Lost in Translation?

I was skulking around on Susanna’s blog when she kindly posted the links to this:
It’s called Freddie’s Bolero. I love it, and would love it even more if it wasn’t a bolero at all, but a full-fledged, hip-length cardigan. I see it as a future wardrobe staple, should I actually knit it. I spent about half an hour yesterday trying to sort out how challenging it would be to decipher the pattern, which is tragically written in a language in which I have no fluency: Finnish. I left a quasi- whining comment on Susanna’s blog, and she kindly emailed me back some links for translating Finnish patterns into English. Except…..

I’m becoming buried in WIPs, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the WIP storm letting up! Oh well, I’m happy this way. I don’t churn out finished obejcts every couple of weeks, but they get finished eventually. Like my poor Central Park Hoodie, which has been sadly neglected for over two months now….. I know I’ll finish him sometime after the Baby Norgi, and fingers crossed that it’s done in time for the snowy weather.

Update: Tina left a comment saying that this sweater looks remarkably similar to Sesame from MagKnits. I wen to check it out, and it does seem very similar. I could spare myself the translation, and just make it in that lovely cream colour instead.

I have no idea why I love creamy white sweaters so much- I slop coffee and spaghetti sauce all over myself with alarming frequency.

A day of thanks.. for sleep, great friendships and lots to post about

I started a new job recently and since then I truly haven’t had two seconds to rub together. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that my hard work has made such a beautiful store. Knowing that I’m contributing to a company who has a mindset that I not only approve of, but aspire to be like. I’ve been inspired to be a better person and to cut down on my..er.. trash talking. Sure it’s funny, but in a mean spirited way- not cool. Toronto’s jadedness had firmly grasped me with it’s fingers.

But speaking of fingers, I learned a new way to knit when mine get tired of the usual English style way. It’s still English, but I’m taking cues from Continental’s index finger movements and double wrap around the pinky to obtain gauge. I;m still hammering out the kinks as I tend to knit a bit tighter like this… but the result is even. I could be talking out of my ass, but I think it’s good to switch it up, possibly even prolonging carpal tunnel from creeping up. *oh the fear!*

Fear. Holy crap. I just realized Halloween is three weeks away. Jules and I should go at two big knitting needles and then get some mesh for the body between us. Nah, we’re missing out on the main element that is Halloween- the sexy costume. What are you going as? Have any ideas for Team Knit?

Knitting, oi! That’s what I really wanted to post about. It’s been so long fragments of things I’ve been building up to say are just pouring out! Forgive me! In the knitting department, Julie, my love, has been amazing with keeping you entertained. I can’t thank her enough for picking up the slack in my absence. After two years day in and day out together I can’t help but miss her terribly and wonder what mundane details I’m not hearing at all hours of the day. One thing I know however, is that we still have the uncanny mind-link sisters have. Proven, when unplanned we both decided to go to Romni’s on a whim and bumped into each other at the exact same time!! We had a little yarn date roaming up and down the aisles pausing to point out winners and losers.

so the cat ate a monet...

We called this one “So the cat ate a Monet (and then puked on my yarn)”

silky sea goodness

this the “Silky Sea Goodness”



so want this

“Impasto” (after it reminding me of a van gogh from the moma)

I have one last thing to share today, my pictures from Nuit Blanche. I had little time to see the exhibits, but I made sure to stop by the Knit Cafe who was hosting a “Pom Pom exchange”

pompomming away at Knit Cafe

Mine turned out horrible. The string was far to thin for the size of the round I was using..So in a huff, we then we went by a house, that was completely wrapped up, like a present. Standing outside was a lamp post wrapped in yarn, so of course I took a pic or two..

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

I think I’ve written enough for today, but I hope to get some time on Thursday to update you all with my second montego progress, and the Parishil hat.

till then, keep stitchin bitches.

