Montegos in spades!

My mission is two thirds complete. You’ve seen so many progress shots already, and there isn’t much to talk about the third time around but the difference in fibers, and how that changes the look and feel of a piece in it’s entierty. This one is lighter, more elegant and such a fashion statement. I can’t wait to see what my girlfriend wears it with, she’s such a fashion plate, that one.
Montego Bay Scarf

Amy Singer’s Mongeto Bay Scarf in Origin.

Montego Bay ScarfMontego Bay Scarf

Montego Bay Scarf
It really is a fine scarf.

As promized, I asked Toby to take some “action” shots of the straw/buttercream montego!

Montego Bay ScarfMontego Bay Scarf
Real action, I’m on the phone with Travis, Hi Trav!

Montego Bay ScarfMontego Bay Scarf

Montego Bay Scarf

Montego Bay Scarf


that was a LOT of photos.

thankyou “chiengun de pie”
(sexy pie in mandarin)

greeting from Montego

Yup, still in Montegoland. 80% done the second and hope to get the rest done while I’m fighting the passport office today. My own government doesn’t believe I’m a Canadian citizen(WTF?!!) So after a lengthy debate(fight) I have to come back with any/all gov’t issued ID’s I own and a healthy dose of humble pie. There had better be chairs, thats all i gotta say about that.

The Origin montego is comming along nicely though. I’ve found the color pools into two groups:

– brown/pruple/burgundy
which on it’s own would make an amazing scheme

this bit kind of looks like fire, and adds that drama I was looking for

and as they blend they look like this..

I’m really liking the colors, and couldn’t be happier with the fiber. It’s smooth, vibrant and oh does it glisten in the sun!

Knitted Zombies!!!

Did you know that knitted zombie cards existed?! I saw these about a month ago, and I HAD to have them:
Here are a few close ups

These cards are created by Hannah who knit those charming zombies herself. Check out her stuff on Etsy.

I ordered the Shaun of the Dead series right away, since I loved Shaun of the Dead. That’s how I like my zombie movies- as quirky British comedies. I’ve never seen Dawn of the Dead (too scary for me). I can’t watch stuff like that. You know what happens? Without fail, I’ll spend the entire next two weeks waking up in the middle of the night, desperately needing to pee. And I’ll be afraid to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.

I am aware that I am, by all outward signs, an adult. But I’ll tell you right now- At 3:00 a.m., it’s a long trek from the bed to the bathroom. Who knows what’s out there. Could be zombies. Not likely, I know. But there could be.

My post-horror film thought process goes something like the average eight year old’s:

I don’t want to get out of bed, because if I’m not under the covers, something might get me. There weren’t any zombies in my apartment when I went to bed, but that was hours ago and who knows if they have fought their way in since then. I might not have heard them, I’m a heavy sleeper. Okay, I have to get up and go. I’ll go fast. Good thing there’s a night light in the bathroom. Too bad it’s not some magical, zombie-repelling night light. They should make those, I bet they would sell really well. Okay, now to get back to bed without getting eaten by zombies. I can do this. I can do this! And… under the covers! Ah, safe. Zzzzzzz.

This is why I prefer lighter films, or at least a drama. No one wakes up in the middle of night afraid to go to the bathroom because Hugh Grant or George Clooney might be in their apartment. Unless they’ve recently been turned into zombies…..

Happy Halloween, everyone!

FO- Gallery Jacket

I live in a basement apartment, so bear with me on the lighting.

Pattern:Gallery Jacket

Yarn: Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Lemongrass Heather

Needles: 5.5 mm straights (I crammed those stitches on!)

Size Made: Small (34″)

Modifications: I made this a fair bit longer. This was easy enough to do- The part where you put stitches onto stitch holders for the front sections is where the armholes divide, so I just kept holding it up underneath my arm to see where it fell against my body.

Also, I accidentally didn’t do the shawl collar. I knit everything but the sleeves on the subway, and I didn’t have the pattern in front of me. I didn’t notice I had missed that part until I had already seamed the shoulders on both sides. I tried it on and decided that it works this way, too. And it gives me an excuse to make another one in the future!Notes: I didn’t block the body much, but pinned and spritzed the sleeves. I’m using a kilt pin as the closure, but I’m thinking that a great chunky belt would be stylish, too. I also briefly considered adding belt loops and a little kimono-style sash. I tried a few different ways to wear it , and it’s pretty versatile:
When I was doing the sleeves, I was a bit concerned that the purl rows at the edge were going to be a bit weird, but I like the way they turned out:I can’t tell you how much I love this. It was such a pleasure to knit, and I love the simple styling. I wouldn’t be surprised if I made another one. Thanks to Cirilia for a great pattern!


Anne at Another Shopgirl tagged us! Read on if you’d like to know 8 random facts about us.

