Making Up After the Break Up

Lelah ended up in the languishing wip pile because the last time I was knitting it, the bust came out too big and I knew I’d have to frog that portion and re-knit. Frogging makes me so depressed. So when I first knew that it wasn’t going to work out, I couldn’t bring myself to frog just yet. So I gave myself a breather. A nice, long, year-and-then-some breather.

But then I needed my 3 mm circulars, to which Lelah was still attached. And that’s when I saw her again, still gorgeous even after all the time apart. I frogged the bust, and just like that pesky ex you can’t quite let go of, I suddenly had forgotten why we broke up in the first place, Lelah and I. I invited her out to be my TTC Knitalong knitting, and we such a great time together. It was like we had never been apart.

And now- well, I’m head over heels for her all over again: (a blocking photo- Lelah in Repose)

I just need to sew in the elastic and add the ribbon. I’m not someone who puts off the finishing of a knit, so expect some FO shots very soon!!

Modification Mondays: rebbyruby’s summer onesie

I’ve been thinking about starting this feature for a while. There are so many great patterns and really creative knitters that make a few mods and end up with a brilliantly special, unique, or vastly improved knit. So, without further ado, here is the inaugural Modification Monday post.

Original Pattern:Summertime Tunic by Katie Himmelberg

Knitter Extraordinaire: rebbyruby (Ravelry profile)

Mods: added shorts to make the Summertime tunic a one piece playsuit/romper/onesie.

What Makes This Awesome: If this isn’t the perfect knit to wear on a hot summer day, I don’t know what is. rebbyruby knitted this gorgeous little playsuit out of 100% soy yarn, so it’s comfy and cool. this is knit from the bottom up, whic make sense for a playsuit like this- then you can try it one as you go, making sure you get the perfect fit.
I’m a bit biased because I think playsuits are fantastic and deserve to make a comeback. I love playsuits so much I dragged a friend shopping last week to more than 15 stores trying on different playsuits and I was so disappointed that none of them worked for my figure- either they were too baggy and slouchy (in all the worst areas) or they were street walker fare. I’m so happy I stumbled across this- I think it might be the solution to the perfect-fitting playsuit!!

Yarn Crawl, Toronto style- TTC Knitalong!!

When the weekend is approaching, people usually ask if you have any plans for the weekend. It’s office small talk. And I had so much fun telling people that I was going on a Yarn Crawl. No one looked that surprised that I was doing something that involved yarn, but I did have to explain the concept of a yarn crawl to a few people. I was part of the East Team A (full of fabulous people, indeed!), which made stops at:
The Naked Sheep
The Purple Purl
Lettuce Knit (where the above photo was taken)
and Romni

I knew that in the face of 5 stores worth of delicious, delicious yarn, I’d need a game plan. So, my rules and goals were:

  • no green yarn (I alread have so much green stash you’d think I’d killed Kermit the frog and all his little green friends and spun them into skeins)
  • pick up yarn for the uber popular whisper cardigan
  • get some yarn for the Tea Rose Halter
  • get a set of 6 mm circulars

And I’m pleased to report, that it all worked out: That is 887 yards of grey pima cotton, 10 skeins Paton’s DK cotton in blue, and one skein each of Tanis Fiber Arts laceweight in Chestnut and Stormy. I also got the 6mm circs I needed, A cute and kitchy needle case from recycled materials,and there was a bag of awesome swag from The Purple Purl which included a buttery soft skein of Earth Collection Mainland. And how awesome is the TTC Knitalong tote?!
Let’s have a close up of the beautiful handpainted laceweight for a second: ah, gorgeousness. One of those will be a whisper cardigan.

I should confess that I didn’t buy the Paton’s DK cotton. I was lucky enough to win it for sporting the “Fiercest Knit” on my team- I was wearing my Honeymoon Swallowtail shawl. I’m not entirely sure I deserved it, there were so many great knits in the group, but I’m very pleased to have won- espeically since I was looking for dk cotton and didn’t find what I had in mind. But when you go and win ten skeins of exactly what you need- I guess the knitting gods were sending a sign!
This is Team East A with all our yarn piled on the tables at the Rivoli:
Thanks to everyone who put the event together, and to the stores that hosted us. A good day, indeed!!

