FO- Lost and M.I.A….

I finished my thrummed mitts on the weekend, and not a moment too soon- we got a big, beautiful snowstorm here in Toronto over the weekend. So I was lucky enough to give my thrummed mitts a fantastic test run on Saturday… which was a windy, blustery day that eventually turned into lovely, snowy night night with lots and lots of drinks (and, um, shots)at a pub with a piano bar…. and somewhere between the pub, the taxi, and my front door, I lost one of my thrummed mitts. Didn’t realize it until morning, of course.

And the worst part is, I was going to take my camera and finally get some natural light photos, but the snow and the wind were so bad, I didn’t think there would be any point.

And of course, I’m out of the roving I used. Damn. (standard photo of inside of thrummed mitt)

Come back, thrummed mitt!

Note to self: do not wear new hand knits when drinking. Ever.

To dull the pain of having lost a new knit so soon (and ease the hangover), I baked bread, using this recipe: (partially devoured loaf of bread)

I loved this recipe. It was such a snap to make, there was no kneading, and rise time was only an hour. That’s a hell of a lot faster than the No-Knead Bread that everyone in the world made. This loaf was fantastic. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was to eat fresh, hot bread slathered in butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Mmmmm. Cinnamon and sugar……

I still miss my mitten. Damn it.

Thrumming up a Storm

I’ve cast on for thrummed mittens recently. I know it seems a little late in the season, but it’s been so cold here, and my gloves aren’t cutting it anymore. I need the warmest mittens on the planet… and those are, no doubt, thrummed mitts.I think I regret my roving colour choice… although it matches the tweed nicely, I can’t help but think they are a wee bit…. fugly. Good thing I believe warm trumps fugliness.

I’m using Rowan Yorkshire Tweed, a lovely black flecked with reds and greens. I love the look of it, but I hate the actual yarn- it breaks too easily. I knit tightly, but I’ve never broken yarn through tension alone until I met this yarn. I’m going to knit a whole mitten wardrobe for next winter, I think. It’ll help in my quest for stylish mitts. I went through ravelry’s pattern browser and it was so obvious that there are more than enough gorgeous mitten patterns out there. Mitten wardrobe, here I come!

Demeter is coming along nicely- almost done the tank part, then all I’ll need is the lace trim at the hem and some blocking. I’m pretty pleased with it so far. I love the waist shaping details…. And I’m sooo close to unzipping the cast on and starting that lace!
PS- ever want to make a font from your own handwriting? Well, for $9, here you go:

No, lungs. You belong in my chest.

Ah-hoy-hoy. It’s been a mixed bag of great times, roller blading, phlegm and hospitals for me this past week. Early last Tuesday I began to have bizarre chest pains close to my sternum that began gradual then *BLAMO-! An attack would hit and I’m unable to expand my lungs just managing to take the shallowest of breaths. I found myself inexplicably pressing on the painful area like it was a stubbed toe. In total I probably had about 20ish episodes before the big one hit on Wednesday morning that landed me in the ER. Since I was coughing up a storm they put me in an isolated room, which was nice because it gave me the only element of privacy for the day. I’ve never had so many people poke and prod my chest, pull down my gown and slap on electrode after electrode. I was a freakin passport of tests, not to mention how hard it is to get the sticky residual goop off. WTF people, WTF!

And those nasal oxygen tubes? Oh yeh. Hot(feverish) mess coming through! After all was said and done I was diagnosed with a really bad bronchial chest infection with a side of costochondritis So I’ve been at home (going stir crazy) resting up and trying to keep hydrated. I have a couple posts in the works- my branching out is almost done, I cast on for the skating sweater and the diamond scarf which will be done very soon thanks to the crazy huge gauge. I also have a picture recap of the BCSD weekend. But because my mental strength has all but exhausted, I leave you with some new MEME funnies that practically killed me.

Celeb knits : Charlize layers the right way

I love this whole outfit. It’s washed up sailor blue and gray is so easy on the eyes, she’s not bad either.


But the way she (or her stylist) has chosen to incorporate soft knits is perfect. It’s slightly Olsenish mixed with Kate Hudson, don’t you think? The beret is gorgeous, light fluffy and holds its shape well. How much hair do you think she has under there?
The loose sweater is divine. I’d like all of it. In my closet, now.

On a much sadder note however, a six alarm fire errupted overnight at Queen St & Bathurst. Our friends were evacuated at 5am this morning when the fire was still a 2 alarm blaze. I didn’t know the difference between the different alarms until I read this.

-Johnny Mad Photos

I can’t believe it was that bad!!! And that CLOSE!@ Trav says everything from Ali Baba’s to the Dollar Store is gone. I hope to give you an update later when the smoke has cleared and it’s all settled down. So far nobody has been injured and the buildings are probably in embers.

Here are some recent shots.

Horrible. I hear that the circumstances surrounding the fire are.. shall we say, fishy? Home Depot, or some other big box company has been trying to buy up the land beside the parking lot. But the City declared the surrounding land historic. That even if they had the millions and millions of dollars they couldn’t buy the land legally. How interesting is it that the fire spread straight to Ali Baba’s. The last store on the strip. Co-incidence, or was it a drug lab like some might think? Juicy, Juicy.

TEAMKNIT! : Weekend Edition

Come Friday, I was just twitching! I needed to go out have a beer dance out some frustrations and get as inebriated as possible without getting arrested, fined or any hair pulled that is. But oh, what a night it was! I rallied the troops and met Julie at Becca’s to wait for Kevin and his out of town friends to arrive. Anyway, we ended up waiting for what seemed like an eternity. It was not their fault but the TTC’s. I had lots of time to curse myself for forgetting the booze at home, and telling them we’d meet them here instead of the club. D’oh!

Naturally once we were united it was all forgotten and the good times rolled. A nice suprise to us was that Paul, our photographer friend was also there. He’s been taking pictures for as long as I’ve known him and he just keeps getting better

I nicked some photos from his gallery because they’re so awesome I have to share.

fun times.
I, unfortunately had to work the next day. Holy effin hangover. Saturday was rough for all of us, spent hibernating and rehydrating as much as possible. Instead of brunch this week, everyone pitched in to make dinner. Toby and I arrived just as dinner was being served and the house smelled so delicious!

Stef- Julie Chapman’s boyfriend made a delicious feast of roast beef. My only regret is that I wish I had the words to describe how amazing it was.

roast slices in it’s stew

Kevin made a intense spiced pineapple and onion glaze

sweet apple slaw

And to top it off Jules, Russ and Ava made a star pie for dessert. Insane. To think just half an hour ago Toby and I were about to grab a quick slice of pizza! Ha! In your face pizza! You ain’t got nuthin!

I apologize for that
I just watched bring it on 4
yes the whole thing
while knitting
thats how i roll