FO: Thermal

Well, Here it is. Thermal!

Boy, it was sunny today!


Yarn: Knitpicks gloss in ‘dusk’.

Needles: 3mm circs.

Modifications: none.

Notes: I’m in love. it fits just the way I want it to, it’s warm and fabulous, and I’ve worn it two days in a row.

And I love the buttons:

Here’s a shot of Thermal blocking: It took three days to dry, and at the end I wanted to wear it so badly I stood over it with a hair dryer for two hours. If I had known that, I might not have wet blocked it.

How excited am I to be finished Thermal?Oh yeah. I’m a dork.

Shoulda Been an FO……

Thermal is complete. So complete, I’m wearing it right now, and have had compliments heaped on me all day by my co-workers, and a woman that I did not know who is also a knitter (we had a great discussion about arm cap shaping). I feel great. Maybe a little too warm in my newly completed sweater, but great nonetheless.

Except… I don’t have any photos yet. I am truly envious of my partner-in-yarn, Jen. Not only does she have a boyfriend who loves taking ultra-flattering photos of his beloved, but he’s a professional photgrapher. I’ll see what I can rustle up later. If I can’t find anyone to play photographer (and I’m feeling a little anti-social at the moment- so I think it would be rude to call up someone to come over, take pictures of me, and then tell them to get the hell out), I’ll explore the timer function on my camera! Stay tuned.

In the endless joy that is Ravelry, a new knit has just come to light: Gallery Jacket. Modelled and designed by Cirilia.

Now, this project came along at the perfect time for me. I’ve been wondering why I don’t have any green yarn, despite the fact that green is my favourite colour. Why have I no green knits?! I was so enamoured with the pattern, that I immediately went to to buy yarn for it. I decided to go for a full-blown merino, since I’m not one for angora.That isn’t the yarn exactly, (knitpicks doesn’t allow you to enlarge it’s colour swatches online) but it gives a good idea of the colour. Now, I’m playing the waiting game, and as soon as that yarn arrives, I’ll be swatching!

*Note to self: consider green when considering a future project. It is, after all, your favourite colour. It avoids that pesky problem of looking at your purple heather yarn that you got for Forecast and wondering what the hell you were thinking that day….*

for my birthday, I want to be locked in overnight at Romni Wools

There would be time to knit swatches of whatever you wanted! Pet without fear of looking like cheap yarno. When it was almost time to open shop, I would pile up the pricest cashmere and fall asleep in ia bed of squish. I’d tell them I was sent directly from the cashmere gods, they couldnt possibly be mad then.

But I digress, I went there yesterday to meet up with Adam Hilborn one half of Parishil Studio. This guy oozes creativity, he knew almost exactly what he wanted and was able to draw it out, major bonus. I took him on a mini tour to pick out the yarns that would be best suited and lo and behold.. what did he like the most?

Rowan Cocoon
Rowan Cocoon. Man knows his stuff huh?
Rowan Cocoon

After hammering out the finer details…. ribbing, spacing and cable type I begun swatching as soon as I got home. Rowan recommends 7mm needles, but the fabric produced is much to airy, 5.5mm got me the close knit guage I wanted.

Rowan Cocoon

Rowan Cocoon
I effin love it.

yarn porning, i mean sourcing

I took a trip to Romni’s on sunday to pet and rate the new yarns comming in for fall. And to get a gist of the color schemes being produced as I’m going to start some knit-for-profit hats/scarves this season. I pet and took notes till they kicked me out to close the store. I fell in love with so many, but three stood out for practical uses.

1. Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran
Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran

My ever growing love for this brand exploded when I saw the Rialto Aran in this color combination. It’s an extra-fine merino that is said to have a crisp stitch definition and drapes beautifully.

For a better color estimate click here:

2. Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran: So incredibly soft. I’d knit a pillow case out of this it’s so damn soft. A mixture of silk and cashmere softens the 85% woolen base. it’s pallette is modern and has lots of darker colors- perhaps to break boyfriend sweater curse? I love the colorway names, very relaxing.
my picks:





3. Miski Yarns – Miski I can see tons of hats being made out of this. The colors are so vibrant, in store. The teal blue practically screams look at me. It’s not the softest, but for hats it will do warmth wise. 100% Baby Lama
and a link to the color card, here.

Toby took some nice photos while we were there as well….checkiddoooouuuut.

Kelly’s Ribbed Bolero

Stitch Detail

Nice stitch mmm?

I bought yarn for this on a whim, one time while gathering kitchen supplies at walmart. Odd enough, there was no yardage on the band, or for most of the yarns that Walmart carries might I rant. Do complanies think that yardage is not necessary anymore? I mean, jeez, it’s only one of the three determining factors (weight, yardage, fiber) when picking a medium. Wtf.

Just a heads up that in Toronto, all variations of RedHeart, Bernatt and Georgia all do not have yardages listed. [/rant]

Cuffs up

Great however, is that I managed to get a whole shawl from one hank of the Redheart Wool/Acrylic blend. I was drawn to this color at once. Doesn’t it look like Twinkle’s Urchin? I think so. I always thought the color would flatter practically anyone.And it goes great with all the greys i’ve picked up for fall and winter. I used 5.5mm needles throughout, though I switched to straights after the ribbing as I found the double YO’s to be particularly difficult on circulars. The second YO gets too tight when sliding the lace along the needles over the join. Even using Addi’s so…use your own judgement (or save yourself some frigging and use mine ; )

It knit up quick and mindless but I will make some adjustments if/when I make patterns like these in future.


See the slight sag by the armpit? I notice that everyone (on ravelry) has these too. Perhaps one should make the shoulder span measurement smaller than it actually is to account for the negative ease? Either way, I like it and wore it today for a trial run on my errands in the beaches.


I didn’t tack down the collar, I like it popped- it’s a bit more ‘me’