Big on the PRO, low on the $$$

At times, it’s really difficult to get that one shot, the shot that draws you in and dream of its potential. A good yarn/knit portrait can inspire me beyond words into the realm of covetland. That dangerous place where expensive fibers live to be touched and petted, but not to be taken home. But what happens when you cross that path and make that splurge? Sure shopping is great, but showing off is even sweeter. That’s where the photos come in. It’s the joy of triumphantly saying, “LOOK WHAT I GOT!!” But if a color is off or the image isn’t sharp maybe everyone won’t be conveyed that message. Like a scene out of StyleByJury we aren’t giving ourselves as much credit or time on appearances as our hard earned money surely deserves.

I started researching light boxes the other day and I came across a tutorial that gives clear and concise directions on how to make a DIY light box and why it works the way it does.

I still found taking pictures kinda hard. I don’t think I have my lights set up properly. So without any further adieu, let me flash those new to my stash.

4balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay. What did I post previously? That DB was too expensive? Not when it’s 20% off ! Oh and on a whim, two hanks of Rowanspun tweed dk that was 60% off. Who can say no to 60% off?

The color is spot on. I love it’s tweedy goodness.

I had some trouble getting the color right..

There we go, whitebalance was set to daylight.

So… Yah. I spent a good chunk of change today and I’m very happy about it. I think with more practice and perhaps some lessons from Toby I’ll get it down pat. CHEESE!

A series of unfortunate events..

Today is a terrible tuesday.

That, my dear readers is the handiwork of my cat, Marley. He somehow managed to unzip, a ZIPPERED canvas tote and pulled the contents out and had a field day while I was asleep. There are yarns of all different weights and fibers mixed so fiercely that I had to cut(gasp!) many pieces just to untangle them from my furniture legs and banister railings.

The carnage below is the contents of my plastic ziplock/slidelock that I keep in the living room for small on the go wip’s. Two balls of Alpaca/Silk mixed with one purple acrylic from the upstairs stash.


Somedays you’re the cat
Somedays you’re the yarn

Meet Marley “Kippie” Kippinski, our half jewish/half jamaican cat. His name has changed many times but Marley stuck because we would find him sitting getting high sniffing the vents when our downstairs neighbours were smoking pot. Kippie is from the meme cats picture of “up in ur puppy makin kippies” we found this absolutley hilarious and started to call marley “kippie”. Kippinski is his formal last name derived from the former, used mainly when we come home and he’s lounging around we’d announce our presence with “Gotta job yet Kippinski?” lol

He’s smart that one, maybe if I find a hosting site I’ll post the video of him playing fetch after learning how to three tosses before. He’s part dog I think.


So. Amazing.

I spent the entired weekend knitting and reading this:

I finished it around noon on Sunday. It was, in a word, perfect.

(anyone else also highly skilled at propping open hardcovers while they knit?)

Saartje’s Booties

I’ve been feeling like the only projects I have on the go are big, honking ones, that suck up a lot of time and still seem far from completion, no matter how much progress is made. I had a hankering for a small and quick knit:

These lovely little things are Saartje’s Bootees, a really charming little pattern that is suddenly coming in handy- I seem to know a lot of people giving birth recently. This first pair was made for my friend Laura’s 3-week old daughter, Chloe. I hope she loves them as much as I do- they are so wee!

I have to say, such a quick knit was deeply satisfying. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple more little knits cropped up, just to take the edge of the larger projects.

Chocolate Waist-Cincher Top

I’ve started working on the Waist-Cincher Top, since Jen and I are both part of the Knitting Lingerie Style KAL and it was high time I got cracking. So, this is where I’m at:

It’s really just humming along, I imagine that I’ll finish the back panel tonight and maybe get started on the front. There is a slight nagging feeling in the back of brain saying that it’s going to be a bit big for me, but I’m not sure yet. If it is, I know plenty of people who would be happy to have it.

If there was complaint I have about the book, it would be that there aren’t enough small sizes. Most are sized 34″ for the smallest, and I’m a 32″. So I play around with gauge, but I’m painfully aware that I’m gambling. I’m really interested to see how other people’s projects turn out- sometimes a pattern doesn’t really wow me, but then I see someone’s version of it and I immediately fall in love. Which is as per usual, on any good KAL!