Modification Monday: Blue Coral

Original Pattern: Coral

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jurga (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Added length and stripes to this summery pattern to make a dress. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love the beautiful, monochromatic stripes of this dress,and the ombre effect she achieved with this. The striping in the fabric mimics the striping in the yoke perfectly. This dress looks striking, yet unfussy. Gorgeous, yet comfy. And who doesn’t want a summer dress that does all that?! This is such a perfect knit dress for the warmer weather.

FO: Cooling Ring of Water


Pattern: Burning Ring of Fire

Yarn: leftover scraps of Tanis Fiber Arts Aran Weight (Green label)

Needles: 5mm circulars (US8)

Mods: Added Stripes, to use up 4 leftover colours of yarn. I knitted in pattern for 19 rounds, added one row of the new colour, then back to the previous colour for an additional round, then continued in the new colour for 19 rows.


Notes: This pattern is so fantastic- it’s super easy, super fast, and by striping it I could stash-bust some of those random leftover bits of skeins that you get piling up.  This is the perfect little cowl for when the fall arrives, and I think this would make an awesome and quick gift for someone, too.  I love this cowl, and I bet it would look lovely in variegated yarns or even something a little fuzzy. Maybe I’ll try a different texture the next time I knit this! A little strand of mohair or angora carried with the yarn would be very cozy in the winter…

 Cooling Ring of Water Cowl

Modification Monday: Un-Iced

Original Pattern: Iced

Knitter Extraordinaire: Isabelle (Ravelry ID, Blog, Podcast)

Mods: Changed the gauge and added length to turn a cozy cardigan into a cuddly knitted jacket. Project page is here.

What Makes This Awesome: I don’t think it ever would have occurred to me how wonderfully simple this modification could be- knitting a cardigan at a super bulky gauge and making it longer to turn it into a chic knitted jacket. Plus, the super bulky gauge emphasizes the great texture of the garter stitch borders. This looks gorgeous as a jacket! And I don’t yet have a knitted jacket for the crisp fall and spring days- maybe I’ll have to make an Un-iced, too!

Our Newest Family Member

I would like to introduce you to our newest family member….

This is Bruce Quillis.
He’s pretty awesome. And so gosh darn cute.

This is our first hedgehog as a pet, and we’re pretty excited. We’ve done lots of reading up on proper hedgie care, and apparently they get on well with cats! Quillis is is 1.5 years old. Once we decided to get a hedgie, I wanted to find one that needed to be re-homed, rather than buy one from a pet store or breeder. It’s always so much harder for adult pets to find homes.Yarn is very intrigued by Quillis, but Gatsby hasn’t shown any interest in Qullis at all.

Quillis and Yarn meet for the first time. Not quite a successful meeting of the minds.


Sarah (aka The Sexy Knitter) has recently revamped her site and started a new feature called Getting to Know You, where she interviews knitwear designers. I’m pretty excited to be the first one! You can find the interview here, as well as a super impressive styling spread for my Make Up Your Mind tank, on taking it into fall. I’m so impressed!! I’m familiar with Polyvore but have never attempted to make a set before- this is so inspiring!!

Sarah’s board was all the inspiration I needed to play around in my own wardrobe with wearing this knit into the fall, and she’s spot on: layered with jeans, boots, a cardigan and killer accessories, this is really perfect. Thanks so much, Sarah!!