FO: Athyrie

Pattern: Athyrie

Yarn: Mirasol Nuna in ‘Royal Purple”

Needles: 3.5 mm (US 4)

Mods: Eliminated two of the hexagon repeats, as I was concerned that the silk in the yarn would already yield a much longer garment, post-blocking.

Notes: I fell in love with this pattern, and I have a soft spot for convertible items of clothing and accessories (perfect for travelling!) but this was just a bit off the mark. Some of it was the pattern being a bit too general in it’s sizing, and some of it was my fault. The ‘my fault’ part: buttons. I was so excited to use a bunch of the vintage shell buttons I had, but I find that the results a bit too much of a gypsy sort of look. Not that it’s bad (it isn’t) but it’s not my style. I wish I had gone for more subtle, nearly invisible, buttons.

The pattern: the sizing is waaaaay to big for my arms (the photos hide how flappy the sleeves are. I don’t understand why fit issues never seem to show up in the photos- I swear it’s not all in my head!). I understand that the width is meant to give it the option of being a wrap, but I don’t think it then converts easily into a shrug for those with skinny toothpick arms. If I were to make this again (and I very well might, I love the idea of it so much) I would eliminate about 15-20 stitches of the stockinette in the middle.I also would probably eliminate another 2 hexagon repeats, so that it could still be worn as a vest (see the Flickr photos for better shots of when worn  as a vest) but with less fabric volume.

Otherwise, this was a fun knit. It’s a good thing that I’m determined to give lots of knitted gifts this year! I believe this lovely thing will go to someone who fits it better.

Also, I never gave an update on the  Agathe colour combo voting!! Option 3 won out, but not by much. And there were some excellent suggestions about possibly mixing it up based on some of the colours in that post- using pink stripes in with the black or brown, for example. So- I’ve placed my order for  option 3 colours, and when they arrive I’ll begin watching!!

Modification Mondays: Starry Vest

Original Patterns: Blush and Fresco Colourwork Wrap Vest

Knitter Extraordinaire: Marije (Rav ID)

Modifications: Used the Blush vest instructions for the basic layout of the vest, and the chart for the Fresco Colourwork Wrap Vest.

What Makes This Awesome: I love seeing it- the perfect mash up of two great patterns. The colourwork vest was lovely, but wrap vests (or wrap sweaters) aren’t for everyone.  This vest is so beautiful- the colourwork and simple shape are so very wearable. I love it! Just goes to show that if you find a great pattern that fits and flatters you, you can always use other patterns as jumping-off points for using colourwork or even stitch patterns to revamp a classic style.

Modification Mondays: Welt and Rib Reversible

Original Pattern: Welt and Rib Raglan

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sarah (Rav Id)

Mods: Lengthened the body, added waist shaping and adjusted decreases to create a dart effect in the back. Project page is here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’ve had a soft spot for this pattern since I first saw it in the winter 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. It looks so weareable, stylish, and comfortable. Sarah did an awesome job of customizing this pullover; adding length where she needed it and adjusting the waist shaping to create a striking detail in the back. This makes me re-think how I do my waist shaping- who says you have to have it all along the side seams?! The result is gorgeous!

Holiday Plans: Stockholm

Now that G can finally travel (thank you, permanent residency!) we are planning on a little family visit to England at the end of the summer. And since we’ll  be so close to Europe, it only make sense that we sneak off for a mini holiday, just the two of us……

to STOCKHOLM!! I’m very excited! I’ve never been to Sweden before, and I consider it very fortuitous that Design Sponge recently posted a Stockholm city guide. And to top it all off, Stockholm was recently named the European Green Capital 2010 by the European Union.How can I not go??

Have any of you been to Stockholm? I’m particularly interested in sourcing some cheap accommodation, fun cafes, interesting little shops, and (of course!) yarn. Got any good tips/leads?

Modification Mondays: Poison Cardigan

Original Pattern: Cameo

Knitter Extraordinaire: Stacy (Rav Id, Blog)

Mods: Changed the neckline to a scooped square, knitted it in stockinette, added waist shaping, and used baby cables instead of ribbing around the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m always so impressed when someone looks at a knitting patten, and decides to change almost everything every about it. I love the timeless look and style of this gorgeous little sweater, and the generous quantity of buttons. The baby cables are a wonderful detail and are really enhanced by the stockinette body. This is the kind of sweater that just goes with everything! Project page, including details on her mods, can be found here.