FO: Forks at Twilight

I think shawls are the perfect travel knitting. They only take one skein, they are never too heavy to drag around, and they are interesting enough to keep your attention while you sit in a car for hours on end. Over the Labour Day long weekend, I knit up this beauty:
Twilight/Gloaming Shawl

Estelle Arequipa, in ‘Forest’

Needles: 3.5 mm circulars

Mods: I eliminated the beads, which were optional. I think the beads would be gorgeous, but I wasn’t about to drag lots of tiny beads with me in the car and to the cottage. I do not bead fearlessly! This pattern comes in the full version and the shawlette version- I made the shawlette.
Notes: I LOVED knitting this. Loved the pattern, loved the yarn. So much, that it only took me 3 days to knit. Oh yes, you read that right- 3 days. Admittedly, a lot of that knitting time was during the 7.5 hour drive to and from the cottage, and then during the lazy afternoons lounging at the dock. I named this shawl Forks at Twilight because I am a Twihard because the gorgeous, dark forest hue seemed like such a good match for a shawl inspired by Twilight.

This shawl is the perfect solution for people who like shawls, but find all over lace a bit fussy. I have to note one of my favourite parts of this pattern- best damn shawl cast off I’ve ever seen. Seriously. This gave such a lovely edge, I’ll never cast off a shawl any other way again.
In other good knitting news, I was the lucky recipient of one of CanarySanctuary’s summer funtime weekly giveaways! Check out the amazing project bag and treats that she sent:

  • Perfect project bag with compartments, needle holders, and even a rivet that allows for yarn to smoothly pull out.
  • Matching needle roll, with 3 sets of gorgeous bamboo needles
  • needle point protectors (oh, how my purse has been begging for these for years)
  • 2 skeins of Bell Vallee Wools, a soft cream colour and a lovely pale grey. So thick and woolly!! I foresee hats or mittens.
  • a little polar bear, perfect for guarding the knitting from would-be knitting thieves (Raaar!! stay away from the knitting!!)

Thanks, Teresa!! I love it so much!!

Modification Mondays: Francis

I bet that without out the title, you’d never guess which sweater this beautiful pullover started out being:

Original Pattern: Francis Revisited

Knitter Extraordinaire:
Mandy (Rav id, Blog)

Adjusted gauge, neckline, and sleeves to create a totally customized and very different sweater.

What Makes This Awesome: This is a 3 sweater hybrid knit, which started off with the basic structure of Francis, but took on some of the style and details of two other sweaters from Phildar: The first Phildar sweater in that equation is from the Autumn 021 catalogue, and the final sweater in the addition is from Phildar Spring/Summer 019 catalogue. The resulting sweater looks beautifully designed, comfy, and flattering. And can I just say how much I love the sleeves? Love the sleeves. Love them! I think I need a sweater with sleeves like this.

Knit Brooches- You Know You Want Them

I am madly, obsessively, in love with this brooch:It’s from Etsy seller Crafty Folk, and she has the loveliest little pins and cameos. Just check out these other knitting cameos below:

I’m in love!!! I was trying so hard not to buy myself any little treats, but how can anyone resist that Miss Knit pin? Wouldn’t she look just perfect on your fall coat, or bag?

Modification Mondays: Laminaria

Original Pattern: Laminaria Shawl

Knitter Extraordinaire:
Kia, (Rav Id, blog)

The shawl originally calls for laceweight yarn and 3.5 mm needles, but Kia bigged it up by knitting a bulky spun yarn on 12.75mm needles. Yes, you read that right- 12.75 mm.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m a sucker for large scale lace- it is so unexpected and visually compelling. And let’s face it- a laceweight shawl is great, but if you’re from cold climates you need something that’s really going to keep you toasty warm. I’m also impressed with how this is her third attempt at trying to do a chunky version of Laminaria, which shows that a bit of determination pays off. Take a look at her projects page– she’s been experimenting with the perfect bulky Laminaria for a while.

Instructions for how to duplicate her bulky Laminaria are on her project page. I think I might be giving this one a try! With bulky yarn, large needles, and Kia already having thoughtfully explained the mods to make, I bet it would be a fantastic quick knit…and just look at how beautiful it is:

A Little Music on a Thursday

I’m pretty excited- my wedding got blogged over at A Practical Wedding. Squee! Reading it made me feel that wedding joy all over again.

I’m on an Aussie songbird kick at the moment, and I’m going to share these two completely different singers. First up is Sarah Blasko, my latest obsession. Check out this stunning video: One of the coolest things I’ve seen in ages. even if you don’t like the song (and I’ll admit she has better ones), you’ve got to admit that video is gorgeous.

Next up is a little song that makes me ridiculously happy every time I hear it:
That is Lisa Mitchell, with “Coin laundry”. Enjoy!