‘Cause I’m Leaving, On a Jet Plane….

Oh yeah- did I mention that I was going to England? Hmm. Probably should have said something. Well, I’m going to England!Tonight, actually. I’ll be in Bristol, Bath, that area. If anyone knows any great yarn shops I should check out, let me know- I did leave a bit of room in my suitcase for some yarn: But I’m not going to be a tourist, I’m going to see this fella: And I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am about that.

Self Portrait Sunday, on, er, Monday

So…. I think I need to set a reminder on my cell phone to do self portrait Sunday. I apparently don’t remember to do anything unless the phone dings and reminds me. Here is the first one, slightly tardy, and taken this morning:

Yeah yeah, I have a weakness for the arty shots (and my sparkly ceiling- isn’t it awesome?!). And you can’t really see my face. But hey, it’s the first one, cut me some slack!
Knitting progress is unbearably slow, I was trapped in a work meeting for four days and barely had time to go to the bathroom much less knit. But I can’t think about that right now, I need to go to work (again) and find some caffeine along the way. *yawns, rubs eyes, finds shoes, and exits*.

April Resolution

I recently decided that I’m desperately behind in my movie watching, so I was playing a bit of catch up on the weekend and watched American Gangster and Children of Men (hey, I said I was behind!). Just me, a couple of movies, and my knitting. And I was all the way through the second film when I realized I had made a mistake in one row, approximately twenty rows down. I have to admit, I’m a lazy knitter and I hate ripping back- I often evaluate how obvious a mistake is, and if I don’t think it’s too bad, it stays put But this was right at the front, on the bust, dead centre. Not happening (It’s supposed to be 13.5″ right now).
So I got to frog a couple hours work. Fun times. And I was so hoping to be finished the ribbing this weekend, and begin the button bands. : (
Jen and I went for Korean BBQ with our friends Kevin and Becca on the weekend. Have you ever been for Korean BBQ? Basically, you pay money for someone to bring you raw meat, which you then cook yourself at the table. Sure, you could be home and doing the same thing, but it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun.
Having this blog has really made me face up to something… I’m really uncomfortable having my photo taken. I don’t know why, exactly, but I find that when I’ve had time to register that my photo is being taken, it’s like I tuck away my personality somewhere, where the camera can’t see it. So the best photos of me are the ones where I didn’t have time to react to the camera, or when I didn’t even know I was having my picture taken. And, I’ll confess, they also aren’t bad when I’ve had plenty to drink….. damn the liberating effects of alcohol! None of those factors are in play below, though:I totally knew Kevin was taking a picture, and Jen is making a cute wide-eyed face, and I’m moving around, playing with my meat tongs, trying to pretend the camera doesn’t exist and generally blurring all over the place. Classic. You’d think I’d be comfortable considering I was the one that pulled out the camera, but no. And then here’s Becca, being super cute, and really working the meat tongs: So, I’m conducting an experiment to get myself more comfortable in front of a camera- I’m starting self portrait Sunday. I’m not sure exactly what but if it means I don’t have to take three or four tries to get some good shots of FOs, then I’m all for it. Sunday, I’ll post the first one. I’m interested to see how long it takes before I feel more comfortable in front of a camera.
Which means sometime between now and then, I’ll have to take some photos of myself.

It’s mah birthday! yea yea!

Today I turn 25 years young. If I can make an early judgement- as I’ve only been up a few hours.. my birthday is going to be fanfuckingtastic! I woke up to a snuggly lover who covered me in kisses, tons of wall posts from my friends AND I found my good tweezers that I thought I lost last week. It’s really hard to find a pair that you like these days- what? Also Extra tickets for Friday’s celebrations have been acquired thanks to Mr. J. Frank and his day off.

Though this is a birthday post, I can’t revel in it too much. You see, I was a bad kitten earlier on in the year- I never got around to posting my post for Julie’s birthday. So I figured a double dose of birthday embarasment in in order.

exhibit a: me at my finest hour(s)…

Pretending to be a bear..wish I had a bigger copy

seeing a giant..

crushed with the boys…

in my coach..

half dying of hangoverhunger…

getting crazy on the hills

bitches be all up on me 24/7 lol j/k i love karo

always yelling something

I can’t hear you over the sound of my gay pride! WHAAAT?

luvin up the kitten!

24 has been fast paced and fun.
Lets see what 25 brings.
Time for some cupcakes! Peace!

FO: Demeter Camisole

The fact that I kind of disappeared from blog land for a couple of weeks reconfirmed something that Jen and I talked about at the very beginning of Team Knit- that since there are two of us, one of us could always carry the blog for a bit while the other was either a) lagging behind on their knitting, b) tending to their crazy and overly dramatic life, or c) captured by a roving band of kittens and puppies and forced to succumb to their cuteness for days on end. C hasn’t happened yet, but I remain hopeful. Mine would be option B, but I’m not going to get into that quite yet….

I got a new camera, I need to spend a bit more time sorting it out (I don’t seem to have time for much these days, but good blog photos will be a high priority). I didn’t realize until I was cropping these photos that I’m obviously not shooting at the highest resolution I could be. So my apologies on that one, I’ll fix that pronto.

So, on to the FO! Here’s the front: And the back: And the side:
Pattern: Demeter Camisole, from Sensual Knits
Yarn: Elann Sock it to Me 4 ply
needles: US 4mm and 3.5 mm
Mods: I wasn’t crazy about the split neckline, so instead of doing the neckline as specified in the pattern, I p3 together every time the pattern called for sl2, p2tog. And I got this neckline, which I really like:Notes: I wasn’t getting gauge, and I didn’t want to go up a needle size with such fine yarn, so I just made a size larger (that would be medium) instead). It was still a bit on the small side. I’m going to wet block it again, so it’ll be a smidgen bigger. And the bigges tnote of all… The lace curls. Big time. I wet blocked that lace edge and pinned it just so for days… why is it curling?? Why??? I can’t get it to stop curling. Here’s a close up of the lace edge:
I did have a slight problem with the dye lot of this yarn, but when I sent an email to Elann, they were really excellent. They sent me a replacement skein, free of charge (of course) the next day. But then I’ve always thought they have great customer service.

I have another project on the go… The Eyelet Ribbed Bandeau from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits (Ravelry link). I’ve loving it, the yarn is so sprongy and soft.. it’s Tebe Extrafine Merino from Filati (which I bought on Elann.com). It’s awesome, I’d definitely use it again. Just look at that:

So how supercute are these?! Gardening Socks!Truth be told, For reasons I can’t quite explain, I’m kind of coveting that carrot apron, too. I saw this on the Bluelines blog this morning, and fell in love. Considering how much both Jen and I love to garden, I’m amazed we’ve lived this long without them. Apparently, they are from Bronwyn Lowenthal’s book, Love to Knit Socks. I checked it out on Ravelry, and doesn’t seem to be there yet- Has anyone made any socks from the book? Reviews? Etc?