Modification Monday: Girly Dashing

Original Pattern: Dashing

Knitter Extraordinaire: Mikka (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Added more cables and modified the thumb gusset. More information on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: When it comes to fingerless mitts, the quest for the perfect thumb gusset is always an important one. Mikka made some great changes to the gusset, and the extra cables definitely make the mitts more feminine and pretty, which I love. I never would have thought to do that with this pattern, and now I’m so inspired!! I love these mitts, they are perfect.

FO: Mother’s Day Lace Sweater


Pattern: #28 Lace Cardi

Yarn: Elann Superwash Worsted

Needles: 5 and 6 mm circulars (US 8 and 10)

Mods: Eliminated the shawl collar, opted instead to just do a normal ring of ribbing around the sweater. Added sleeves.


Notes: A huge thank you to Laura who kindly sent me an extra skein when I ran out of yarn. For some reason, I thought it would be super awesome to have all my cream/white coloured yarns together in the same box, so I thought I had more of this yarn that I actually did (no, just loads of other weights/fibers in the exact same colour…). And it turns out, they don’t make it anymore. But super Laura to the rescue! The sleeves I added on are bit small, but fortunately my mom has skinny arms.


This sweater was an unusual knit for me, the construction was not something I’d done before, and the whole second half of knitting it I was constantly battling fears of running out of yarn while simultaneously adding sleeves. my mother picked out the pattern, and it is beautiful, but I find the shaping a bit odd, in that it is most narrow at the hem, and widest through the waist. But the end result is beautiful.


Modification Monday: Help Me Rondeur

Original Pattern: Rondeur

Knitter Extraordinaire: Heidi (Ravlery ID)

Mods: Adjusted the hemline from the original pattern to sit flat for a more flattering hemline, and added a lace detail. Project page can be found here with more notes.

What Makes This Awesome: This is a perfect example of how awesome it is to be a knitter and customize your clothes for a more flatting fit. Heidi wasn’t comfortable with how the rounded hem of the original pattern might fall on her body, and instead chose to do a more classic hem, but added a bit of lace detail to spice things up. I love how the lace at the hem line balances out the amazing detail at the raglan ‘seams’  and the whole garment looks beautiful. What a fabulous customization! Plus, I had a genuine smile over her witty little project name.

A Trip to the Frog Pond

I hate frogging. Every time I consider it, I suddenly have a Rain
Man-esque ability to remember exactly how many hours I spent knitting it
thus far, and it hurts.

The cowl was cast on in August 2010, while in… England? Stockholm? It feels so luxurious to be wondering what country/city I was in when I cast on. Which is why I’ve been clinging to this project, hoping it would magically become something I wanted.
But you know, it’s just not going to happen. I love the yarn ( Knitpicks alpaca cloud) but this cowl is just… not working out. I know I’m not going to wear it. And what is the point in knitting something that you know you aren’t going to love?

This was supposed to be this caplet, but somehow it transformed into what is a very granny tea cozy, no?

 (okay, this is a useless photo that is mostly showing the wrong side of the knitting, but trust me- it’s striping and looks dreadful)

Because that’s all I see when I look at this- a self-striping, granny tea cozy.  Which isn’t going to work for me. I do love the yarn (although it was a surprise to find out it stripes!), but it’s going to be shelved, and one day, the perfect project will present itself for this yarn, I know it.

Modification Monday: Girly Wurm

Original Pattern: Wurm

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jaana (Ravelry ID, Blog)

Mods: Added a picot edging and eyelet details to the ribbing for the body of the hat. Details are on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: The Wurm pattern is so lovely and simple, it’s great to see how a few small tweaks can yield such beautifully different results. I absolutely love the eyelet between the ridges of garter stitch, and the picot trim looks so pretty. I love this mod!! Might need to make one for myself when the weather turns cool again….