Montego Bay Scarf II, III, VI

Montego in the Morning

I love the smell of a finished montego in the morning…. 😛

I don’t know what it is about this pattern that takes hold of me. But I become posessed and knit for hours on end, past my bedtime in hopes of churning out a few more rows. This montego took about 9 days of streetcar rides and way way too many episodes of South Park.

Straw  Color Variations

I love it though, and the subtle color changes are why fleece artist fibers cost what they do.

Montego bay Scarf

Montego Bay Scarf

I hope to get an action shot for ya on my next Montego post.

On Sunday, the weather was beyond beautiful so I met up with my homeboy Travis and took a stroll down Queen west for sea silk and smoothies. My girlfriend wanted Sangria and Amethyst for the next two, but upon seeing Sangria in person(yuk)I made the executive decision to go with Origin instead. Glad that I did too. I mean look at it. Beautiful.








Here’s a quick tease of the amethyst. Loooooove it.


Because We All Love a Good Preview

The Interweave Knits Winter 2007 preview is up!! And get this- there are new models.

I did some skulking on the Ravelry discussion board on this issue, and it seems that a lot of people felt that the new models were a bit too ‘supermodel’. Personally, I love the fact that they are different models, but some felt that they were a bit on the thin side. Some felt that the poses and the general feel of the magazine were a bit too high fashion. But then Eunny Jang, IK editor, weighed in, and said that they were trying some new things with the photography and models. I’m interested to see the continued evolution of IK.

Gotta love Ravelry, where even the editor of the knit magazine contributes to the conversation. I think IK just went up about another 100 point in my esteem, just because that kind of approachable behaviour. Yay, Eunny!

Here’s a quick roundup of my faves from this issue: This is definitely going in my queue, although I’m very interested to see what others do with it- if it’s not spot on, is that bust area completely unforgiving? I love the acres of stockinette- I love knitting stockinette, I find it very Zen (and very good for zoning out on the subway). And how about making this a bit longer, so I don’t need the sequined Studio 54 tank underneath? Yeah. Longer.
I love this henley, but I’m not sure what I think about that collar. I love that lace detail, and despite my love of stockinette, I think it would look better if the lace pattern went all the way down. Hmmmmm.
Love this fair isle vest! Although I have a weird coloured collection of buttoned shirts, I would want to work all their colours in, so I could wear it with all of them.
This is brillant. No more removing of mittens to fumble in my purse for my subway pass in the winter! Although I like my mittens slightly less pointy, so I would round that part out a bit more.
I love this Celtic Tote, but I also love the brown leather jacket and the orange cap. I want this whole outfit, really. I’m interested to see other people’s colour choices for this one, which is sure to be popular.

Stay tuned- A Gallery Jacket update will be up before the end of the week!

Yay for the Mail!!

I got two goodies in the mail today! First up: An adorable set of knit-themed cards that I ordered from Bamboo Village Press (Etsy). You can check out their wares here.

I also got my yarn from Jessica (who was thankfully destashing!). Check out this lovely cotton/viscose blend: The yarn has this really gorgeous sheen to it, and I’m already spending way too much time on Ravelry stalking some suitable patterns- any ideas? There’s 1209 yards of the stuff. Ah, I love the mail. Especially when it’s knitting goodies, and not bills.

The Look of Love….

I was waiting for my yarn from Knit Picks to arrive so I could finally start my gallery jacket. I know I should be using the 32″ circs for this, but I’ve put myself on yarn and needle buying diet (The yarn and sweater backlog is getting ridiculous, and I’ve run out of yarn storage and decided I could make do by jamming all 202 stitches onto my 5.5 mm straights:

Can I say how much I love this colour? Love this. It’s Knit Picks Lemongrass Heather in swish superwash. I’m so singularly posessed with having this gallery jacket that I’ve unwittingly put everything else on hold, all in my determination to knit this as fast as possible. Sure, there are other projects I should be knitting, but you know how it is in the first blush of love- you want nothing more than to spend every free second you have with your beloved. Ah, Gallery Jacket, how I adore thee……

I’m heading up north to my hometown of Sudbury for the weekend, where I plan on getting a ton of knitting done, and teaching my mother how to make the perfect pie crust. I’d rather teach her how to knit so she’ll stop asking me for sweaters. For the record, I already knit her a sweater, she just wants more.

By the way- I don’t know if Joe Fresh exists outside of Canada, but they have these great ads, reminiscent of the old Gap ads (where they danced to music, with the white backgrounds? remember Swing Khakis, and all that?!). I love the songs that they use in their commericials, ‘Mixed Up’ and ‘The Dream’, by a Canadian singer, Rhonda Stakich (kind of reminds me of Feist). They actually have them available for download and you can watch the commercials, if you’re interested:

I’ve never shopped there, but I’m thinking about it now. What with the cute songs and all. Damn it, catchy advertising WORKS!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


I finished the Rushmore-insipired red beret for the Wes Anderson swap:
All things considered, it turned out really well. Except for one teeny, tiny, problem:
Caution: when that pattern (Winter 2006, Interweave Knits) says the hat is small, damn- is it ever SMALL! I noticed it seemed a bit on the small side, but I checked my gauge beforehand, and everything seemed fine. I thought it would stretch out a bit once finished, that it was just being bunched on the dpns. These were obviously silly lies I told myself so I could spend the day watching movies and knitting a red beret that is suitable only for small children and stuffed bears. I admit that I don’t know my swap pal well enough to hazard a guess at the circumference of her head, but if she is over 4 years of age, there’s no way it’s going to fit her.