Modification Mondays: Poison Cardigan

Original Pattern: Cameo

Knitter Extraordinaire: Stacy (Rav Id, Blog)

Mods: Changed the neckline to a scooped square, knitted it in stockinette, added waist shaping, and used baby cables instead of ribbing around the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

What Makes This Awesome: I’m always so impressed when someone looks at a knitting patten, and decides to change almost everything every about it. I love the timeless look and style of this gorgeous little sweater, and the generous quantity of buttons. The baby cables are a wonderful detail and are really enhanced by the stockinette body. This is the kind of sweater that just goes with everything! Project page, including details on her mods, can be found here.

Mini FO: Coffee Sleeve

This little project was actually knitted last year, and then I finally got around to embroidering the flowers on it recently.

 The pattern is totally made up on the fly- just a stockinette sleeve with a seed stitch border, and some blue flowers embroidered for a bit of colour and detail. I really love embroidery!

Saturday we had a little party to celebrate Guy’s permanent residency visa. I baked up a storm- I made gluten free brownies, maple leaf sugar cookies, Canadian wildlife sugar cookies, mini cupcakes with maple leaf sprinkles, and mini quiches. Then I had to finally cave and buy pre-made nanaimo bars and butter tarts, because I had spent sooo many hours in the kitchen and I was just plain exhausted. I took some photos of the cookies, but I decided to kick back with some sangria and enjoy the party, so sunbsequently did not do much picture taking. But here are the wildlife cookies:

I’m seriously proud of all of them, but everyone loved the foxes the best.

And while we’re on the subject of wildlife,  I have to share with you all some of the cutest little photos I’ve seen in a while:

This is a little orphaned fawn that Taylor’s mom (you might remember Taylor from this post) is taking care of, with the help of her pet German Shepard!! Everything about these photos just wrings my heart, it’s all so adorable. The second shot even has, inexplicably, gratuitous kittens wandering around. So much cuteness!!!

Modification Mondays: Composed Mitts

Original Pattern: Composed Mitts 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Lynn (Rav Id, Blog)

Mods: Lynn used two sections of the original pattern’s colourwork chart and knitted up these lovely flowered handwarmers.

What Makes This Awesome: It was such a simple mod, but by paring down the busy colourwork of the original pattern to two key aspects of the design, Lynn created this lovely floral version of the mitts, which just seem so romantic- I feel like I could definitely imagine an Austen-esque heroine wearing these! So gorgeous. Check out her project page here.

Obsessing Over Agathe

In my ongoing love of all things St. Denis, I’m obsessing over my next target from the latest issue of the magazine- the Agathe Pullover.

(photo filched from St. Denis magazine, issue 2)
I love everything about it. The simple silhouette. The stripes. The way it looks fabulous with jeans, on the beach, in the sunshine. I tend to really love classic wardrobe staples, and this sweater is hitting all the buttons. I think this would be a lovely, Zen knit… full of stockinette and some stripes to keep it interesting. Except…. have you seen the colour options for St. Denis Nordique?! I can’t bloody decide! These are the colour combos I’m looking at so far: 

So… each row of three is a potential combo that I like. The first colour in the row represents the main sweater colour, while the other two would be the contrasting stripes.  I like the idea of a pop of colour, but I tend to gravitate towards neutrals; they suit my lifestyle (and me, and my wardrobe).I’m leaning towards the top two, but I’m not sure if I have the combo right. What do you all think? I could use some advice.

Modification Mondays: Improvised Skinny Empire

Original Pattern: Skinny Empire

Knitter Extraordinaire: Erin (Rav Id)

Mods: Changed the neckline, sleeve construction, empire waist detail, and added a gull lace stitch to the hem of the pullover.

What Makes This Awesome:  I think that this was such a brilliant idea- she knew she wanted to improvise a pattern that would create a super flattering knit and didn’t use a lot of yarn; she knew she wanted to change the neckline and add lace to the bottom. I think by really clearly laying out what you want to change (see her ‘goal’ box on her project page), it’s easier to develop a game plan on how, exactly, you’re going to make those changes! And the final result is amazing- the neckline is perfect, the lace detail at the hem adds great interest to the piece. The resulting garment is just so, so pretty. I would wear this with everything!

Her project page, with great details on her modifications, can be found here.