FO- Bulky Mini Cardi

Friday night Jen and I were at The Purple Purl to help Glenna celebrate the completion of her Ph.D. And we knitted…. and knitted…. and I finally got some FO shots of the mini bulky cardigan, thanks to Jen.
Pattern: Mini Bulky Cardigan

Size: small, but an altered small- the small is a 38 bust, and I’m a 32. I came in under gauge, and followed pattern as normal.

Yarn: Marisol Sulka, 4 skeins, colourway is black pepper

Needle Sizes:9mm, 6.5 mm, 5 mm

Mods: None, except that I didn’t do the contrasting colour trim. Which I think is pretty obvious.

Notes: I LOVE THIS YARN. I swear I’m a martini away from running off to Las Vegas and marrying it in an Elvis chapel.

Here’s a shot of the back, I love the decreases. Stephanie Japel is brilliant. And then the neckline. I really like the garter trim.

I’m a bit late on Self Portrait Sunday, but I was a bit under the weather: As honest as it gets, really. I’m in bed, in a bathrobe. I forgot about the chicken pox scar on my forehead. I’ve had it since I was three years old, but it’s been ages since I noticed it. And why yes, I do display my handbags as wall art. They are too pretty to be chucked in a drawer.

Celeb knitwatch08 continues

Check out Beyonce’s cabled newsboy cap.

Simple enough cable but I’ve not seen a pattern for one of those flat caps on ravelry yet. I’d like to make one next year. More photos here: jj

Rihanna snapped in a blue beret with beau Chris Brown.

Easy slouch beret that could be copied with a velvetish novelty yarn. More photos here: justjared

The ever classy Rummer Willis

I strongly dislike this girl. I wonder how long before she has a chin job? More photos here:justjared

Kate Walsh loves the big squish.

I wonder how heavy the piece is? She’s wearing those glasses again. Gag.

Next up are Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel and Fergi in gray belted cardigans.

Katherine needs to lose the hat, but I like her sweater a lot. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the buttons! Cute flats too, I want a silver pair right…..NOW.

Kate Hudson (whom I adore) and Fergie are both wearing the Candela NYC Short Pom Pom Sweater It’s on sale people! Snatch it up if you like it. It was $264 now it’s $79 It’s 20% wool, 20% mohair, 60% acrylic manufactured in Argentina.

The desiger also made a scarf in the same style. I like it. $40 down from $132
same wool mix.

and I’ll show you my latest covet- The Cross Check Coat.

It’s perfect. Casual, but the details make it a great piece. Good on a rainy day. I love the cropped sleeve and omg the strap detail?! Loves.

I found a photo of Ashley Tisdale in a grey cardi. Not a fan of her but the outfit is nice.

Miles of mindless stockinette. The fit appears to have 3 tiers and the sitches must have been increased to create the slight ruffle.

Avril in a plain stockinette slouch. It’s a great hat actually, I just think the outfit she paired it with is all kinds of fug! In the ten odd years she’s been around I’ve yet to see her sans skulls. The yarn however reminds me of the rowan cocoon I used a few months back for the parishil hat.

TEAMKNIT! Weekend Edition: May 24

Hi everybody, it’s been a while since one of these so tip your beverage of choice and dig in to this slice.

Jen needs to choose a dress for her boyfriends relatives wedding. So far it’s 2-1 black dress. What do you think?

Dress #1

Very bright blue in color. Made of microfiber, lace and silk. A long blue silk sash under the bust breaks up the waistline and is also long enough to be tied in the front. Fitted but light.

lace bust detail

Dress#1 Detail


Raw cotton. A crisp contrast of the white embroidery and die/crewel cut flower pattern. Very full skirt allowing fabric to swish for miles when spinning. The dress has a crisscross back design with a long straps for tying. They can looped them around in the front to define the waist a bit with enough to make a generous bow too.

Here is a close up of the lacy bit.

Dress#2 Detail

Jen’s note: I tested the blue dress last week and loved it with very matte black nylonss. but mentioned that the outfit needs patent shoes and/or some bling embellishment. for either dress more tanned skin is needed. I is le pale. Julie pale even! Time for me to hit the L’Oreal Sublime Glow again. If you are of my skintones and need a self-tanner I 100% suggest this one. I probably should go for the pale but I always opt for medium to dark coverage.

Let’s break it down a little:

1. It gives you a full shade of color within 4-5 applications. No overnight tan thank god.

2. It is firstly a moisturizer so your skin is soft and sweet smelling.

3. If your pale like me I suggest using it once and seeing how you like the color. I would use it in the evenings when I got home vs mornings/nights to prevent the discoloration of my sheets/clothes.

4. There is a fleck in the lotion similar to Olay’s Quench that we all love. Shimmer with out being a disco ball.

5. Last, but not least I recommend shaving and exfoliating before you apply it so your color lasts longer.

I know it sounds like a lot of rules and things you have to do but if you follow them all then I guarantee this will be your favorite summer moisturizer/tanner. Cost: $8.45!


Also, if you don’t have a tinted moisturizer I whole heartedly suggest this one by Lancome.

1. SPF 20
2. Sheer buildable coverage
3. Light Diffusing – see this photo for reference.
4. I use #1, the lightest of available three shades.
5. It lasts all freaking day and is a great base for powders to grab onto. (I use & love Clinique’s Super Double Powder in 07 Matte Neutral fyi)
6. Can be applied with fingers but a foundation brush or a stippling brush gives best results. A good foundation brush is your best friend for seamless application.