The Rules: once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

8 Random Things:

1. Julie: I am completely useless at shoe shopping. I hate doing it and I have no idea what I like or what looks good. I always need someone to come and help me. Then I hold up a shoe and ask them, “Do I like this?”. It is the only time in my life I need to be told what to think. If I go by myself, I always regret the shoe purchase.

1. Jen: I’ve had mostly male friends for the majority of my life. I don’t know why, I guess I feel I just get along better with the boys. It’s only in the last few years I’ve started to have close female friends.

2. Julie:I am surprisingly handy. I install light fixtures, put down flooring, love painting, own my own power tools. And I adore assembling Ikea furniture. I wish all furniture needed to be assembled at home.

2. Jen: I’m crazy good at calming people down. I can rationalize things out and talk people out of the crazy tree when they are acting nutty and ready to do something rash. Julie can back me up on this. I should be a negotiator.

3. Julie:I lived in Istanbul, Turkey, for 2 years (2002-2004). Living in a foreign country changes you in ways that only someone who has done it can ever truly understand. I knitted so many socks while I lived there, that I hardly ever knit socks now- I’m all socked out. But here’s a very old in progress shot of the last pair I ever made:3. Jen: When I was a kid I used to travel everywhere with my parents, who loved going anywhere warm. You name the island below the equator, I’ve probably been to it. But as an adult, I hardly every travel any more. But that’s getting fixed soon- next month, I’m going to Tobago!

4. Julie: I don’t have any single girl friends, everyone is happily coupled up. I, on the other hand, do not have the luxury of a warm body next to me every night, or even on the couch. I have to keep reminding myself not to settle for Larry* (see footnote).

4. Jen: I’m an Asain wannabe. I look waspy and blonde, but really, on the inside, I have shiny black hair and almond shaped eyes. Every boyfriend I have ever had has been asian, and I speak some Mandarin. Mostly so I can talk with my boyfriend’s parents.

5. Julie:When I was a kid and adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always told them a psychologist for the criminally insane. I never really wanted this, but I got a big kick out of their reaction.

5. Jen: When I was a kid, I wanted to be an opera singer. Anyone who has ever heard me sing knows that was never going to happen. Ever.

6. Julie:I write a weekly column for the Saturday edition of my hometown newspaper, The Sudbury Star. Somehow, I get to ramble on (and on!) about my life, and people read it. I’m as shocked as you are!

6. Jen: I’ve been addicted to snowboarding for about 7 years. I may not be the best, but I can shred hard and keep the boys on their toes.I’m really looking forward to this year- it’s my first year back since my knee injury. I’ve got my season pass and I’m all set!!!

7. Julie: I make an amazing pie crust pastry from scratch, and everyone asks what my recipe is… it’s the one on the back of the Tenderflake box. Seriously. Best pie crust of your life.
7. Jen: Years ago, I made a pork roast for my then-boyfriend’s family. I bought one of those pre-seasoned, already completely done (all you have to do is heat it up) and I passed it off as my own that I made from scratch. His family was so impressed, they wanted the recipe. So I panicked, and just made it up. When they tried to make it, of course it didn’t turn out the way the store bought one did. I had to fess up.

8. Julie:I’m working on a novel, and am about 75% finished the first draft. It’s got no working title at the moment, but there is some knitting in it! One of the characters (not the protagonist, but a major character) dreams of being a knitwear designer…. the character is based on Jen, although I don’t actually know if she really would like to be a knitwear designer. I know she would like to have her own yarn shop, though.

8. Jen: When I was really into graffiti art in my younger days, I used the tagname of ‘Satincare’. I chose it because back then I thought that nothing was sexier than smooth, shaved legs! Obviously, I watched too many commercials on TV.

As for tagging… how about Glenna, Jessica, Erin, Marce, lekkercraft, Kelly, and Phoe. I know that’s only 7, but…tag- You’re it!!!

*Footnote: Larry is a family joke. My aunt worked with a teacher who wanted to settle down, and was dating this guy named Larry. Larry was a part time Elvis impersonator. He was cheap (and constantly broke), unrealiable, and just plain retarded when it came to relationships. He would cancel their plans to go out with his friends, he would let her pay for dinner all the time, and only came around if he couldn’t find anything better to do, and didn’t make an effort to do things that he knew made her happy. Everyone else in his life was a higher priority than her. This girl still thought that he would grow up and become someone worth dating. One night he was supposed to pick her up from work, and she was relying on him since it was late and there was no other way for her to get home. He called from a bar, told her he had met some friends instead, and couldn’t come and get her. She broke up with him. Met someone way better shortly after that. She is now happy with the much better new guy. Larry is still an Elvis impersonator and a loser.

Thus, my family’s catch phrase: “Don’t settle for Larry!” Because apparently, there are far too many Larrys in the world. And Elvis impersonators.