FO: Subtle Stripe Study


Pattern: Stripe Study

Yarns: Tanis Fiber Arts Cashmere Sock (in Chestnut), and Dyed by Design Solo (which I picked up in York, UK last year)

Mods: Only did 11 repeats of the stripe pattern, I underestimated my contrasting colour yardage. But I’m sort of on the small side, so a smaller shawl is perfect for me.

Notes: I don’t think it’s a big secret that I’m a sucker for Veera’s gorgeous, uncluttered patterns, and test knitting this pattern was a dream. This kind of pattern is perfect for some really special yarn, something you love working with; because this is a heck of a lot of garter stitch and short rows. It’s a perfect multitasking knit- something you can do while reading, or watching something really interesting (I watched a heck of a lot of Mad Men while knitting this).

This is really a cozy, soft, luxurious sort of shawl. it feels amazing. I mean, cashmere sock yarn- how can you go wrong?!

Stripe Study Shawl

Some of you asked about my pin the last time I wore it, so I made sure to wear it again, and get some good shots of it this time. It is the Crawford clan crest, a wonderful treasure that my parents-in-law gave me for Christmas two years ago. The motto translates to “I will give you safety through my strength”. I wear this pin a lot- it’s so meaningful to me. And it looks damn good with just about everything.


Modification Monday:

Original Pattern: Andrea’s Shawl and Citron

Knitter Extraordinaire: Laila (Ravelry ID, Blog)

Mods: A gorgeous mashup of two beautiful shawl patterns, as Laila was on a quest to make a really amazing striped scarf that had the half moon shape of Citron, and the style of Andrea’s Shawl. Omitted the ruffled sections of Citron, and thicker stripes throughout. One of them even had a different, customized lace trim. Fantastic details on how she made them can be found here and here, and even more here!

What Makes This Awesome: First of all, I’m blown away by how thorough and awesome her notes are, on all the links above. Both the red and navy striped shawls look drop dead gorgeous,and I love that she used another lace trim on the red striped one- it gives it a totally different look. Both of these shawls would be incredible to knit, and stunning wardrobe additions.

FO: Cable Caplet

I’m recently back from the cottage (have I mentioned before it’s media-free? no TV, no cell service, no internet!), where we had a lovely time with G’s parents, and did lots of my favourite winter activity- snowshoeing. I love snowshoeing out in the woods around the cabin, following the tracks of the deer, until we find shapes like these:


That, my lovelies, is a deer bed. Deer tend to sleep on higher ground, and they never sleep in the same area twice to avoid detection by predators. I adore how they soundlessly journey all around the cottage and the woods, leaving their lovely little tracks in the snow. When I go snowshoeing, I try to follow the track until I find a lovely deer bed. The one above is particularly detailed- you can actually see the shape of how the deer lay it’s head down. See where the ears were? It feels so magical to come across such a perfect deer bed.

And while at the cottage, we also got around to doing this:

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding was AMAZING!! I totally recommend. 

And of course, doing some FO shots.

Pattern: Cable Neck Piece 

Yarns: Mirasol Sulka. I love, love, love this yarn….


Notes: I’m a sucker for caplets. I find them really wearable- I just plunk them on anytime I’m wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, and they just work. I feel like I look really tired in these photos but I think it’s just because I’m really, really cold and should have worn more eye make up, even if I was in ‘cottage mode’. We were snowshoeing, and I just quickly stripped down so we could grab the photos, and I was shivering the whole time. Off the the right, beyond the frame of the photos, my jacket, sweater, hat, and mitts are resting on a tree branch.


I wish I could have made the collar a bit longer so it would have folded over a bit better, but I was running out of yarn- one more skein would have done the trick. Regardless, I love this cozy caplet- it’s super soft, super warm, and lots of fun to wear.

Cabled Caplet

Modification Monday: I Love to Knit Mittens

How perfect is this Mod Monday for Valentine’s Day?!

Original Pattern: #08 Potpourri

Knitter Extraordinaire: Susan (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Changed the mitten chart to have the heart design, the words, and the adorable sheep. Let’s take a closer look at the palm  of the right mitt, shall we?

Such a cute sheep!

What Makes This Awesome: I love the red and white, the hearts, and the way she used these lovely mitts as a blueprint for playing with new charted designs. And hey, I love yarn a heck of a lot, I’d defitiely want a pair of mittens that proclaims the fact. Not to mention I think that may be the cutest little sheep ever. These are beautiful mitts! Project page can be found here.

FO: Green Loop

Pattern: Triangle Loop

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers and Knitpicks Telemark

Mods: None, except possibly made it a bit shorter. I didn’t measure.


Notes: This was really such a fun knit. Knitting the scarf in the round means it’s doubled up and extra cozy, and the colourwork was easy to memorize. Plus, this was pretty much a 1 skein sort of project- it only takes one skein of each colour to make this great little cowl.Watching the little triangles develop was so addictive!


Afterwards I thought how pretty this pattern would be with one skein of a variegated yarn and another solid colour yarn. Next time I’m going to try that, a lot of people who saw me knitting this were interested in having one of their own. We’ll see if they are that lucky!

UPDATE: The sweater I’m wearing is indeed from Mango, and the pin is my absolute favourite- I’ll get a close up show of it very soon and post a little story about it next week. It has a lot of meaning for me.

I’m off to the cottage for a few days, enjoying the winter. Just what I need after a week-long bout with the flu. Not fun at all. Good thing I had all that hot chocolate to keep me going.