a wee update: tiger love

I dont have much time to write as I’m headed back to the hospital to see Jules. That brave, courageous girl- I tell ya. Complications ensued with the surgery so she’s been back in for the past day and night. I pray they release her today.

Coincidentally, I have surgery tomorrow aswell. (It’s been planned for months) From what I understand they are going to “scope” my knee and take out the bone fragments and extra cartildge chunk I have floating around from the accident.

In non-health knitting related news, I saw a completed back piece for her CPH which looks amazing. the dual twisting cables pop just so and are nicer- in my opinion than owl cables. I’ve managed to make a bunch of progress on the beaded cami while at jules’ bedside. No photos today, but I’m more than sure you understand.


Julie was rushed into the hospital early this morning with what doctors deemed a classic case of appendicitis. That’s my Jules, classic to the core even in illness! I imagine she’s having the emergency surgery quite soon. Remembers that Simpsons episode where Dr. Hibbard performs an emergency appendix removal on the street and tosses it away right before it bursts like a grenade? Yeah, don’t want that to happen.

I’m sure a lil positive thought couldn’t hurt, so if you’re reading this..please send those vibes to my partner in crime =)



I finally decided what to do with all my Debbie Bliss Cotton DK that I bought from a sale way back when I was on a yarn spree. I knew I’d need cotton for summer wear, and the beaded cami from Black Dog Designs leapt out at me. I had seen the pattern a while back but it was a post and subsequent knitalong on craftster that movitated me. (side note: I really like KAL’s having many people work on the same project provides encouragement, advice and bonding)

It’s small now, having only completed the first two knit rows but I have lots of travel time in the comming days (ROAD TRIP!) to chip away.

A Fabulous 4$ FO

Pattern: The Shopping Tunic by Twinkle, published in Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006, size small

Yarn: 4 (42yrd) balls of Berroco X-Press – 60% merino 40% acrylic

Needles: 10mm/24″ Le Collection circular needles

Modifications: After lurking around blogland I decided I wanted a tunic that was tighter and more dense than the ones I had seen. I chose to use #15 needles instead of the recommended #19. I didn’t add pockets to keep it streamlined and made the collar smaller in length and circumference. I also knit the entire piece instead of purling, mentally switching the pattern. The persnickity knitter in me had to sub in matching decreases/increases also.

Notes: This pattern is fantastically easy and satisfying. Need a gift in a matter of hours? Ply up a few yarns to achieve gauge and off you go! Watch out for a few more of these around christmas 😉 I’m glad I chose my stash Berroco from Knit-o-Matic’s gigantic sale, as this tunic cost me only $4 + needles. I feel compelled to mention, as I’m completely embarassed at the pictures, that I had a hell of a time getting a good one but even more so laughing at myself viewing them afterwards. I now understand why there are so many washroom mirror pictures, it’s impossible to capture it all without looking like one’s myspace wh*ring.

Here’s lookin at you twinkle!

My Bedside Reading….

In addition to being a full-blown knitting geek, I’m also a full-blown book geek. Nerdiness just comes naturally to me, really. I tend to approach things with interest in how I can learn more, what else I should be doing, and how am I going to learn to be better/wiser/nicer to people who walk slow, etc. So, in my endless quest for improvement, I do what comes naturally to me. I research. Lately I’ve been reading:

I got into Elizabeth Zimmermann through brooklynweed’s ongoing EZ projects, and his general opinion that she is amazing. Since I think BrooklynTweed is pretty amazing, I thought that I’d check out his source. And suddenly all the math that Jared goes on about for his sweaters made a hell of a lot more sense.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog is so addictive, I’ve carefully combed through every entry (that’s research, NOT stalking!) and laughed and got a bit teary-eyed and really understood why she’s so popular– it’s that total honesty, that self-depricating humour, that very Canadian slant that I adore. I think I may have sat next to her on the subway earlier this week, pulled out Thermal, and entered into a large conversation about knitting. She looked a lot like the Yarn Harlot, if the Yarn Harlot has recently gone dirty blonde, cut her hair into a fetching bob, and put on a bit of lipstick….. but then everything on her blog tells me that she doesn’t wear make up. And don’t people who want to hide from their adoring public try to look less glamourous? But then if you wanted to hide from those who knew you never wore make up, lipstick would really throw them off the trail. So I’m not sure. She did talk a lot about socks, though. And when we talked about the Toronto Knitter’s Guild annual Knitter’s Frolic- which she had written in her day planner. Hmmmm.

Regardless, she proclaimed my Thermal “gorgeous” and asked where the pattern came from (that would be the lovely Laura), and the we parted ways. I hope one day I’ll meet her in person (and be sure about her identity) and sort this whole thing out. In the meantime, I’ll keep reading. It helps me feel sane when the knitting threatens to make me crazy.