Modification Monday: Cable and Bobble

Original Pattern: Regina Cable & Bobble Fingerless Mitts

Knitter Extraordinaire: Nicole (Rav ID, blog)

Mods: Adjusted cables to meet at the top of the full mitten, customized the center motif to fit with the decreases at the top, and changed the bobble from a 5 stitch to a 3 stitch bobble. She also lined them for extra warmth. Detailed project notes can be found on her project page.

What Makes This Awesome: These mittens looks gorgeous in their full-mitt guise. I love the smaller bobbles, the elgant cables at the fingertips, and the lining looks so cozy and perfect for blustery winters.  It’s not always easy to turn fingerless mitts into mittens, particularly when there are cables and design features that make decreasing challenging, but Nicole worked out an elegant solution with the branches and cables. Now that the weather has turned chilly here, I’m craving a cosy pair of mittens just like these!

FO: Grey Beret

Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

Yarn: Mirasol Miski

Needles: 4.5 mm and 5 mm dpns (US 7 and 8)

Mods: Added 3 extra charter repeats to make the beret more slouchy, as I went down in needle sizes than specified in the original pattern. Ravelry project page is here.

 Notes: I pretty much only look good in slouchy hats that add a bit of width to my head, because I’ve got a tiny little pin head and anything close fitting makes that painfully obvious. So this hat was perfect- I love the slightly unstructured cables, the softness of the shape, and the slouchy factor. Add an awesome pattern with a wonderfully warm and amazing yarn, and you have hat bliss, people.

This hat could easily be knit in a couple days. I was taking my time with it as I was crazy busy the last couple weeks of October with a work conference.I might be the only person who loves November- I find that after the hurricane of busy-ness that Fall is for so many people (keep in mind that here in Canada, Thanksgiving is in October so we have no November holidays), and the chaos of Christmas and the holiday season in December, November is a nice respite from the hectic schedules. And I like the light. It’s hazy and soft, and even though I’m often rushing against the clock to get photos before it gets dark, it’s still lovely.

Modification Monday: Stella

Original Pattern: Estelle Pullover

Knitter Extraordinaire: Tracy (Rav ID)

Mods: Scaled down the size of the sweater and the yoke to  provide a smaller, more customized fit, including waist shaping. Fabulous modification details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: This modification addresses something that I find problematic for myself- I haven’t knit a yoked sweater because attempts in the past have yielded yokes that are out of proportion for my small shoulders (and usually have a crew neck neckline, which does me no favours at all). But Tracy made this beautiful pullover to fit her shape exactly by customizing the shaping and the length of the yoke, and tweaking the sweater in many ways to give the customized fit that works for her smaller frame. The result is amazing- I love this sweater!! It looks beautiful and comfortable, and really chic.

Modification Mondays: Broadway Modified

Original Pattern: Broadway

Knitter Extraordinaire: Suzanne (Rav ID)

Mods: Customized the pattern to accommodate very different gauge, as well as adding more increases and decreases for a better fit; and  carried on the eyelet pattern through the upper portion of the sweater.

What Makes This Awesome: What I love about this knit (besides the fact that it is flat-out gorgeous) is that it is so customized. Suzanne revamped many of the details but kept the overall look and feel of the garment. The eyelets on the top are a fantastic detail, and the fit looks spot-on perfect. Fantastically full details are on her project page, here.

FO: Folded


Pattern: Folded

Yarn: Valley Yarns Huntington

Needles: 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm (US 4 and 6)

Mods: I knitted the sleeves flat and seamed them, adding an extra stitch at each side to allow for the seams. I despise knitting sleeves in the round, I have no idea why.

DSC_0640 (2)-2

Notes: I love Veera’s patterns. The lines are simple, flattering, classic, yet somehow really modern. Folded is no exception- it’s a lovely, perfect little sweater. I wnat to knit one in every colour, that’s how much I love it. And when I had it with me in Sudbury to visit my parents for Canadian Thanksgiving, my mom was in love with it. I don’t blame her- it’s super comfortable and I love this colour.

What I did not love, however, was the yarn. Huntington was a dream to knit with, I really liked everything about it until I wet blocked the sweater and was horrified at the results. The yarn bled, and the whole sweater grew. And I don’t mean it grew a bit, I mean it transformed itself into a gigantic curtain of sweater and scared the heck out of me. I actually put it in the tumble dryer, that’s how desperate I was to get it back to it’s small size again. And then the yarn pilled and fuzzed and immediately looked like some broken in, old sweater that had seen the inside of both a washing machine and a tumble dryer multiple times. 

It made me want to cry. Hours spent knitting a sweater I adore only to have it look like an old hand me down before I’ve even got photos.That’s why there’s no close up- I couldn’t’ stand to wallow in the fuzz.


There was a lot of cursing going on at my place that afternoon, let me tell you. The worst part? I was totally going to give this to my mom for Christmas, since she loved it so much. But I can’t gift a prematurely-aged sweater. I’m so sad.