A Quick Update

The Brooklyn General Store Squirrel contest results are in- you should see the many adorable winners! Maple didn’t take away any top honours, but I’m sure she was just happy to have a little fun with all the other squirrels over at Brooklyn General. If you happen to be in the area, the squirrels are still on display until mid-June.

My dears, I must apologize. I’m woefully behind on my blogging. I have some new FOs, and new WIPs, and oddly no photos of any of these things. I’m anxiously awaiting the long weekend- I want to garden, picnic, and take hundreds of photos. It’s funny how the internet has transformed how we document our lives- indeed, made documenting our lives important to just about everyone with a high speed internet connection-and I want to indulge in all that shameless, photo-heavy joy. I also want to drink gin & tonic in the sunshine, and eat lots of cupcakes (have you seen this link?!), and lemon tarts.

Oh, and if any of you are hosting a brunch or just would like a special breakfast this coming weekend, I highly recommend this recipe. I made it for my parents recently and it was a hit. Baking eggs in bread bowls is easy-peasy, but looks impressive.

(photo shamelessly filched from noblepig.com)

Modification Monday: Selbu Clochette

Original Pattern: Selbu Modern

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sarah (Rav id, Blog)

Mods: Began with a sweater hem-style brim, added tucks, and an additional colourwork chart on the edging. The crown was worked with the Selbu pattern.

What Makes This Awesome: Sarah fell in love with the lovely alpaca yarn first, and then couldn’t resist the gorgeous colourwork of the Selbu Modern pattern. What I love about her solution was to not fight the drape-y fabric that the alpaca would create, and instead thought about the kind of shape that would work. Her gorgeous cloche is perfect. The style is amazing and flattering, and the tuck rows add texture and style. I absolutely love the result! there is a need for more hats with tucks, I think! She explains her mods (and how to do the tucks) on her blog post, which can be found here.

2010 Knitter’s Frolic- Toronto

The 2010 Knitter’s frolic took place at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto this past weekend, and it was fantastic. 

You all know how much I love a good photo mosaic, so here is the at-a-glance fun that was the Frolic:

I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked- I was so busy fondling the yarn and deciding what to buy I had to do another walk through to snap some photos! The full set is here.

 I tried to be a bit restrained this weekend- funds are a bit tight, but that didn’t stop me from making a few purchases:

I’m utterly in love with the new St. Denis spring/summer 2010 issue. There are so many patterns in there that I’m desperate to knit! I also picked up a copy of Royale, a new pattern that I’m so in love with.

 Let’s get a yarn close up, shall we? Top: Mirasol Sulka, one of my favourites:

I love Sulka for it’s lovely, subtle heathering. The yarn is practically prismatic!

And on the left, a lovely skein by Indigodragonfly, in ‘kitchen sink’, and two skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Green label in ‘Stormy’. I have to confess I already own a skein of laceweight in the same ‘stormy’ colourway- I can’t get enough of the grey blue and grey green tones. All the yarn is slated for gifts- cowls, shrugs, and the like. If only I could decide on which patterns to use!

Modification Mondays: Beaded Citron

Original Pattern: Citron

Knitter Extraordinaire: Deb (Rav Id)

Mods: Used 4 different yarns in a combination of tones and fibers, added beading to some sections, and used different stitch patterns for some of the bands. Project page, including details and stitches used, can be found here.

What Makes this Awesome: The beads! The stitches! the different yarns all within the same colour group! This is a rare occasion when I’ve actually knit the pattern being modified, and I’m so jealous I didn’t think of this idea first! The original pattern is wonderful, and judging by the thousands of FOs, I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s a very straightforward pattern that leads to perfect-for-everyone, and straightforward patterns often lend themselves to infinite versatility. Using different yarns AND using different stitch patterns (plus beads, people!) means that you could have a whole wardrobe of these, with different colours, fibers, stitch patterns, and anything else that strikes your fancy. The result is a stunning accessory, and one that is truly all your own.

FO: Maple the Squirrel

remember how I mentioned that Brooklyn General Store was having a Squirrel Contest? Well, here’s my squirrel. Everyone, meet Maple.

Pattern: Squirrel and the cardigan is from clothing bundle 3 .

Yarn: Bernat Solids. I know it’s acrylic craft yarn, but it’s perfect for machine washable children’s toys.

Needles: 4mm / US 6

Mods: I made the ears much smaller, by really just using three stitches (squirrels have really small ears!). I also used the idea of the tail construction from the Brooklyn General Store Squirrel Pattern, but had to sew the seam of the tail (which is constructed like a pom pom) since I didn’t quite understand how to crochet a tail seam. For the cardigan, I made a small hole in the back of the cardigan so that Maple’s tail could be pulled through for maximum tail glory!

I named her Maple because she’s the colour of maple sugar and is, of course, Canadian! Although for those unfamiliar with Canada, please note: we do not have real maple sugar squirrels here.

She’s already in transit to New York to begin her squirrely adventures. Brooklyn General, I know you’ll take good care of her while she’s there!

And hey- if you are wanting to get your squirrels in, the deadline is May 15th– there’s still time! Toys knit up so quickly, and there is always express shipping  if you need to get it there overnight.