FO Outtakes: Lady Bat Plus Toddler

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

These are some of the outtakes from  our playground FO photoshoot for the Lady Bat sweater (for the official photos, check out the FO post, here) . It was a challenging shooting with Lila scampering about and still keeping an eye on her, but that’s just life with a two year old. I actually think we would use this location again for a another photoshoot, it was at least a fun time!

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

 I don’t think I’d have used this photo even if I wasn’t being photobombed- the skirt is bunching weirdly. Maybe if I cropped it?

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

I think my legs look very weird at that angle in the above shot, so it was a no-go as well.

As seen here, Lila got a hold of the camera during what must haven been a weak parenting moment:

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

Clearly it was not in autofocus mode. I then used my smartphone (that’s the blurry rectangle in my hand, above) to put on this video, which then sparked a park dance party:

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

but the light was fading fast anyways, so after a bit of dancing, it was clearly time to go home.  I hope you enjoyed the outtakes!

Giveaway and FO Outtakes: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl

Thanks to  the comments and feedback on this post, this is the start of a new thing that will hopefully become a regular feature on the blog- the FO Outtakes!  I’ll share some of the silly photos, the ones that were almost good but not quite. I’m not likely to post terribly unflattering photos, though– I usually delete those from the camera the second I see them (I urge you to do the same- no one needs pictures of themselves looking awful), so they never even make it onto the computer, plus I’m unsure if I want really terrible photos of me on the internet forever and ever.  Anyway, here are the outtakes from the Starry Starry Sunset Shawl photoshoot:

Outtakes |

The left one looks like I’m scolding a mischievous child, and the right looks like a Barbie pose of some kind, with about the same brain capacity.

Then there is the wind.  I love how wind gives great movement to hair, and it lifts shawls and knits when you are taking photos; but sometimes the hair goes crazy. Doesn’t help that I had my chin  way up there, either. I have some pretty spectacular hair in these shots:

The Outtakes|

I like to think of it as my Proud Pony Hair. (fun fact- there is actually a hair salon in Toronto called The Proudest Pony. Fabulous name, right?)


I like the laughing shots, but they are always blurry, so it obscures the knit. And since they are FO photos, it’s supposed to be about the knit in context. This context is  me laughing my ass off in a blurry knit.

And here’s one where the background is in focus and I am blurry, while in weird light AND looking like a startled raccoon caught rummaging in the bins:

outtakes |

So there you have it. Now let’s get down to business! I mentioned a giveaway in the title of this blog post, right? Well, the awesome folks at Black Sheep Wools have offered a kit for this very shawl for free to one lucky reader (anywhere in the world!)! The kit comes in two colourway options, too- the light grey one that I made, and a dark blue one that looks equally lovely. Go to the page and check them out, then leave a comment here telling me which kit you like the best, and why you totally need to knit this shawl right now.  Comments/entries for this draw will be open until midnight on Monday, August 4th. Good luck!! ** Update: Comments are now closed, thanks to everyone who entered! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 6th.

Finished Knit: Golden Hour

I’d like to tell you about this sweater I knit. Because it is awesome.

Pattern: Golden Hour

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna in ‘Pink Sand’

Needle Size: 3.75 mm (US 5)

Mods: Added faux seams for stability. You can read how I typically do this here, if interested.


I could rave about my Golden Hour sweater all day. It is my most favourite pullover I’ve ever knit, and I am already planning on knitting this pattern again (I have the yarn and everything, but that will be a future post!). I love the neckline, the fit, and the yarn is so wonderfully soft and perfect for pullovers that are worn next to the skin.

If you compare the original pattern photo with my photos, you’ll see a couple of differences- one is the yarn overs at the raglan increases, which are oddly not in the pattern, and that the original looks more oversized. I chose to knit a smaller size, and while I can wet block quite a bit more length into it (the silk in this yarn helps with that), I actually popped it in the dryer when it was a bit damp because I thought it was too long on me, and it worked out perfectly. I know that it is pretty much sacrilege to put yarn this decadent into a tumble dryer, but I like to live dangerously. There is an Audre Lorde quote that I like to think of at moments like that – “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” It’s an excellent life motto, or even just a knitting motto, should you find yourself in need of one.

I adore the asymmetrical chevron design. I love how they travel up the sleeves, and I love how they look on the front of the sweater. I never knew I could have such strong feelings for chevrons, but here we are. In chevron love.

The neckline for this sweater is a boatneck, which I adore. There is something elegant about then line it creates, and I can bend over with the kids as much as I want and not be flashing anyone. Not that you can tell in any of these photos! It was so windy, and I had spent a solid twenty minutes on doing my hair so I was definitely wearing it down, but now I realize you can’t see the front of the neckline in full in any of my photos – just my hair, going crazy, or my hands trying to hold it down. But I do have a photo of the back of the neckline, to show off the perfect little back of the neck button. I accidentally messed up which side was which, so mine does a tiny cable cross, but I like the effect. Happy accidents, am I right?

