A Typical Morning for Team Knit

This conversation was conducted via email, over the course of four hours of work (we really do work at our jobs!)

Jen: The Summer Knitty is out!
(Team Knit goes and investigates all new patterns on knitty.com)

Julie: I like sophie, zinzin, wisp, and unmentionables– they look like comfy house pants for lounging around in.

Jen: I like coachella, but would want something sexier in the back.

Julie: Too. Many. Socks. I like knitting socks, but not that much.

Jen: I would have liked to see something for the house. Like that Knitted Chandelier you showed me?

Julie: Ooh, yes. The chandelier on Anthropologie . But you told me I was insane. It’s still on my mental list though, of things to knit. I’m still looking at zinzin: I think I would use smaller ribbons. And I would need to live with someone, so they could do me up. (moment of self-pity).

Jen: Or you could invent a bow tying robot.

Julie: Not a bad idea. The robot would need to be able to do buttons, and dress zippers. God, that would be brilliant!! I’ve been looking at Sophie a bit more– I think I would make another slash in it, in the body, just to up the sexiness.
(I imagine the black slash that I added would be cut out, like the neckline).
It would compliment the neck slash a lot more. Thanks for the rice krispie, by the way. Yummy!

Jen: I think it would look good on a manequin, because of the way the top sits. Keep in mind, tummy is taboo these days- remember how out of place that girl looked yesterday? Ps. I want a robot who can compute my outfits for temperature, comfort and occasion.

Julie: Right…. (remembering girl wearing tummy bearing shirt and looking like an idiot) I meant as a bar top, though. Not a Saturday afternoon top. You know how some things look right in a bar, but look slutty elsewhere. I don’t know, I’ll think about it. Wisp looks really functional, though. I’ve got that Rowan kidsilk I’ve been hoarding for a wrap. Did you decide what you’re going to work on when Lelah is being difficult?

Jen: I have a ball of white mohair haze that I need to use up. Wisp looks like a good use. Not a lot of yardage needed. I worked on Lelah last night completely changed how I said I was going to do the decreases, the new way looks much more chic. But I do need a few more somethings on the go. Tonight I’ll cast on for the shopping tunic. I’m torn between fuschia and navy blue- what do you think?

Julie: Hmmmm. I vote Navy. More versatile. And I can’t wait to see the Lelah decreases. Want to go knit in the park at lunch?

Jen: Yes! Lets go now!

Lelah, the difficult little wench

I’m mad at Lelah- we are barley on speaking terms at the moment.

I had carefully done measurements and calculations to consider how to get the lace to work with the fact that I’m starting with a lot more repeats than I’ll end up with, and not have any bunching. I got to the point where I was starting to do decreases to get to the empire waist, but suddenly I needed to take 40 stitches out. Yes, 40. That’s a lot of decreasing. Especially if you don’t want it to bunch in that billowy, pregant way. Suddenly, near the empire waist, I relaized that I couldn’t do all the decreases the way I thought. I need to frog, substantially, and try again.

Frogging sucks. I feel like I’ve frogged so much since I’ve started this project- I frogged the first version, when it was too small, and I’ve frogged inches and inches along the way. I feel like I’ve knitted enough lace to make 10 Lelahs, and ripped it all out again. Like Cyn my Craftster-Tank/Tube-Along-buddy says, It eats away at the soul! Especially when it’s the only thing I’m working on. I need to pick up another project, something to soothe the soul when Lelah has played too many mind games with me.

So, when I gather the emotional strength to pick Lelah up again, I’m going to do the decrease like before two on either side of a stable pillar. To also cut down on sts, I will decrease the two purls between the lace to one, and of the purls between the merges to a single knit stitch. It will make the joining decreases smoother I believe.

We here at Team Knit believe no entry post should be without pictures. Enter my favourite new necklace, happy in a field of clover flowers.

Phildar Shrug, the Recreation

I have a funny feeling that the pattern for the Phildar shrug that I covet is nothing more than a circular shrug in feather and fan stitch, with ribbing at the ‘sleeves’ to give it a more sleevy look. I noticed this when I saw on Angel’s blog her lovely Phildar shrug, and it reminded me so much of the circular shrug. What do you think?

My version wouldn’t have the ribbed sleeves, but be edged all in picot. Despite the fact that picots are a pain, I think it would be worth it. Of course, I imagine I’ll get to this right after I finish all my other projects, quit my job, solve world hunger, become emperor of a small sheep-filled country, and learn French. Although I might do a little doll-sized prototype sooner just to see if my instincts are right on this.

Damn You, Dye Lot!!!

See that? Where the lace and the stockinette meet?

That’s my personal hell, right there. I can’t believe it. I don’t know what to do. Especially since I’m convinced that I had another skein of the original dye lot, and I can’t find it anywhere. My mind is playing cruel tricks on me, I tell you.
Now, there is a possibility that the average non-knitter will never be able to see the difference. I’m also *really* hoping that once I thread a ribbon through the eyelet row, you won’t be able to see the difference. There is also a possibility that the yarn ages and changes colour– the stash yarn was at least six months old. Also, I’m hoping that blocking might cause it to mellow, and hopefully decide to be more like it’s friend, lace edging. I’m going to persevere, and if worse comes to worst, only wear the skirt at night. In dark, candle-lit restaurants. Which doesn’t sound that bad, now that I think about it.

On to happier subjects… I cast on for Thermal on Saturday (see 2 posts below for a photo of me knitting the first rows alfresco), and I’m almost done the first band of ribbing. It’s still tiny enough that it fits in my purse, for on-the-go knitting.

I’m using Knit Picks gloss, in ‘Dusk’, on my new 3mm circulars. I really love this yarn, but I wish it would have been available in more colours (only 8- none of which were a rich forest green, which would have been my first choice). I chose Dusk, a lovely dark, denim-y blue. Now that I’m looking at the photo, i’m falling in love with it all over again. I started to panic a bit about an inch into the waistband, thinking it would be too small, but I bound off the stitches, tried it on, and was pleasantly surprised by how stretchy it was. So I undid the cast off row and carried on.

Little Red Riding Hood Fetish, Anyone?

I love a good cardi, no question. Nothing makes chilly weekends comfy and cozy quite like a great cardi. I’m suddenly crushing on the Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene, thanks to Carrieoke’s Knitting Blog — There it is, red, cabled, perfect. I even love the buttons. I suggest you go have a look!

I really wish that magazines allowed you to order PDFs of certain patterns that are more than a year old- I would love to knit that cardi, but I didn’t really see anything else that I loved when I checked out other patterns from that issue. So, the dilemma- do I order the magazine anyway (and pay hideous shipping fees) or do I just sit tight and see if sometime this fall, a lovely and similar pattern shows up in Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting? Hmmmmm. Especially now that I’ve seen it in Red, I’ve got a sudden Little Red Riding Hood fetish. It doesn’t help that there is also a great KAL for it, too!

The object of my affection du jour, only in green. But imagine how innocently sexy and comfy you’d feel in a little red one…..