Permanent Residency Visa Accomplished!!!

Exciting news for us here at Knitted Bliss- my husband G, that charming, affable British guy who came into my world and then decided to never leave, was officially made a permanent resident of Canada yesterday; shortly before midnight.

We got the visa during the day, and then got so excited we decided to drive to Buffalo and back that night, to validate it.
They don’t allow photos at Port of Entry Authority, so we took photos in that most Canadian of institutions- the nearest Tim Horton’s. Here’s G looking super happy:

Here’s us being super smoochy:

And okay, I’ll admit it- I cried. It started while actually in the Port of Entry office at the Canadian border. They signed off on his visa, handed it back to G and said, ‘welcome to Canada.’ I pretty much lost it right then and there. Couldn’t stop crying for about ten minutes! And it kicked off again in the Tim Horton’s, and when I called my mother, etc.

We’re exhausted, giddy, and so, so happy. We’ve been in the process for a year now, and this is what we’ve been waiting for. Now we can look ahead to a rosy future- we can begin to make plans for buying a home, starting a family, and making all our dreams come true.

Modification Mondays: Sarah’s Favourite Cardigan

Original Pattern: Favorite Cardigan

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sarah (Rav Id)

Mods:  Changed the boat neck to a crew neck, lengthened the sweater, and altered the sizing. Also included shaping, and a slightly different button band. Wonderful details on her mods can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I can’t get over how different this cardigan looks from the original, and yet the modifications (while plentiful) are not designed to drastically change the look of the sweater. The transformative powers of a different neckline and shaping are never so evident as they are here! I love the classic details, and the neckline looks fantastic. I LOVE this version!

FO: Blackberry Cowl

 Pattern: #12 Cabled Cowl

Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss HW in Blackberry

Needles: 5 mm/ US 8 circular

Mods: none.

Notes:  I loved knitting this. The cables and stitches made for an interesting project to knit, and the size of it meant it was done pretty quickly. I love the final result! The yarn was really lovely- it has great sheen, and holds up really well.

Over the long weekend, I also got a chance to indulge in many of the things I said I wanted to do. I did a bit of gardening, drank gin & tonic (and wine…), ate lots of delicious things (including radishes, one of my favourite vegetables) and had a lovely picnic with friends. It is this very picnic that the above photos were taken! After all, why not get some FO shots when you’re doing something fun, right? It was delicious. Erica made a wonderful chickpea salad and lemon tassies, and I made couscous salad and coconut macaroons from Lunch in Paris (I don’t recommend the recipe, they ooze everywhere and were not fun to make. I ended up making them in muffin tins just to corral the oozing.)

You may have noticed that we are drinking (well, I’m drinking) wine out of wine glasses. Just because you’re outdoors is no reason to drink out of plastic cups! Hey, it’s important to class up your picnic be environmentally friendly.

The empty plates pretty much say it all!

I’m also working on Athyrie at the moment… I’m loving the pattern so far. It’s straightforward, and simple enough for a bit of mindless knitting. I’m really looking forward to the convertible end result:

Modification Mondays: Lagon Sweater

Original Pattern: Lagon Sweater

Knitter Extraordinaire: Zita (Rav Id)

Mods: Turned the original knit-in-the-round yoked pullover into a raglan-sleeved cardigan.

What Makes This Awesome: I love it when people know themselves well enough to figure out which sleeve style works best for them, and if their wardrobe needs a cardigan or another pullover. Zita’s cardigan is a gorgeous example of how knowing yourself can allow you to transform what was already a beautiful pullover into a truly wonderful cardigan. The result is really amazing, and even her buttons are perfect, too! . Details on how she turned it into a raglan sleeved cardigan can be found on her project page here

A Quick Update

The Brooklyn General Store Squirrel contest results are in- you should see the many adorable winners! Maple didn’t take away any top honours, but I’m sure she was just happy to have a little fun with all the other squirrels over at Brooklyn General. If you happen to be in the area, the squirrels are still on display until mid-June.

My dears, I must apologize. I’m woefully behind on my blogging. I have some new FOs, and new WIPs, and oddly no photos of any of these things. I’m anxiously awaiting the long weekend- I want to garden, picnic, and take hundreds of photos. It’s funny how the internet has transformed how we document our lives- indeed, made documenting our lives important to just about everyone with a high speed internet connection-and I want to indulge in all that shameless, photo-heavy joy. I also want to drink gin & tonic in the sunshine, and eat lots of cupcakes (have you seen this link?!), and lemon tarts.

Oh, and if any of you are hosting a brunch or just would like a special breakfast this coming weekend, I highly recommend this recipe. I made it for my parents recently and it was a hit. Baking eggs in bread bowls is easy-peasy, but looks impressive.

(photo shamelessly filched from