knitting a mile a minute…


Lauren Porter, an art student, knitted a life-size Ferrari 355 for her honors degree. She spent 10 months, 12 miles of yarn, and 250 squares on top of a steel frame in order to make the car”




Check out this video from youtube for more on the design piece.

The Ugly Sweater Party

There are not enough theme parties, in my opinion. Enter: The Ugly Sweater Party. Jen mentioned her friend Adam somewhere in an earlier post (she is knitting him a hat, which I believe is forthcoming to the Teamknit blog any day now!) and he is the one who throws the annual Ugly Sweater Party. The concept is simple: Wear an ugly sweater. Come to a party. Let the good times roll!
Men decked out in sweaters that only Bill Cosby could love, and the women looked like their mothers and grandmothers, circa 1981. Ah, ugly sweaters.

Jen wore a barbie pink shapeless 80’s sweater with black sequin stripes, and I wore a gold and black sparkly ‘mom’ sweater with flying-squirrel sleeves (because sweater should give you a wing span), shapeless enough to instantly give you that I’ve-had-4-kids kind of figure. We went shopping (with Rebecca, see below) at Value Village for our stunning finds.
The funny thing was, the idea of an ugly sweater is so subjective. And there was a lot of lively debating with strangers at the party over whether or not a sweater was truly ‘ugly’. And we were never really sure if our friend Rebecca’s sweater was ugly, or just way too big: espeically not when we realized it was an Adrienne Vittadini. What a find!
Facebook is now littered with a billion photos of that night. Several photos I do not exactly remember being taken, and Jen and I spent waay too much time having a drunken conversation about how we should knit an entire chess set, and how we would go about knitting the different peices. I sloshed around a lot of wine during that conversation.

That’s my kind of party.

A bunch more ugly sweaters here:

TeamKnit Brunch v.6 : Decemberlicious

TeamKnit Brunch

Apple danishes, yogurt with berries and walnuts, fresh tomatoes, grapes and tangerines.

TeamKnit Brunch

Grilled savoury omlette sandwiches with bacon and melted cheese

TeamKnit Brunch

so. good.

To the left Becca and Kevin cuddle on the long sofa and to the right Julie is working away on her quoddy blue scarf. She’s got quite a bit done now, and should be starting a new skein any moment now judging from the miniscule ball on her lap. As another installment winds to an end, I sit here with my belly full and my heart warm. It’s good to be back. One post flood comming up!


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Dirty Dancing soundtrack:
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Maurice Williams + the Zodiacs Lyrics Stay

First Ever FO- back in ’85

So that’s me, at 7 years old. Check out those two front teeth, MIA. check out those snowpants. Check out those elephant earmuffs!!! I wish I still had those blue elephant earmuffs, they were fabulous.

See that scarf? That is my very first FO, a purple and white striped garter stitch scarf. I think I made it when I was in Brownies – because you KNOW I got my knitting badge!!

Anyway, I’m currently trapped at a work meeting out of town, I’m sleep deprived, over caffienated and overfed, and dying to get out of here. And my hotel room is so freaking cold, I slept with Lady Eleanor (WIP) around my neck and shoulders. With the needles attached and everything. Turns out even a good WIP can keep you warm when necessary. I can’t wait to finish it- SO close!!

Quoddy Scarf

I had been doing very well on my yarn diet, until I came across 272-yard skeins of Briggs and Little yarn for $3.50 a pop. It was too cheap to pass up, so I bought out the whole stock (5 skeins) of Quoddy Blue, from the Regal line:I love that heathered blue.
So I decided that I’d knit a scarf for my dad for Christmas, as well as give him a coupon for a knitted object of his choice, which he can then redeem. I’m hoping he picks socks, and not a sweater.

For those of you who have worked with Briggs and Little before, you know it’s not exactly a soft yarn. At all. In fact, I’m seriously wondering why I bought such rough-textured yarn. Oh wait- because I got 1360 yards of it for $17.50. But I’m told that it is possible to soften rough yarn with a nice bath and some hair conditioner. Is this the best option? I’ll have to look into it further.

But in the meantime, can I say what a sheer joy that scarf pattern is? It’s from the Yarn Harlot, and can be found here. It’s only a 4 stitch repeat, only one row, and it’s completely reversable. I can knit it while I read (book propped open with my knee). Isn’t it great when you don’t even have to look at it?! I finished this book tonight, then looked down and was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m almost halfway there.