Canadian Midwest Moonlight

In the constant need for subway knitting, here is Midwest Moonlight, from Scarf Style. I just can’t seem to go to work in the morning unless I know I’ve got something for that half hour ride. I was actually 20 minutes late today, just because I needed to get a project oganized. I didn’t wake up knowing I would be starting this today, but here she is:

I love the pattern a lot more than I thought I would. Just complicated enough to keep you engaged, not so daunting that I’m worried I’ll mess it up if I’m bleary eyed with fatigue. I’m not using anything fancy, yarn-wise. That’s just some icy blue acrylic that I bought years ago (remember a time when you didn’t know anything about fibre? that’s when I bought a huge bag of this stuff), that has a thin pearly strand in it. I actually really like it- it’s very soft, and has a lovely sheen.

And Thermal? why, it just needs a couple of buttons…

Le Tigre!

I am so close to finishing Thermal I can almost taste it- and just to give myself that little extra push to finish (and block, and sew on buttons, etc). I needed a quick knit that would give me a little FO satisfaction. Ladies and gentleman, may I present… Le Tigre! No need to be afraid- only his cuteness is fierce.

Pattern: Tiger with Dress

Yarn: generic acrylic craft yarn

Needles: 4 mm

Modifications: none.

Notes: Well, I didn’t make the dress yet, and now I don’t know if I will. I think I want a little yellow dress for him (tigers can cross-dress if they want to!), but I didn’t have the right yellow (butter-coloured would be pretty, I think). Now I’m wondering if I can still make the dress at all- I might not have positioned the arms properly for the sleeves. Hmmmmm.

Oh that tiger- he’s such a ham. And so darn photogenic.

You Know it’s Fall When Even Your Mug Wears a Jacket

It is with a certain amount of apprehension I’m busily preparing for my first swap- the Knit 1 Tea 2 Secret Swap. I’ve done lots of research on how to be a good swap pal (mostly by stalking the swap pal forum on ravelry). Part of the swap involves a ‘tea related’ knitted object. I’ve stalked my secret pal, and know that she prefers mugs. So, the mug jacket: The gratuitous use of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies is just to give it some context.

I used the great pattern from MK Carroll, which can be found here. And here is a blurry close up of the pattern (sorry, i was feeling too lazy to have another mug jacket photo shoot!)

Corner Store Sneak Peak

While I normally detest cleaning I find myself everyday willingly doing routine chores. I like the sense of order it brings, and the suprises it yields. I naturally do these chores in my (comfiest)grubbiest pair of jeans and random tank tops. Fine for in house, and even runing to our former corner store…but not so fine for running errands on Bloor Street. It’s busy and I’m self-consious.

Enter mystery box. It’s the last one in my room and untill yesterday I had been putting my tv on it. Inside lay a treasure I had long forgotten. So far, I’m calling it “Corner Store” because thats when I think i’ll use it the most- running to get fruits, gingerale and movies. I doubt it will stick, but whatever, it’s fine for now.

I took a look at the piece and found that I either had horribly bad taste for 2005 or was acutely fashion forward for this shawl fits in perfectly with the falls big chunky knits. I’d go as far to say it’s practically twinkle-eqsue. Lots of negative ease, chunky(double stranded yarn) and large cables. I remember starting this project hoping to remake a shawl I saw on some random subway girl.

I don’t have pics just yet – phones charging. But hopefully by the end of tonight. Stay tuned 😉

The War of Thermal

I know that I’m going to love Thermal to pieces once it’s finished. I know that it’s destined to become one of my favorite sweaters, there is so much to love about it- the fine gauge, the straightforward design, the classic fit. It’s going to be great.

But damn, this has been one slow-going knit. That fine gauge and waffle stitch is obviously the black hole of knitting. I did put it down for a while to work on Central Park Hoodie (which is currently napping, now that my love has switched back to Thermal) but I knit and knit and knit- and it still feels like I’ll never finish the sleeves. I’ll have been knitting for an hour, and then think to myself, “I must be nearly ready for the next part. I’ll measure to be sure.” And that’s when I discover that despite being very sure that I’ve gone through the four row repeat dozens of times, the sleeve seems to hardly increase in length at all.
But I do love the way the sleeve increases move up the inner arm, as though they were seamed… And I have no idea why Thermal looks grey in this picture. I know I need to build a light box, because my basement apartment is seriously hampering my photos.