It’s too Monday to be witty: FO- Saartje Bootees

morning blogland. I had a girls weekend up at the cottage, so if this entry is fraught with mistakes, take comfort in that the brain cells I have left are working hard willing me not to crave a breakfast beer. *sips tea* (Organics-Tropical Green Tea is outstanding)

Saartje Bootees

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton Dk (3/4 of a 50g ball)

Needles: 3.00mm bamboo circs

Modifications: size larger in needles and in fiber weight to accomodate stash.

Notes: I knit the smaller of the two sizes. Great project for gifts as it’s got the homemade thoughfull touch, without breaking the bank or your back. Finishing took me a while longer than I expected though the movie Troy was partly to blame. Who can pay attention when Brad Pitt is prancing around in next to nothing, muscles gleaming, fighting to the death. boy i’d like to give him….. uh.Where was I? Oh yes.

Saartje Bootees Detail
Detail of button and garter stitch

Saartje Bootees
just *had* to put them on the cat, you know, to see if they fit…. right?!

Montego Bay Remixed

Pattern: Montego Bay by Amy Singer for Interweave Knits, Summer 2007

Yarn: Lang Moon ribbon yarn in ‘Azalea’

Needles: 6mm straights

Modifications: I changed the actual stitch pattern, so that the lattice lace runs completely vertically, not diagonally. This was accomplished by row 1 being k3,*yo,k2tog* to last 3 sts, then k3. row 2: purl. That’s it.

Notes: I hate ribbon yarn. There. I said it.

But I can’t hate the scarf, it’s cute as pie.

Here are the requisite photos that show off the whole scarf, while I do a little catwalking in my bathroom: I just noticed that you can see four pairs of recently handwashed knickers hanging over the towel in my bathroom. I’m so classy, it hurts.

But this is a shot of how I’ll probably wear it…..
And I’ll try to keep the knickers out of future photo shoots.

Ravelry Invite Contest!!!!!

When we first heard of Ravelry, both Jen and I signed up for Ravelry, not knowing the other was doing the same thing. When we got the first invite, we joined as TeamKnit, and subsequently don’t need the other one, which has just rolled in! So, the first person to answer this question correctly will win the invite:

Jen and Julie usually do different projects. According to this blog, which project(s) have they both worked on?

Note: We checked with the Ravelry Team before offering up our invite, so everything is on the level.

Where my stitches at!?!

My Precious…..

My Koigu arrived!!
Koigu Painter’s Palette (colourway #217)

My plan was to get some Koigu and make lots of baby booties. My friends just keep having little ones, and I figured it would be worth having a stash of pre-knitted baby things to whip out when needed. A nice bright colourway that would be good for boys or girls seemed like a good choice. Only now, I want to keep the Koigu for myself and keep petting it. Bad, greedy knitter that I am…..

I got a ton of yarn from KnitPicks this week. The yarn on the left (the blue ‘Dusk’ and beige ‘Fawn’) are for Baby Norgi, a sweater I’d like to knit for Ben, the eldest of my friend’s children, who will turn 2 on October 1st. Ideally, I’d like to have a completed Baby Norgi to present to him on his birthday.

But that lovely ‘Amethyst Heather’ on the right is for me- I’ve succumbed to the many beautiful Forecast cardigans I’ve seen on Ravelry, and I’m going to knit my own. The only thing that is keeping me from being selfish and casting on for it immediately is that I didn’t get gauge on the needles, and I need to go up a size, which I don’t have. But I’m sure I’ll solve that problem before the week is out…