Next up are some awesome knit sightings in Toronto.
A tad voyeristic maybe? The key is to not let them know. shhh.


Spotted: Queen W & John




Spotted: Queen E & Caroline

Purple Tigress

Spotted: Purple Purl

Jen & Toby’s New Apartment! (some Blair Witch like filming included)

Guilty Pleasures:

Headley – Never to late
Julie’s homemade peanut brittle
Quaker Chewy Yogurt & Vanilla granola bar (150 calories never tasted so good)
Golden Skans by Klaxons
Rock you like a Hurricane by Scorpions

Salvatore Ferragamo – Incanto Shine

An equation since the beginning

Bec on Blades

Bec Jules and Jen try their hand at Kevin’s new apartment(that we’re painting today!)



Sad News

This is me and my grandmother, about 3 years ago:I’m sad that I don’t have a more recent photo of the two of us. She was the woman who taught me how to knit. When I was about seven years old, she took me to get my first pair of knitting needles- bright green 6 mm straights. I loved them. I wish I still had them.

The day after mother’s day, she passed away. If you are so inclined, you can read the eulogy that I gave at her funeral. It pretty much sums it up.

Grannie’s Eulogy

When I first began to think about what to say here today about my grandmother, I realized I only knew such a small part of her- what she was like as a grandmother. It’s the rest of you who know what she was like as a mother, a sister, a friend. But we have all known her love.

When I think of Grannie, there are so many little things that come to mind:

She loved birds, knew the names of every single one that ever crossed the yard. She also loved cats, and sometimes those two loves did not get on so well with each other.

She had a killer sense of humour, she loved to laugh. Even right now, I can remember exactly what her laugh sounds like.

She loved playing cards, and apparently was quite the shark at poker. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table with the other grown ups, smoking and looking at her cards over the rim of her glasses.

She was an avid reader, and always had a book on the go. She liked mysteries the best.

She was a knitter. She knit sweaters and slippers for all her children and grandchildren. She taught me how to knit when I was little, and I still do it. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I remember her taking me to get my first pair of knitting needles, bright green ones, and carefully showing me how to wrap the yarn and move one stitch over the next, over and over again.

And could that woman ever bake! Cakes, Cookies, squares, everything. Most clearly I remember her making money cakes for us grandchildren when we were really little, with quarters and dimes and nickels wrapped in wax paper and baked into a chocolate cake, covered in thick chocolate icing. We would comb through our slices with the care of archeologists, trying to find all the money we could.

I remember when I was little, she grew strawberries in the back yard, and we would go out in the garden and walk through the tidy rows, looking for ripe berries to put in our bowls. She would often comment about the insects that would get at them, like grubs, and she would mutter under her breath about ‘those little buggers’ until one day I saw a grub on a strawberry and said the same thing – ‘those little buggers’. And Grannie stopped, and looked at me. I could tell by the look in her eyes that I had said something wrong, but I had no idea what. When she told me that bugger was a bad word, I paused for only a moment before asking what ‘bugger’ meant. She never did tell me. And after that she seemed to use the term ‘ugger-bees’ a lot.

She was strong. The after-effects of the polio she had as a child stayed with her her whole life, but I can’t remember ever hearing her complain, I never once heard her say anything that sounded like she was sorry for herself. And even up to the end, she hung on longer than most of us ever expected, longer than most of us would manage. She was tough.

When she was unable to live on her own anymore, my parents bought her house, and I find that really comforting, being in the house where my mother, aunt, and uncles grew up, where all five of her grandchildren played on the living floor, and in the backyard. Everything about that house reminds me of her.

I’ve been thinking about what her life meant, and what she has left behind. Albert Einstein once said, “death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us- our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life.”

Now when I come home to Sudbury to visit, my mother and I bake together in same kitchen she once baked in with her mother, the same kitchen in which I baked with Grannie when I was a child. And one day when I have children of my own, they’ll bake in that kitchen with my mother, and with me.

And when I think of that, I understand what Einstein meant.

Time has a way of moving past us when we aren’t looking. Years dissolve one after the other so quickly, and suddenly there is a whole life behind you, filled with laughter and tears and love, filled with children, grandchildren, family and friends. Maureen Robitaille gave us all so much love. And that legacy, that gift, is something that we carry from here today.

Sulka Love and Self Portrait Sunday

I swear, I only meant to do a swatch of the Marisol Sulka for the Bulky Mini Cardigan and then, before I knew it:Yup. I’m smitten. And this yarn is heaven. HEAVEN.

I should have planned to start Self Portrait Sunday when I got back from the UK, but no matter- let’s resume. So I took another stab at it this evening: And I actually feel like I learned something from this. First, I have a tough time being comfortable looking straight into a camera lens. So doing something like this (I’m posing- I don’t lay on my floor like a rag doll for sport) at least gives me something else to think about. Also, that t-shirt and shorts were not what I first put on for today’s self portrait. I had on a purple dress, which I think made for a better photo. The solid colour and the fact that it was one item meant fewer visual distractions. The background (my extremely messy bedroom) is a bit visually noisy.

But I didn’t post the photo of me in the purple dress because at that angle, you could see right down the front and it was an eyeful of cleavage. Although not ideal, I have to admit I have a new found respect for the bra I was wearing!