kate walsh’s great cowl

I wish I could knit at this fine gauge, i’d make a huge cowl to throw over sweaters.. hell tshirts too. I gotta say I’m not feeling the jackie o sunnys. Regardless of how trendy that look is these days a squarer pair would be way more flattering!

I also saw(through some stalking at Lekkercraft) that the new drops/garnstudio.com patterns have been released.

Fav 3:

love the pearls, i can picture freshwater roughed up pearls

again, the neckline grabs me. instead of a knit body, a breezy fabric to make it lighter drawing even more emphasis away from the waist (huzzah)

I don’t knit socks, but i do adore eyelets

and is this a montego bay hat? didn’t someone already design this? i totally remember seeing one on ravelry.


I didn’t mention it then, but while I was at Purple Purl I picked up a skein of malabrigo worsted to make a chunky hat a la geeuknit + skrilla.

Malabrigo Worsted Olive

love me some yarn cake in the morning…

Malabrigo Worsted Olive

Pattern: Foliage – Knitty Fall 2007

Needles: 6.5mm crystal wood palace dnps, 6.5mm bamboo circs

Mods: An an extra half pattern repeat was added for a more prominent bubble slouch like I wanted.
Couldn’t be bothered to switch needles for the ribbing and it turned out better that way.
I also added 5 or 6 more round of ribbing for stability

Notes: It seems I knit a tighter than I’m convinced I do. I thought about going down a size to 6’s but I’m glad I didn’t.

Inspitationals: geeuknit, skrilla


(pre block in this shot)

(post block)

alkie knitters rejoice, as a bubba makes a perfect blocking unit

now the bling bling,

how I lovelove love LOVE frank gehry’s torque from tiffanys

I’ve secretly been wanting a ring from toby for a while now..
not so much a promise ring, just something i can look at and smile think of him type ring bling.

Love you!

I’ve got tons more to post about, but it will have to wait. I’m off to work, and then to Mt. Ste. Anne for a few days of snowboarding and relaxing. Au yea!

Total Mackage and Coat Covetland

I can’t get enough of Mackage I LOVE their designs right now. I’m mainly eyeing their knits and fall/winter coats – lord knows I’ll wait for a sale though. Shits expen$$ive! But the leather detailing? Ugh. Perfect. I’ve got a huge covet going on. Their leather pieces are rad, but I wouldn’t wear a leather jacket unless it was this one.


Love this one too

Have you ever heard of Soia & Kyo? I’m swooning over these two mainly the one of the left.


Clearly, my christmas money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Legacy Sweater, Part 1

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a child. She’s the one who got me my first pair of knitting needles- They were plastic, dark green, and probably designed specifically for kids.

I guess I had the standard relationship with knitting that most kids have- I didn’t knit for a long time, churned out one garter stitch scarf for a high school boyfriend, and then didn’t knit again until my mid-twenties, where I suddenly became obsessed with knitting, and specifically with knitting socks, for no rational reason whatsoever.

My grandmother has had Alzheimer’s for about ten years now. At the beginning, she could still knit and often did- she was working on a sweater for my mom. But as you can see, her brain was have difficulty remembering the proper way to do things(not exactly the way to bind off ribbing…) (um, the front and the back are not the same. At all. And if you look closely, there is soup or something orangey on the sweater.)

Of course, she had to put it down. Then she was knitting these skinny, long scarves- it was as if her fingers still knew the mechanics and could knit, but her brain could no longer decide what a normal scarf looked like. But still, it was something for her to do.

My grandmother is still alive, but will not outlive this year. Just before Christmas, she was diagnosed with cancer, and since she already has such advanced Alzheimer’s, there’s really nothing that can be done. I couldn’t frog what she had already knitted- this is, in essence, the last thing she will ever knit. So I only ripped back the cast off edge, and decided to do some seamstress-ing to tidy up the rest. And wash it, of course.

I finished the sweater on December 24th, tried it on, knew that something was horribly wrong (how could the sleeves be so long? I thought I tried them on as I went) and the wide, square neckline results in sleeve caps that don’t stay on the shoulders too well, especially once I washed it and the yarn grew!!), but decided to wrap it up anyway and sort it out after my mother tried it on. As suspected, she promptly burst into tears when she saw it- she recognized the wool. She knew what it was. Even though it didn’t fit right, I promised to fix it. She loved it anyway.

I brought the sweater back to Toronto with me, to sort the sleeve issue and the neckline issues. I could use some suggestions, so please feel free to drop me a line! Here’s the run down: sleeve cap is bagging, not clinging to the neckline at all.

A little shapeless, which is okay in the front….

…but crap in the back. And look how low that back neckline is!

And, well… obviously, this sweater needs help.

Suggestions? I can rip out the sleeves and the neckline, that’s the part that I did the knitting for, and it’s not my handiwork that I’m trying to preserve!

I want Scarlett Johansson’s blue knit hat

I could use some of the extra debbie bliss cotton dk from my halter.
It wouldn’t be as warm, but it would be study and hold it’s shape better once it’s been worn, i think.

It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out either, double stranded in dk, 5.5mm circs, maybe 6mm so the gauge is looser.
1×1 rib for 10-12 rows, increase row for beret then 2×2 rib for body then choose decrease method….
flatter tam-like would be nice

totally mayjah.

i’ve got the shopping buzz

bold bright color knits
plain wool coats with bright purses
neutral and leather gloves.. long and scrunchy or short, cute and bowed
knee/thigh high soft suede boots (sadly not possible in toronto)
deep greens, jewel blue tone with tiffany blue
tons of silver, tons and tons
knits are looser with positive ease & lots of drape

one shoulders

nude knits

red tartan + Ralph Lauren equestrian look
shiny black patent

“this spring i’m all about the ___________________.”