I want Scarlett Johansson’s blue knit hat

I could use some of the extra debbie bliss cotton dk from my halter.
It wouldn’t be as warm, but it would be study and hold it’s shape better once it’s been worn, i think.

It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out either, double stranded in dk, 5.5mm circs, maybe 6mm so the gauge is looser.
1×1 rib for 10-12 rows, increase row for beret then 2×2 rib for body then choose decrease method….
flatter tam-like would be nice

totally mayjah.

i’ve got the shopping buzz

bold bright color knits
plain wool coats with bright purses
neutral and leather gloves.. long and scrunchy or short, cute and bowed
knee/thigh high soft suede boots (sadly not possible in toronto)
deep greens, jewel blue tone with tiffany blue
tons of silver, tons and tons
knits are looser with positive ease & lots of drape

one shoulders

nude knits

red tartan + Ralph Lauren equestrian look
shiny black patent

“this spring i’m all about the ___________________.”

Poll: Which side do you like more?

*poll will close sunday evening*

The Purple Purl has a great selection of hand-crafted organicish buttons in many different woods and mediums like walnuts, coconut, purple heart wood and even antler bone from deer and moose! The bone ones freaked me out a tad as I learned what it was made out of while I was freakin holding some. Sensing my apprehension it was then explained to me that the maker of these buttons lives way buttfuck out there and animals do lose their antlers naturally and often on their sprawling property . I’ll find out the name next time I visit because these buttons are spectacular.

Actually so spectacular that I picked these ones out judging them by their intended back side! Only problem now is that I think they actually look as good as the intended front side and I’m torn between them 🙁

I need your opinion blogland, please check out the photos and vote below.
(The voting is anonymus and no signup is necessary)


Back/Beige Center

Back/Beige Center

Back/Beige Center


Front/Scuffed Side

Front/Scuffed Side

Front/Scuffed Side

Front/Scuffed Side

which side of the button do you like best?
a) back
b) front

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Oh it’s Joy alright


is absativley fantabulous. I must have me one of these this spring, wether I knit it or buy it


I have just learned, not two minutes ago that there is a new yarn shop half a block away from me. Can you believe it? HALF A FREAKING BLOCK!

I haven’t been yet, but it’s on today’s agenda after a shower and sewing buttons on my fourteen and finding something dope I’ve knitted to wear for added street cred.

As if I’m walking into a new yarn shop with out a spectacular self-made piece!

The shop is called the Purple Purl and it’s located at 1162 Queen Street East at Jones next to the park. I see from their website that they hold a stitch and bitch on Tuesday nights which is great because I know I do shit-all on tuesday nights ATM.. I mean.. besides knitting by myself+TV… why knit alone if you don’t have to?

For your visual entertainment today these are some earlier pictures of my fourteen.


I used a handspun tweed in an undyed natural cream to compliment the broiche.


It’s so soft and beyond luxe to knit it on golden needles.


looooooove it Fourteen on Golden Needles

ps. this is my favorite tea
Favorite Tea

FO- Pasha the Penguin

I had meant to blog with abandon over the holidays (from my parent’s house in Sudbury, Ontario), but I forgot the cable that allows me to get the pictures from my camera onto my parents computer. So no blogging from my end, although Jen has been doing a bang up job. So, rather than do a giant post that tries to cover everything, I’ll do a few small ones over the next few days. First up: this cutie pie, Pasha.
Pattern: Pasha, from Knitty

Needles: 4 mm straights

Yarn: generic craft yarn that I keep specifically for toy knitting

Mods: When sewing up the beak, I tucked a lot of it in (meaning I sewed the seam about four rows in), so that it was pointier. If I had sewn just the seams, it would have been a thicker, rounder beak, and I’m not sure if I would have liked it as much. Also, there is the option of having a tubby penguin or a fairly svelte penguin, and I opted for svelte. Which is still pretty portly, for a penguin. Check out that profile: My stepdad specifically requested a knitted stuffy for Christmas, so he got Pasha. He has since requested two smaller penguins, and a polar bear. Presumably so that we can continue the Christmas-themed photo shoots outside in the front lawn, with the light up candy canes. Who knows, we could make a knitted version of those Christmas Coke commericals with the penguins and the polar bears.

Can I just say how much fun it is to knit stuffies? I love how quick and satisfying they are, and I find that muggles (non-knitters) are always so much more enthusiastic than they ever get over a scarf. I think it’s the element of surprise- everyone expects knitters to churn out scarves.