The Beginning of the Sudberry Cardi, and Wedding Gift Regrets

I offically began swatching for my Burberry Cardi knock off last week (which I’ve decided to call the “Sudberry Cardi”- Because I’m from Sudbury, Ontario, and I like to pretend I’m clever that way). I decided to go with KnitPicks Merino Style: It’s not quite the fibre that the original is, but the alpaca/silk blend seems like it might get saggy. I’m lying, my real reason for not going with the alpaca/silk blend is because this is an experiment and the alpaca/silk bumped up the cost of the experiment substantially. This way, if the whole thing refuses to come together, I’ll have only wasted $30 and tons of my time, instead of $60 and tons of my time. If it goes well, I might knit one in black in the alpaca/silk, and compare. Hey, you gotta dream.
I’ve begun working on the back panel, which I figured for the xs size, would be 15.5″ inches across the back. I based this calculation on dividing the bust/hip width (which is 31″) by 2 (for front and back). I knew that I was going to add 2 stitches to each side to allow for seaming, and I got gauge at 3.75 mm needles. So I cast on for 89 stitches. Originally I had cast on about ten more stitches, but it was too big, so I frogged and took out 10. It’s all better now.
I’m going to a wedding this afternoon (well, when I started writing this blog post it was Saturday- so bear with me on the timeline), and was naturally rushing around yesterday to buy a wedding gift for the happy couple. I had it in my head that a lovely throw blanket from Pottery Barn would be good, but I became disgusted when I saw these:
And they were retailing for $115 (CAD), which is beyond ridiculous. By the way, I checked it out on their website- it’s %100 acrylic. What the muffin are they thinking?!

I realize that I now need to approach the announcement of every event that I know I’ll be bringing a gift to with the question: ‘what can I knit for this?’ I’m kicking myself for not thinking about knitting an afghan for Steph and Steve ages ago, when the engagement announcement went out. Instead, I went to Williams Sonoma and spent waaaay too much money on very fancy Peugeot salt and pepper grinders. I find myself hoping against hope that they’ll return them, and realize that the amount of money that I spent on them is indicative of how stupid I felt for not starting on knitting them an afghan.

SOS for Snickers

This is Snickers. Her sad little story is here and here.
So, Laura and Jen created a scarf pattern called A Hug for Snickers: This pattern is being used as a fundraiser, and every single cent of the sales goes dircectly to pay for Snickers surgery. I think that $5.50 is easily affordable for a cute pattern and to help a creature in need.

So, how to help:

Step 1: Go to www.paypal.com.
Step 2: log in to your account.
Step 3: at the tabs, there is one called ‘Send Money’. Click that.
Step 4: it asks for the email address you are sending it to: SnickersPaw@gmail.com
Step 5: Enter the amount ($5.50)
Step 6: Where it asks ‘for’, I entered ‘service/other’

And that’s it. Sit back, wait for your pattern to arrive, and feel good for helping a poor kitty in need.

Meme- for Book Geeks Only

I saw Phoeknits’s book meme, and I thought I’d join in. This is from Most Common Unread books over at Librarything.com. The idea is that you bold what you have read, italicise what you started but couldn’t finish, and strike through what you couldn’t stand. The numbers after each one are the number of LT users who used the tag of that book.

# Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (149)
# Anna Karenina (133)
# Crime and punishment (122)
# Catch-22 (117)
# One hundred years of solitude (115)
# Wuthering Heights (110)
# Life of Pi : a novel (95)
# The name of the rose (91)
# Don Quixote (91)
# Moby Dick (86)
# Ulysses (84)
# Madame Bovary (84)
# The Odyssey (83)
# Pride and prejudice (84)
# Jane Eyre (81)
# A tale of two cities (80)
# The brothers Karamazov (80)
# Guns, Germs, and Steel: the fates of human societies (79)
# War and peace (78)
# Vanity fair (74)
# The time traveler’s wife (74)
# The Iliad (73)
# Emma (73)
# The Blind Assassin (74)
# The kite runner (71)
# Mrs. Dalloway (71)
# Great expectations (71)
# American gods : a novel (68)
# A heartbreaking work of staggering genius (67)
# Atlas shrugged (68)
# Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books (66)
# Memoirs of a Geisha (67)
# Middlesex (66)
# Quicksilver (66)
# Wicked : the life and times of the wicked witch of the West … (65)
# The Canterbury tales (64)
# The historian : a novel (63)
# A portrait of the artist as a young man (63)
# Love in the time of cholera (63)
# Brave new world (61)
# The Fountainhead (62)
# Foucault’s pendulum (61)
# Middlemarch (61)
# Frankenstein (60)
# The Count of Monte Cristo (59)
# Dracula (60)
# A clockwork orange (60)
# Anansi boys : a novel (58)
# The once and future king (57)
# The grapes of wrath (58)
# The poisonwood Bible : a novel (58)
# 1984 (57)
# Angels & demons (56)
# The inferno (56)
# The satanic verses (55)
# Sense and sensibility (55)
# The picture of Dorian Gray (55)
# Mansfield Park (55)
# One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (55)
# To the lighthouse (55)
# Tess of the D’Urbervilles (54)
# Oliver Twist (55)
# Gulliver’s travels (53)
# Les misérables (53)
# The corrections (54)
# The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay : a novel (52)
# The curious incident of the dog in the night-time (52)
# Dune (51)
# The prince (51)
# The sound and the fury (52)
# Angela’s ashes : a memoir (51)
# The god of small things (52)
# A people’s history of the United States : 1492-present (51)
# Cryptonomicon (50)
# Neverwhere (50)
# A confederacy of dunces (50)
# A short history of nearly everything (50)
# Dubliners (50)
# The unbearable lightness of being (50)
# Beloved : a novel (49)
# Slaughterhouse-five (49)
# The scarlet letter (49)
# Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Pu… (49)
# The mists of Avalon (47)
# Oryx and Crake : a novel (47)
# Collapse : how societies choose to fail or succeed (47)
# Cloud atlas : a novel (48)
# The confusion (46)
# Lolita (47)
# Persuasion (46)
# Northanger abbey (47)
# The catcher in the rye (47)
# On the road (47)
# The hunchback of Notre Dame (45)
# Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of… (45)
# Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance : an inquiry into … (45)
# The Aeneid (45)
# Watership Down (44)
# Gravity’s rainbow (44)
# In cold blood : a true account of a multiple murder and its … (44)
# White teeth (44)
# Treasure Island (44)
# David Copperfield (44)
# The three musketeers (44)
# Cold mountain (43)
# Robinson Crusoe (43)
# The bell jar (44)
# The secret life of bees (44)
# Beowulf : a new verse translation (43)
# The plague (44)
# The Master and Margarita (43)
# Atonement : a novel (43)
# The handmaid’s tale (43)
# Lady Chatterley’s lover (42)
# Underworld (41)
# Little Women (41)
# A brief history of time : from the big bang to black holes (42)
# Stardust (41)
# Jude the obscure (42)
# The chronicles of Narnia (40)
# Possession : a romance (41)
# Fast food nation : the dark side of the all-American meal (40)
# Never let me go (40)
# The trial (40)
# Kafka on the shore (40)
# Bleak House (41)
# Sons and lovers (41)
# Alias Grace (40)
# The Arabian nights (39)
# Baudolino (39)
# Confessions (39)
# The great Gatsby (40)(This my all-time favourite book!)
# To kill a mockingbird (40)
# Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Gla… (40)
# The alchemist (39)
# Candide, or, Optimism (39)
# Snow falling on cedars (40)
# Midnight in the garden of good and evil : a Savannah story (39)
# Midnight’s children (39)
# White Oleander (39)
# A passage to India (39)
# The elegant universe : superstrings, hidden dimensions, and … (39)
# The house of the seven gables (39)
# The lovely bones : a novel (39)
# Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (39)
# The amber spyglass (38)
# The histories (38)
# Swann’s way (38)
# The shadow of the wind (38)
# Fahrenheit 451 (38)
# Good omens (38)
# Running with scissors : a memoir (38)
# Everything is illuminated : a novel (38)
# The divine comedy (38)
# Paradise lost (39)
# The English patient (39)
# Uncle Tom’s cabin (38)
# The Origin of Species (37)

I’d like to say that I could blame in on having been an English Major (well, double majored in English Lit and Women’s Studies…) but I actually read most of them on my own. I am Book Geek, hear me roar. Or hear me quietly reading in the corner. You know, same thing.