Coveted Objects of Knitting Desire

As many knitters do, when i’m not actually knitting, I trawl the internet looking for things to knit, things to inspire knitting, and various forms of yarn porn. I get cold easily, but also adore skimpy tops, so there are mayn reasons to knit things with sleeves all year long for me.

I think both Jen and I adore deviating from patterns, forging out on our own, and really just thinking about knitting far more than any sane person has right doing. Currently, I covet and e-stalk the following items:
I would wear this to work. And probably every day, since I’m convinced the office is way colder than it really is.

I love this little shrug, and the way it just seems to say, ‘I will go with everything in your summer wardrobe’…. but only if not in that minty green shade. I don’t think I’ve ever said to anyone, “hey, you look great in minty green.” You know why? Because nobody does.

I will knit this or die trying. I love it to death.

I’m not usually a big, chunky, bulky cardi fan, but this, THIS I love. This I would wear. Of course, Kim Hargreaves is on of the many knitting goddesses I worship.

Another Kim Hargreaves. Love the Williow sweater vest. I do not own a single sweater vest, because I keep saying that I could knit one so easily. Yet I never do. But this might change my mind.