FO- Midas Miniskirt

So here it is- the shiny knitting I’ve been keeping secret….. I LOVE this skirt. Love it. It fits me perfectly, isn’t too short (no panty flash when sitting down), and feels great on.
sorry about the goosebumps- it was chilly! And you may also notice I haven’t blocked the skirt yet. I was too excited to block before taking photos…

Pattern: Midas (my own, free pattern to follow shortly)

4 mm circulars

Yarn: Berroco Lumina in Gold Coast

Notes: This is knit from the waist down. It’s a fun little skirt that is easily customized and immensely wearable. It can be as long or as short as you want, and would look gorgeous in many other yarns and fibres, although I find that the cotton gives this a nice drape.(drawstring waist detail)

This is one of those knits where the yarn inspired the pattern. I was picking up some sock yarn from my LYS, and came across an utterly entrancing basket of Lumina in all sorts of colourways. My brain immediately defaulted into ‘ooh, sparkly!’, and I spent half an hour standing in front of the basket petting various skeins while I fantasized about what I would knit with this sparkly, sparkly goodness. Naturally I came to the only conclusion any sane, practical, married 30-year-old could make- a gold knitted miniskirt.

About the yarn: It’s cotton (54%) and acrylic (36%), so it’s lightweight and breathes well. The gold filament (10%) that is wrapped around the fibre is strong and holds it’s position well- doesn’t unravel from the yarn too easily, and held up to several rounds of ripping back while I tested out different waistbands and hems. The filament means that it isn’t the softest thing against your skin, but I was fine with it and found the skirt totally comfortable.
The lace edging started off being similar to baby’s tears from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting On the Edge, but I made so many mods that it might qualify as my own. I’m not sure what the rules are about that sort of thing, so I’ll say it’s ‘inspired by’ her edging.I loved knitting this. At first I was wondering what the heck I would wear this with, but it is surprisingly versatile- looks good with lots of different coloured tops, and does daytime or evening surprisingly well. I’m thinking of knitting another (longer) one, maybe in a DK merino tweed for the fall.

FO- Augustine Aubergine: The Cutest Eggplant You’ve Ever Seen

Augustine had a lovely little frolic in the garden outside my office building yesterday.
I must give credit to Yoelknits, since she suggested the name for this little cutie. There were lots of great names suggested, but I’m a sucker for the fanciful.

Pattern: Aubergine, in Amigurumi Knits

Yarn: stash yarn- the purple is acrylic, the green is superwash merino. Machine washable is necessary when making plushies that might be given to small kids.

Needles: 3.25 mm dpns.

Mods: Well, the limbs and face aren’t part of the pattern. I embroidered the face on, although I’m not sure if I feel that the eyes turned out as well as I would have liked. I knit the arms by casting on 13 stitches onto dpns and working in the round for 1 inch. The decrease round was k2tog to the last stitch, k1. Next round: knit. Do the decrease round again, thread yarn through remaining for stitches. The legs were exactly the same, only I made them 2.5 inches before doing the first decrease round, and I angled the feet up by just adjusting the polyester fill inside. Augustine Aubergine is very excited to match the bearded irises!

Notes: The actual needle size called for is 3.75, but I couldn’t find mine when I was looking to cast on, and figured a slightly small and more densely knit plushie wouldn’t be a bad thing. I still stand by the needle choice, I think it worked out well.
She does sit up on her own quite well, and has a nice plump shape. The pattern was well written and error-free, and was a really quick knit. I should mention that it is designed to have no seaming, which is incredible! I stitched the bottom of the green leaves down, which has created some shadowing across her face, but otherwise I’m really pleased with it. She’s going to make a nice little gift to a friend’s little one!