1.5 cups of orange juice

1 cup kale leaves (destemmed, with veins removed)
1 cup spinach leaves

In a blender (or magic bullet, like I have)blend the orange juice and kale together first, for about 60 seconds. Then add spinach, blend for another 60 seconds. Drink and enjoy the fact that you are getting a tonne of healthy stuff in a tasty drink!

Before anyone asks, no, you don’t strain it. Get the fibre! The texture is similar to that of a smoothie- sort of thick. I recommend drinking it within 20 minutes of making it, otherwise the veggie bits start to sink to the bottom.   And whatever you do, don’t use a food processor- 

I tried this in a food processor once, it totally didn’t work. Too chunky, and didn’t get that smoothie texture.

I know I usually post sweet treats on here, so ta-da! Drink your veggies, my lovelies.

FO: Subtle Stripe Study


Pattern: Stripe Study

Yarns: Tanis Fiber Arts Cashmere Sock (in Chestnut), and Dyed by Design Solo (which I picked up in York, UK last year)

Mods: Only did 11 repeats of the stripe pattern, I underestimated my contrasting colour yardage. But I’m sort of on the small side, so a smaller shawl is perfect for me.

Notes: I don’t think it’s a big secret that I’m a sucker for Veera’s gorgeous, uncluttered patterns, and test knitting this pattern was a dream. This kind of pattern is perfect for some really special yarn, something you love working with; because this is a heck of a lot of garter stitch and short rows. It’s a perfect multitasking knit- something you can do while reading, or watching something really interesting (I watched a heck of a lot of Mad Men while knitting this).

This is really a cozy, soft, luxurious sort of shawl. it feels amazing. I mean, cashmere sock yarn- how can you go wrong?!

Stripe Study Shawl

Some of you asked about my pin the last time I wore it, so I made sure to wear it again, and get some good shots of it this time. It is the Crawford clan crest, a wonderful treasure that my parents-in-law gave me for Christmas two years ago. The motto translates to “I will give you safety through my strength”. I wear this pin a lot- it’s so meaningful to me. And it looks damn good with just about everything.


Modification Monday:

Original Pattern: Andrea’s Shawl and Citron

Knitter Extraordinaire: Laila (Ravelry ID, Blog)

Mods: A gorgeous mashup of two beautiful shawl patterns, as Laila was on a quest to make a really amazing striped scarf that had the half moon shape of Citron, and the style of Andrea’s Shawl. Omitted the ruffled sections of Citron, and thicker stripes throughout. One of them even had a different, customized lace trim. Fantastic details on how she made them can be found here and here, and even more here!

What Makes This Awesome: First of all, I’m blown away by how thorough and awesome her notes are, on all the links above. Both the red and navy striped shawls look drop dead gorgeous,and I love that she used another lace trim on the red striped one- it gives it a totally different look. Both of these shawls would be incredible to knit, and stunning wardrobe additions.