Fie Fi FO Fum…

…suck today in the hospital was no fun!

But you know what was? Finishing my Lelah. That last inch was suddenly the last thing on earth I wanted to to. So for the longest time (ooooohhhhooooooohhh for the longest time) I let her sit in in a bright coral pile atop my snowboarding boots box. I don’t know what struck me, but I knew if I didn’t finish her today I would view myself as a complete knitting failure. Someone with all the skills but no perserverance. Behold, my first knit top.


Pattern:Lelah by Knitting for Booze Hags

Yarn: knitpicks shine worsted in Coral

Needles:4.5mm addi natura for the lace, and 3.5mm knitpicks options for the stockinette

Modifications: I started by casting on for a larger size then decreased two of the lace pannels out, knit for a while, then decreased three more out.

Notes: While I loved the smooth texture and shine of the knitpicks, I’m noticing a lot more fuzzing now that I’ve thrown it around a bit. I’m not sure I’d use this again, because while you can shave sweaters, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t shave lace. Would I knit this pattern again? Maybe, once I’ve forgotten all about this one.

Notions a plenty



Lacy Skirt is Complete!

In the long-standing knit blog tradition of bathroom photos…. welcome to my bathroom. May I present… Lacy Skirt.

Pattern:Lacy Skirt from Greetings from the Knit Cafe

Yarn: stash camel-coloured acrylic (Patons something)

Needles: 4mm and 3.75 mm circulars

Modifications:I changed the waistband to have the same eyelet and ribbon detail as the lacy part with the ribbon, then had to rip the ribbon out because it wasn’t stretchy enough to function as a waistband detail.

Notes: Sigh. Where to begin. Well, although I checked my yardage, I’m convinced the yarn leprechuans played a trick on me because I came up a skein short towards the end of the skirt. I bought a new skein, but the dye lot couldn’t be matched, no matter how hard I tried. I finished it anyway, hoping it wouldn’t be obvious, but…. sigh. Yarn Leprechauns – 1. Julie – 0.
If I did this again (and I might) I would try a different waistband, and I would knit the stockinette completely in the round…. Seaming this sucker took days.

And a close up, of the lovely dark brown ribbon I chose, and the lacy part for which the skirt is named:

And finally, may I present to you why it is probably better to frog than to chance one ball from a different dye lot:

The photograph makes the different shades more dramatic than they actually are to the naked eye. Not that it matters- it’s still not close enough. Damn it.

…And Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

When I was heading into emergency in the wee hours of June 29th, I packed the Central Park Hoodie, thinking that I’d have plenty of knitting time. I had no idea that due to complications, I’d be completely out of commission for ten days (ten days! The longest I’ve gone without knitting in years!). But, now I’m out of the hospital, recuperating at home, and back to knitting. I can’t work on anything with circulars, since my abdomen is still really sensitive and that’s where I tend to hold my needles, but the CPH is on straights, and it’s going full steam ahead. Here’s a shot of the completed back panel: It’s not blocked yet- and I’m enjoying it’s plushness. Look at that. Mmmmm-mmmmmm.
I’ve got the front left panel on the go right now: I’ve decided that I’m going to do a zipper instead of buttons, I have a pet peeve with the way buttons tend to pull across the bust and get a bit sloppy around the waist. I’m still off work for the rest of the week, so that’s some quality knitting time- when not sleeping off the drugs, that is.

a wee update: tiger love

I dont have much time to write as I’m headed back to the hospital to see Jules. That brave, courageous girl- I tell ya. Complications ensued with the surgery so she’s been back in for the past day and night. I pray they release her today.

Coincidentally, I have surgery tomorrow aswell. (It’s been planned for months) From what I understand they are going to “scope” my knee and take out the bone fragments and extra cartildge chunk I have floating around from the accident.

In non-health knitting related news, I saw a completed back piece for her CPH which looks amazing. the dual twisting cables pop just so and are nicer- in my opinion than owl cables. I’ve managed to make a bunch of progress on the beaded cami while at jules’ bedside. No photos today, but I’m more than sure you understand.


Julie was rushed into the hospital early this morning with what doctors deemed a classic case of appendicitis. That’s my Jules, classic to the core even in illness! I imagine she’s having the emergency surgery quite soon. Remembers that Simpsons episode where Dr. Hibbard performs an emergency appendix removal on the street and tosses it away right before it bursts like a grenade? Yeah, don’t want that to happen.

I’m sure a lil positive thought couldn’t hurt, so if you’re reading this..please send those vibes to my partner in crime =)