The Knitter Project – Have YOU started yet?

I received my tags just a few days ago!

A sista knitter of ours, Elizabeth @ Geeyouknit is compiling knitting projects from knitters globally for her thesis!

The Knitting Project

The bare bones of it is that we are to create autobiographical portraits of a knitter, his/her life between the stitches by attaching tags throughout the piece. The tags are to be added once per session, more if we want, but the importance on being as personal as possible has been emphasized.

Whatever is sent in will not be returned for a few months, this has made choosing a project daunting. I have to knit something that I’m going to want, what, maybe 6 months from now? I wonder what everyone else involved is making!@?

FO’NOW: Carly/Anne & The Scandal Scouts

I did indeed finish the purple slouchy, which I’m dubbing Carley/Anne half for the lady and half for the mountain. Thus paying tribute to the trip where it was dreampt up and navigating the treacherous waters of name spelling. I think you agree with me that being called the wrong name, or having your name misspelled sucks. I know my pot gets stirred when I see my name as Jenn, vs. Jen. I won’t even get started on being called Jenny !!!! ARGH@#!

but anyways..


This is a versatile hat as it can be worn as a beret, or a slouchy. I’ve written up the pattern, with my cast-on info for Jennifer, and even a lil quip about expanding/elaborating stitches to create your own unique one. Played with lightroom on the pics, originals on the flickr


This will be up just as soon as I get Tobes to do some supermodel shots of it, lest you have to deal with my mug again…but hopefully on the # 1 stunna, Miss. Carlyanne herself.


But hey, while you’re waiting let me throw you some eye candy, and introduce you to a group of women who have stolen my heart running with no signs of returning it untill I come out of my scandal closet for a night of mischevious frivolity and sexy-as-all-get-out-uniforms!

These were taken by Tobias Visualbass from the SCANDALSCOUTS.COM shoot I helped out with a while ago.

Scout Master: Lulu LaForce

Talent Scout: Nikki Awesome

Boon Boon Bernadette (CARLYANNE!)

dirty deckz bonus shot:

Emme Fatal

Dr. Yes Please

Shaniqua Dior

Annie Ryder

Starla David

Veronique Fantastique

warning: your monitor may be on fire. see also: your pants

All You Need is Love…..(ba ba da da da)

There’s a lot about the knit blog world that brings me joy, but the kudos and love that knit bloggers spread around has got to be tops. Jen and I want to say an especially loud and snuggly thank you to Melinda, Sulafaye, and Orata, who have given Teamknit the You Make My Day Award that is currently making the rounds: The rules of the award are thus: Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

So, despite the fact that through the Ravelry minifeed of blog updates, I probably read 100+ knitting blogs somewhat regularly (whew!), here are ten that I would like to nominate for the award:

* Elizabeth at
*James at
*Amanda at
*Lekkercraft at
*Glenna at
*Marce at
*Erin at
*Hilary at
*Margaux at
* Mary-Heather at

And trust me, you guys all make us happy- the comments, the love, and your own blogs that are so freaking inspiring they make me want to run and grab my needles and furiously cast on for whatever it is you guys are all making next.

And Penny (whom I love dearly, as she has spoiled me rotten in a past swap) has tagged me in a meme, so here it goes:

Seven Random Facts

1. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoy eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. I have a special long handled spoon for when I get near the bottom.

2. I still get asked for ID in bars, restaurants, and liqour stores. I turn 30 this year.

3. I have a little brother, who is 11 years old. We don’t live together but when I spend time with him, I try to teach him how to cook. I secretly harbour fantasies of him becoming the next Jamie Oliver and crediting me, his adoring sister, for setting him on the path of culinary fame and fortune.

4. I like to read poetry in the bathroom.

5. I don’t have laundry facilities in my apartment, and am too lazy to trek to the laundromat, so I hand wash almost my entire wardrobe. Yes, even jeans.

6. I buy myself flowers every week,and they make me so happy. I mean, who doesn’t want to come home and see a beautiful bouquet of flowers?? This time of year I am addicted to tulips.

7. I have very recently fallen for someone. And every time I think about it, I have the biggest, goofiest grin on my face.

I feel like I’ve already tagged a bunch of people in this post, so if anyone would like to join this meme, consider yourself tagged!!

This morning, on one of the many design blogs I like to cruise daily, I saw this and was completely stunned:
That is yarn made from recycled newspapers, people! It is the brainchild of Dutch designer Greetje van Tiem. Apparently she can make twenty yards of yarn from one deconstructed page. Check out this ottoman she knitted with it:

And around the homefront,I recently got this awesome double mug and cookie plate set from Dolamakes on Etsy: Llamas!! In love!!!
I think they look like alpacas, but I’m not going to argue with the artist. I love it SO much!!! Be sure to check out her wares, she does handpainted designs on recycled dishes.

from mont sainte anne, avec amour (tons o pics)

My trip to Montreal/Ste Anne was rad!@ Hectic too, but worth it in the end. I rushed and caught my bus us to montreal wishing I could be a friggin lighter packer. I took a nap and when i woke up I got the itch to design a hat.


So I cast on some sts and knit an inch or so of ribbing.. and then I got frustrated. I knew the stitch I wanted to use – topsoul’s, but I couldn’t remember it stitch for stitch! argh, drove me insane… so i took a page from phlanauik.


i am jens crushing sense of disappointment

On the upside, I had accidentally caught the express bus to montreal so time flew by and I was there in a flash: a full two hours ahead of expected schedule! Goodtimes! And I also remembered the stitch just as I was coming in to the city!


I started with a single eyelet then I thought why not go balls to the wall and double it up. I really like it. I’m using this great merino in a name i can’t even begin to pronounce let alone spell but it’s heaven and has great stitch definition, and SQUISHINESS oh is it squishy.

Things went smoothly into the next day when we drove up to the mounain. This was my first glimpse of ste anne

scary, can’t even see the top

boys are asleep in the back

they missed chalets on stilts but were wide awake when we reached our studio-


DSC04256.JPG DSC04257.JPG DSC04258.JPG

Day one was scaaaaarrry. This is my frist season back since some serious knee surgery and Ste. Anne is HUUUGE. Like 5-14 times bigger than blue mountain big. huge. massive. It feels like it takes 20 minutes to just get up the gondola! 15 to get down the hill bombing it and ages when we would break to rest our(my) screaming thighs. I’m nowhere close to the level I want to be back at but I’m progressing fast on these do or die trails.


and my new goggles were crazy hot!


On the second day I wore my corduroy billabong suit that I got on the cheap through modelling a previous fashion show.

That night I caught a great shot of the mountain blowing snow


Went to a bar, that was full of horny 18 y.o’s grinding to every song. They even grinded to Gwen Stefani’s SWEET ESCAPE! We were all quite amused.

Mike and Chelsea in front of the grind cage


oblig washroom shot

oblig wip shot


last day and I went down both of those black diamonds in the distnace! Go me!


i didn’t want to leave


had to get a montreal smoked meat club sandwich



lord it was good. i’m not going to go into the drama that ensued once we left the chalet but trust when I say that I hate buses and coach canada.

I’ve got a bunch more photos on the flicker here check em out.

Here is where I am with my hat now. Photos taken after dimsum on the ttc with Jules & Bec.



only the decreases are left to do, I’m torn between a flat closure method or if it should be puckered and gathered.. it’ll be done before the weekend hopefully as I’d like to gift it to carley-Ann @ the Mod. Love that girl.