Corner Store Sneak Peak

While I normally detest cleaning I find myself everyday willingly doing routine chores. I like the sense of order it brings, and the suprises it yields. I naturally do these chores in my (comfiest)grubbiest pair of jeans and random tank tops. Fine for in house, and even runing to our former corner store…but not so fine for running errands on Bloor Street. It’s busy and I’m self-consious.

Enter mystery box. It’s the last one in my room and untill yesterday I had been putting my tv on it. Inside lay a treasure I had long forgotten. So far, I’m calling it “Corner Store” because thats when I think i’ll use it the most- running to get fruits, gingerale and movies. I doubt it will stick, but whatever, it’s fine for now.

I took a look at the piece and found that I either had horribly bad taste for 2005 or was acutely fashion forward for this shawl fits in perfectly with the falls big chunky knits. I’d go as far to say it’s practically twinkle-eqsue. Lots of negative ease, chunky(double stranded yarn) and large cables. I remember starting this project hoping to remake a shawl I saw on some random subway girl.

I don’t have pics just yet – phones charging. But hopefully by the end of tonight. Stay tuned 😉

The War of Thermal

I know that I’m going to love Thermal to pieces once it’s finished. I know that it’s destined to become one of my favorite sweaters, there is so much to love about it- the fine gauge, the straightforward design, the classic fit. It’s going to be great.

But damn, this has been one slow-going knit. That fine gauge and waffle stitch is obviously the black hole of knitting. I did put it down for a while to work on Central Park Hoodie (which is currently napping, now that my love has switched back to Thermal) but I knit and knit and knit- and it still feels like I’ll never finish the sleeves. I’ll have been knitting for an hour, and then think to myself, “I must be nearly ready for the next part. I’ll measure to be sure.” And that’s when I discover that despite being very sure that I’ve gone through the four row repeat dozens of times, the sleeve seems to hardly increase in length at all.
But I do love the way the sleeve increases move up the inner arm, as though they were seamed… And I have no idea why Thermal looks grey in this picture. I know I need to build a light box, because my basement apartment is seriously hampering my photos.

Designer Knits- they are asking for it….

I, like many who have gone before me, have fallen in love with a stupidly expensive sweater:
This is a $650 (US) Burberry sweater. That’s right, they are charging $650 for garter stitch. But as you know, being a knitter means you’ve been behind the curtain at Oz, you know how the whole thing works. So I did what any sane knitter would do- I took that obscenely expensive sweater into the change room,whipped out my measuring tape, and made a lot of notes, very quickly:
The xs size stats are as follows:
– Length: 18.5″, Bust: 31″, Sleeve: 12″, Waist: 29″
– Gauge: 6sts/inch (body), 7sts/inch (mandarin collar)
– Belt is a 1″-wide tube of stockinette, pressed flat. belt loops are also stockinette, sewn on.
– 2″ high mandarin collar
– Edges of front panels have slipped stitch edges
– Hem has some sort of tublar cast on
– Buttons are 3″ apart
– Raglan sleeves

It gets it’s cuddly softness from being a squishy 70% alpaca/30% silk blend. What do you guys think? Did I miss anything in my stats gathering?

Most embarassing interview -ever-

So here I am, trying to present my wonderful leadership qualities, product knowedge and customer service skills.. you know put best foot forward… what do I end up talking the most about ?

Knitting cozies.
Knitting cozies for male members.

chyeah.. I know!!!
I was way way too nervous and in my defence I couldnt help it! I was asked what was the most extreme thing I’ve ever knitted! I was as red as a tomato, I’m positive of it. They actually might be reading this..(Hi guys! Nova Scotia! Confused? Scramble! ) I figured checking out the blog might give them a little more insight, into my nutter of a brain because I suck when I’m nervous. Nothing comes out right when the brain is thinking too fast for the mouth 🙁

But here are some examples of …cozies. Some designs are so crazy they rock.

*Scramble edit*
! It’s GADFLY!
Meaning a horsefly, a warble fly or botfly(wtf?) Either way, you can all sleep tight now.