Guy took these photos when we were in England, and I think he did an amazing job. There were so many great shots that it was hard to pick just a handful, even with all the wind and the crazy hair. But of course, not every photo turned out like an introspective magazine shoot for whatever actress who ‘is so tired of the game, you know?‘. You know what that means, right? An outtakes post!

Finished Knit: Delineate Tank

Delineate Tank |

These are lovely photos, aren’t they? When I edit them, I bump up the contrast and the warmth and suddenly they look so good I forget that I actually don’t like how this top looks on me.

Delineate Tank |

But that is a damn fine back of a top, isn’t it?  Ah well. It was a fun knit.

Pattern: Delineate Tank

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna in ‘Pink Sands’ 

Mods: Added a split hem approximately 2.5 inches, which I worked in k2 p2 ribbing.

Let’s start with what I love: The yarn. I would knit with this yarn any day of the week, it was really heavenly to knit with. The Sunna base is a merino/cashmere/silk blend, so you know it is crazy soft and makes me want to squeal a bit when I squish it. The pattern was easy to follow, with the charts cleverly designed to change the size of the design as you went on with the knitting. It did mean you had to look at the charts the whole time, but that was fine- the stitch was interesting and I loved watching the design develop. I wasn’t crazy about the way the straps were worked at the shoulder. It involved doing short rows to angle them and provide some shoulder shaping, but for straps I don’t feel it’s necessary and I don’t think did anything to really improve the fit or the way they laid on my shoulders.

I am also really happy with the split hem, it worked out exactly how I wanted it to and I will definitely do this again to a future pullover.

Delineate Tank |

So … I’m not crazy about how it looks on me. It’s fine, sure. It’s okay. But I’m not settling for fine and okay these days.  I want to love this tank top. But I don’t. It’s a fit problem, really. To be pretty blunt about my body type, I am ‘curvy’ in that I have a small waist in relation to my bust and hips. For a top to fall loosely around my midsection means the proportions have to be just right, or I look bigger than I really am. I noticed this is particularly true after I’ve had my kids, because my bust is bigger than it used to be, probably because I haven’t ever gone back down to the weight I was BK – ‘Before Kids’. It’s tough to figure out if I will or not. Wow, I’m really oversharing here, aren’t I? It’s hard to have a conversation about fit without getting into the nitty gritty of body type and style preferences.

Delineate Tank |

That back shot up at the top? I literally have a handful of this top in my hand in front of my stomach, so that we could take a photo of the back without any of it sagging back there. So now I know- A line tops, not for me. Which is a shame, because this was a lovely knit.  And if you have been looking for a great A-line summer knit that is perfect for wonderfully round tummies that don’t want anything showing where your waist begins or ends, I would highly recommend.

While it’s never fun to frog, I have to admit I’m looking forward to knitting with this yarn again! I had an extra skein I didn’t end up using for this, so I’m going back to Ravelry to shop through the patterns and see how this yarn might be a lovely tee or even a light sweater. Because I really, really want to knit this yarn into a garment I want to wear all the time.

Coming soon- outtakes!

Finished Knit: Golden Rose

This cowl is so perfect for summer in so many ways. The colour, the lace…. I bet you don’t think about cowls for the summer, but summers still have some chilly nights (and days, who am I kidding?) here in Toronto.

Golden Rose Cowl |

Pattern: Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis 

Yarn: The Blue Brick Rose Ombre 

Mods: None.

Project page on Ravelry can be found here.

I love my Golden Rose cowl. This pattern had been in my queue for a while, not only because I love how it looked but because the construction looked far more interesting than a typical cowl. The design didn’t disappoint- it begins with a shawl-like construction, and then is joined to work in the round. the result give that great slouchy front, and shaping that sits perfectly around the neck or on your shoulders without having to keep pulling on it or moving the fabric around. It’s like you get to put it on and forget about it.

Golden Rose Cowl |

Haha, as if you could forget you were wearing something as wonderful as this. The lace can be repetitive, but using a gorgeous ombre like this was so much fun- the colour shifts are so beuatiful. The ‘Rose’ colourway from The Blue Brick is a wonderfully sunny gradient, you can see the roses that inspired it in the photo with the yarn. What I especially love about this colourway is that even if you think you can’t wear yellow, it still works- an ombre that has yellow in it but isn’t right near your face is flattering for a lot of people. If you like yellow but think it doesn’t look good on you, this is a good colourway to wear.

Golden Rose Cowl |

I especially like choosing something a bit brighter to wear in the summer, something with a little more colour to it. This fit my goals perfectly! As for the photos, a couple of things were very clear to me after seeing them- 1. I need a haircut so badly, I can’t even remember exactly when I last cut my hair- September? October? Yikes. 2. I wish I had put on some lipstick for this. I know not everyone likes make up, and to be honest I rarely wear lipstick, but I feel that I could have used a little pop of colour. But hey, the cowl adds lots of colour, too!

Oh man, have I got loads of outtakes for this! We took waaay more photos for this than we normally do, mainly due to trying to do the photo with the kids while on Toronto Island, which is a place that I adore but was so sunny and bright it was very difficult to find shady spots for photos. And Lila was very involved! An outtakes post will follow later this week.

Golden Rose Outtake |